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Mass Effect 3 Will Have Multiplayer

by Bill Hess on August 5, 2011

Commander Shepard

It looks like Mass Effect 3 will ship with a multiplayer mode according to Xbox World 360.  Seemingly the mode has been confirmed with a cover story by the magazine which prominently displays the news for its next issue.  Its also rumored that Bioware will unveil the new mode at the upcoming Gamescom tradeshow that is running August 17th through 21st.

Apparently that extra development time wasn’t just to fine tune the Kinect functionality, so let the guessing games begin as to what Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode will consist of.  Will we be fighting it out Geth vs Alliance as a full blown third person shootout?  Or will it be more subtle.

Source: GAF


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  • Christos

    What a surprise…:P

  • John


  • nick

    co op would be cool, but nobody wants competitive especially not in todays crowded market

  • Underworld

    I don’t really think it needs it. Maybe co-op could be fun.

  • Gman

    Another game has jumped to the multiplayer bandwagon….

  • Dataless

    I would prefer Co-op mode or Survival mode with Husk enemies at least.

  • Juan

    Hopefully it’s great. This will be the first Mass Effect and it seems cool already.

  • NJB

    Co-Op or a Swarm mode would be cool. Maybe a Unique game mode or system

    But TDM or a FFA game mode would just ruin Mass Effect.

    Only way i could see it working is a seperate online mode where you do quests or missions seperate from the main game.

  • wolf4real

    yes more MP just what we need F%$k good single player who wants that 1 and 2 did ok with out it but what do i know

  • 117

    depends CO-OP would be great with this game or maybe a seperate mode thats like story mode but isnt the campaign and you can play with them there it will be adventure mode or something.

  • Xbox PSN

    If I were BioWare I’d make a multiplayer that kind of continues the story in one way or another so it doesn’t feel just “added” in. Assassins Creed Brotherhood is an example of this. But I have faith in BioWare, you should too.

  • Zentrix

    Xbox psn lol fuck you Bethesda has surpassed bioware as the best western rpg maker makers. Ea made bioware shit and i lost faith in them long before this news came out. O yea maybe around dragon age 2 or jade empire.

  • Xbox PSN

    @Zentrix, when did I say BioWare is better. Oh yeah, that’s right I didn’t. I actually think Bethesda is the second best def right behind Rockstar. Elders Scroll Skyrim pre ordered as well. So STFU about shit you don’t know.

  • Hytherion

    I think this is a good idea if its a co-op mode or a horde/zombies like gametype that can be played co-operatively.

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