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The longer Rockstar waits to release GTA V, the bigger the risk, says analyst

by Bill Hess on May 23, 2012

Take-Two delivered its quarterly earnings report yesterday evening and despite giving any concrete dates to go by, their financial guidance could indicate that Rockstar could have GTA V ready by early 2013.  The company which issues forward looking statements about its future earnings potential for the fiscal year points to a strong one for the publisher.  Industry analysts have already started disceting the information, and at least one believes that GTA V will arrive in less than a year’s time.

‘Rockstar unlikely to risk delay very far in the face of potential next-gen consoles’Michael Pachter said in his Take-Two research notes that the “Guidance strongly implies the release of Grand Theft Auto V in FY:13.  Although management did not provide a release date or window for GTA V, its FY:13 revenue guidance is unattainable without a huge seller from Rockstar.  Also we believe that the game’s developers are unlikely to risk delay very far into CY 2013 and face declining current-generation software sales in the face of potential introduction of next-generation consoles that year or the next.”

Many expected more information about Rockstar’s next Grand Theft Auto title out of Take Two’s Conference call.  So close to E3, we’re expecting at least something out of the Rockstar camp in the coming weeks, about the title which was revealed last year.  Earlier this month, a list was found buried in the Max Payne 3 game code that may or may not be a complete rundown of GTA V’s vehicular options.

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  • JaeBo46


  • Ryan

    Why are you here then?

  • That One Guy

    Played all the GTA’s so I prefer it more than assassin’s creed 3… Iv’e played all the creeds anyway and it’s not as open as the good old fashioned GTA scale and criminal’s am I right?


    Yeah but who cares its boring

    • abc

      youre boring

      because youre an idiot

  • thetrollbasher

    Well first off,FUCK NEXT GEN CONSOLES!!!There is no need for them yet.At least give us 3-5 more years.Yes,technology advances every few months,but that doesn’t mean we have to trash our current systems.I believe these consoles still have allot of potential,especially the PS3.Hell,believe it or not but even though the PS3 is 6 years old,there’s people still just buying them.

    • Maper


      Are you smoking pot?

      UC3 and Halo 4 (Maybe) is just about as good as it gets. Plus the current gen consoles are saturated…

      YOY sales of Ps3 and 360 are down nearly 25%. Which was a first for five years…

    • thetrollbasher

      @Maper First off,I couldn’t care less about the sales percentage of consoles.Also,to answer you’re question earlier…No,currently I haven’t been smoking pot,although I would love some right about now.

      @IHATEHIPSTERS First off,I got my PS3 when it first came out,you know.The fat ps3 consoles that have Backward compatibility,the ones that had the price tag of around $600,witch is twice the price it is now,the ones that had the clock bug that set the systems back to 1999.Either way your false accusations equals a “FAIL” on your part.To be quite honest,I don’t care if you’ve gotten the PS3 or 360 from day one till now.My point was,yes technology today is way advanced than yesterday’s but these systems still have allot of fight in them.Why not appreciate and make the best of what you have?Really…Don’t call yourself a “Gamer” if your a person who is obsessed with newer technology,with the “Out with the old and in with the new” mind set .Are you one of those people who care most about “graphics”?If you are then that’s a shame.A true gamer doesn’t whine over pointless crap like that.Hell,a true gamer doesn’t even mind digging down to search for their past systems and wouldn’t mind playing them,they’ll even enjoy it as much as they did years ago.

    • Jaysus27

      I totally agree. People are so full of themselves with this materialistic bullshit. I firmly believe a console should be used to it’s fullest capability before being obsolete. I have a 360. I have the big fat one that came out years ago, but fuck halo. Bunch of Gay ass republican space rangers if you ask me. And besides, not everyone has 800 dollars to shell out every 5 years for a new console. That shits whats draining our economy..

    • Maper


      Lol…. Problem is our consoles are more than 5 years old and are extremely outdated. however the games are still great.

      What drains our economy are companies like apple. Yearly releasing new models of overpriced Computers, laptops, ipods, iphones, ipod touch.

      Theyre good technology but theyre too overpriced.

  • sploodge-god

    Im pretty sure Rockstar are going to be informed at when the release of Next gen consoles is going to happen, and they’re not stupid enough to release Gta 5 too near to that. Shit news.

  • Osiris

    What if i told you it is POSSIBLE TO release a game on more then one medium at a time?

    What if i told you it would make more sense to release the biggest game series that is a pinnicle of the generation it is released to with the launch of next gen.

    What if i told you PS still released games for ps2 years after ps3, what then you all think just coz nextgen is here that it? Pffft no!

    What the PC can handle now is what consoles of net gen should be able to handle, Put GTA5 on PC, XBOX720,360,PS3,4 and you just made a shit loads of money promoting next gen, selling to all markets of people who can buy and play the game, and hopefully again force PC gamers to upgrade, since GTA4 pushed the PC to the edge, GTA5 should as well. Always one step ahead always selling to the largest medium(Everyone).

  • MacRoy

    No dude, I care, you suck.

  • 007Dude

    Are some of you that retarded that you don’t care about the graphics? That’s how we evolve; we can’t stick play games with stick figures any more.

    • Maper

      Yeah…jjust like minecraft…

      Idiot. You call yourself a gamer?

  • bigjershby

    maper its ok that every1 doesnt agree with u lol…. i do though gameplay is #1 in my book

    i skipped on saints row 3 to stay fresh in hopes this game lives up to expectations

  • oogaboogabooga

    I’d like some pot. Animal control came to house asking if the dog they had was mine (it was) told ne he was chasing people on bikes an so I made a face and said “my dog doesn’t own a bike.” The look on hisface. on a related matter I believe current console still have a bit of life left in them. Graphics arecool but gameplay is mypriority

  • njb

    Improved graphics would be sweet but ur looking at over £1000 for the best gaming rigs around. Soo for a £299 investment i made when the ps3 released has given me more than my moneys worth.

    Fair enough pc’s are better graphically but not many games showcase the raw power. And hardly any exclusives on pc are good. Their all RTS, MMO or FPS. Fair enough if u like them but the market for these genre’s is saturated with trash.

    Consoles have always been more varied and the way the console maker has their own studies is amazing. Like soneeone said a few comments before mine. I still would orefer to dust of the SNES, PS1, N64, MEGADRIVE, GAMEBOY COLOUR & NES then play some of todays so called biggest games. COD is popular but NES games are more creative

  • njb

    Yet the most praised games and most popular games on pc are simple but fun. Minecraft hardly pushes the boat out graphically but its addictive.

    Simple fact is home consoles r cheaper, dont require a lot of knowledge to get every once of performance or functionality, more ppl have consoles, more ppl play online with their consoles. Their just easy, i can turn on my ps3 and be playin some BF3 in minutes with freinds. Plus a sofa and a nice 40″ LCD is just comfy and easy.

    • Maper

      It pushes your RAM to the edge… thats for sure

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