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Major Xbox 360 Kinect Announcements Expected at E3

by Bill Hess on April 14, 2011

When Kinect launched last year it was accompanied by a great deal of content.  Kinect Sports, Dance Central, and Kinectimals showed what the new device could do, but left many of the core Xbox 360 fanbase wanting more.  Through the success of these initial titles, and some good old fashioned marketing, Kinect sold 10 million units in under six months.  Having reached a great install base, Microsoft is getting set to unleash an onslaught of titles for the device.  MCV says that these announcements could be coming as soon as E3.

Scott Henson, studio manager at Rare, “We’ve got E3 coming up, and there’ll be lots of exciting things happening there.” The Microsoft development studio thinks that this next wave of games will “take the technology to a new level”.  “As a first party studio, our job is to lead innovation on the platform,” Henson told MCV. “We take that seriously, and you’ll see plenty from us in the coming months. I’m sure you’ll see loads from third-party too.”


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  • Allen

    Kinect is the sole reason 360 fanboys have no good exclusives coming in 2011, well other than gears of war 3. I hope that’s a good game for those poor fanboys as that’s all they are getting, that and a bunch of Kinect junk.

    LOL @ “Great deal of content”. LOL, PS Move has way better selection IMO.

    • DEF1

      unfortunately gamestop toys r us best buy and sears cant give away the wii like move and keep selling out of the ‘kinect junk’ most of us have a wii so we dont need an hd P/S clone but a kickass motion tracking depth camera for pc and xbox is pretty damn neat..OH AND ORIGINAL

    • Allen

      @ DEF1

      Oh you mean the Kinect which is just like the eye toy from PS2 right?

      Nintendo and Sony started their motion gaming venture in 2001. Nintendo came out first, Sony did it right.

      BTW, there’s lots of hands free motion gaming on the PS Move. The eye pet is an example, a lot of what you do is without the controller, we just have the controller so we can do more. Just like shooters.

      Buttons are apparently pretty important.

      Kinect Fail

      Kinect has sold as much as it has because of the $ 300,000,000 marketing budget. Most people that own it know it was a mistake, it’s obvious when you play “fighters uncaged” on that game you throw a punch, then a second or so later your charactor punches.

      On Move when you play sports champions or “the fight lights out” you can see how quickly and accurate the move is. 1:1 motion, true 3D capability. Unlike Kinect.

  • jorge

    Come on Microsoft your screwing me I have an Xbox360 & I need new games instead of creating new Kinect games why not try to get new games instead of new Kinect games.

  • Roadshow

    Whoa, I had no idea there was such a difference between 360 and PS3. Has anyone else had this problem with the Kinect Lag? i think Wii lags enough, I don’t want some half completed motion control.

    I’m pretty much sold on getting the PS3 Move bundle. Wal-mart and Amazon has it for $350. That’s a 320GB version.

    They also have the Kinect for $299 4GB but I heard that the 4GB was useless the 250GB is like $399 or some crazy expensive number like that.

    But if Kinect is lagging and xbox is the only console to make you pay for online then I’ll go PS3 for sure. What Exclusives are coming out for 360?

    Can someone please respond to me?

    Also does xbox have an internet browser?

    • Hoppsy

      There are very few Xbox exclusives when it comes to core gaming, lots of kinnect ones though! gears of war 3 and forza 4 are the only real exclusives of note

      PS3 has a huge exclusive line up this year including Uncharterd 3, resistence 3 which is looking really good, killzone 3 just came out and also GT5 (unless you totally love racing its a bit complicated and hard work in my opinion)

      later this year you also have The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, twisted metal, the last gaurdian, infamous, soccom 4. there are a few more as well and of course the ones that are already out there.

      If you like RPG’s the ps3 has in my opinion one of the best thats ever been made in Demons Souls, its sequel dark souls is out later this year but its no longer an exclusive

    • Allen

      Complete honest answers…

      Kinect totally lags. Read the revies on the fighters uncaged game for kinect. Useless junk.

      PS3 move bundle 320GB for $350 is an awesome deal. usually the 320GB is $399 by it’s self _ $100 for the move bundle.

      Kinect 4gb is a joke, or a scam to try to get you to buy it. If you do you will have to pay $120-$140 for the 250GB HDD.

      Most Xbox exclusives suck, especially compared to the line up of PS3 exclusives and even more so when looking at the 2011 line up.

      No internet browser for 360. it’s the only gaming platform without that.

      I hope this helps! It may seem one sided but I swear, everything I said here is the truth.


    I think I figured out how Kinect will do shooters.

    They will have to make a gun accessory with buttons, it’s the ony way Kinect could do that.

    phew phew, bang bang your dead

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