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Half Life 2 VR tracking mod for Oculus Rift

by Bill Hess on February 4, 2013


The release of Oculus Rift dev kits is fast approaching. The virtual reality headset that was kick-started last year will finally be in the hands of developers, and some are already making preparations for its arrival.

Nathan Andrews, a YouTuber and Half-Life 2 mod developer is preparing head tracking and weapon tracking for Half Life 2. He says that the mod will offer up to 70 hours of content for the dev kit, and will work for Episode 1 & 2, The Lost Coast, and other user-generated content for Half Life 2.

The Oculus Rift and its VR Gaming was on display earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The hardware won numerous awards from various tech websites, ranging from best in show to best gaming device.

The company which garnered 2.5 million dollars in its Kickstarter Campaign recently announced that Oculus Rift developer kits will begin shipping in March 2013.

Half Life 2 VR Tracking Mod Oculus Rift

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  • Allen

    According to a couple of young COD lovers I know. Counter Strike and Half Life suck because you can’t aim down the sights. Please don’t be stupid like them. If they changed Counter Strike so that you could look down the sights then it wouldn’t be Counter Strike anymore.

  • Bleeping Bloop

    Stupid article, on Google, the tab, and the URL it says Half-Life 3, but the article title says Half-Life 2.

  • Drone Hunter

    Hope this comes to Xbox 360.

    • Bleeping Bloop

      Half-Life 2 is already on the Xbox 360, this is for the Oculus Rift.

  • Spawn

    Half Life 2 and the episodes are awful though so this news is rather redundant.

    • Kaleb Ridgeway

      No they’re not and you know they’re not. Don’t even try to troll.

      PS: That wouldn’t even make it redundant.

      • Spawn

        Yes they are and yes it would.

        • Kaleb Ridgeway

          Please explain to me why you believe so, then.

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