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Kojima Reveals Fox Engine at E3

by William Schwartz on June 2, 2011

Hideo Kojima didn’t drop any major bombs at Konami’s E3 Press Event.  However, he did show off the new Fox Engine.  The Fox Engine will play host to a next-generation multiplatfrom game which wasn’t revealed by name today.  The Fox Engine is said to be the future tech behind Kojima Production’s games in the future.  The new engine is said to be the first step for the production house to start developing more multiplatform titles.

During a brief demonstration video, the engine showed off some very well rendered atmospheres and character models.  What this next game will be is anyone’s guess.  Could it possibly be a Metal Gear Solid game going multiplatform?  Probably not, but dare to dream, I always say.

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  • SilentHawx

    No, don’t dare to dream. It was born on the Ps3. Let it remain. Without the limit that the 360 poses.

  • xcdkx

    Good god shut up and have an open mind man.

  • GreenRings

    I’m pretty sure Kojima is fed up with crappy sales on the PS3 and is ready to start actually getting paid from real gamers that actually buy games. So its only right thing to do to develop all these metal gear remakes and new titles for Xbox 360. He would probably be better off he just ditched the GayStation all together.

    • SKIN503

      @G-RINGS, Still suckin away at Bill’s tube skin I see lol your an Idiot.

  • Cody

    please greenrings, i know a majority of xbox users that have only bought gears of war and halo

  • Chad

    fu(k the sh¡tbox 360

  • Redrings

    ohh no my 360 got the red ring of death :o

  • Gman

    I wonder why Konami released all those awesome news? Wouldn’t it be better to save all those for E3?

  • OpenMIND

    @GreenRings, Dude, seriously, the Xbox 360 is so hacked that the majority of the community pirate their games. They also have a stealth so that MIcrosoft can’t detect it. So they’re still playing online, with pirated games and, most likely, a cheat engine. They are able to import files into games and much more than you could possibly think of. Did you not see those 360 MK hacks? Halo mods. The 360 aint getting hacked because it already is and always will be.

    You’re probably one of the proud few that actually spend money on those games. I’ll admit the PS3 is getting into piracy as well, but those users can’t use the actual PSN. I’m not a fanboy so I ain’t supporting either system. Same thing to me, just PS3 has superior hardware. You make yourself sound really ignorant trying to be an a-hole and obviously needs a bit more attention at home. I seriously don’t understand how you humor yourself with such pettiness.

    Regardless if they’re working on multi-platforms or exclusives, realize that this is a gaming engine. It will be used for a wide variety of games by them. MGS may still be an exclusive, but I’m sure other games will come multi-platform using this engine.

  • screamo

    lmao xbox is better my ps3 collects dust, and they only red ring when scumbags dont take care of them. your an idiot who ever said that we all pirate our games, xbox has amazing security id love tom see luzsack or whatever attack us, and no we dont pirate we’re not wiggers who cant afford games like almost all the ps3 community , little black kids, drug dealers , wiggers and asians is all you have.

  • Grogabusk

    The PS3 isn’t “just” starting to get into piracy, it’s been there for quite a while, as it has been on Xbox. Secondly, you’re coming out accusing most of the Xbox community of piracy and hacking, which is FAR from false and in fact, makes YOU seem ignorant. I could just as easily say that about the PS3 community, but does it make it true?

    Most people actually spend money on games. Shocking! I know! You know those massive lines at stores across the country when a new Call of Duty or Halo or some other massive franchise comes out with a new game? They aren’t there to gloat that they just pirated the game, they’re there to actually buy the game. Mind blowing, I know!

    You sound like a huge PS3 fanboy, despite what you say. I prefer Xbox myself, but I have absolutely no problems with the PS3, well other than Sony’s lack of security after getting hacked yet again. As for having superior hardware, for the earlier Xboxes, yeah they had pretty crappy hardware. Very prone to overheating and red ringing. The new models are built much, much, much better and I feel they are on par with the PS3. Graphically, there’s really no difference if we’re playing the same damn game…

    And for all the people saying to ditch whatever system they feel like hating on, why? If you don’t enjoy a certain system, don’t buy it. Simple as that. Absolutely no need to constantly bash it over the internet. But, kinda relating to that, I think it’s good they’re bringing MGS to the xbox. Opens it up to more people, meaning more money for the company, meaning more games being produced. Therefore, we all win.

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