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Metal Gear Solid 5 In The Works

by Bill Hess on November 17, 2011

Metal Gear Solid 5 In The Works

Hideo Kojima has made no secrets about his desire to walk away from the popular Metal Gear Solid franchise, but today, word has come down the line that he is indeed working on Metal Gear Solid 5.  In a recent report from the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, the legendary developer spoke about the franchise’s history, and where it’s headed.

Kojima didn’t give any details about the sequel, other than the fact that it is on the way.  Earlier this year, Kojima revelaed the Fox Engine, which left many impressed with what will be powering future titles coming out of Kojima Productions.

So let the speculation begin.  Will Metal Gear Solid 5 hit the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 … Vita ?  And where will the wild Metal Gear Solid Story head this time around?

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    Snake….? Snake!? Snaaaaaake!!!!!!!

  • abc

    PS4 exclusive

    • Cool dude

      The reason why MGS4 is on the Ps3 only is because…

      Sony didnt pay them but instead the game developers hated the idea of having to split the game on FOUR DVDs on the Xbox 360.

      So I dont think it will be a Ps4 exclusive because Xbox 720 could have blu-ray or some sort of a different format equivalent to Blu-ray just like what Nintendo did with their WiiU, but hey… who knows???

    • Solid Snake

      @cool dude Hopefully not. Dont let the failbox ruin the franchise

    • ragglefraggle1

      Actually, Kojima hates xbox. Rising is only multiplat due to licencing laws. Other than that, this very likely to be PS exclusive.

  • Jason

    I havnt even played Rising yet? lol MGS4 is not a game that would take even 2 disc for xbox 360? anywayz I hope they put in on Xbox because they would gain more fans at the same time! And I thought Microsoft already had a new disc format? close to the same room of bluray but still can spin at the same rpm as dvd which would be sick!

    • Cool dude

      The XGD3 format for Xbox 360.

    • asdf

      that disc update adds 1 GB you fool MGS 4 was over 31.1 GB not 50 GB and MS would pay SONY to bring Blu Ray to its next gen console not Samsung nor LG because they don’t produce console now do they? MGS 5 will be a PS3 exclusive like it or not.

    • Bozmanbeyond

      M$ doesn’t need permission from FONY to use Blue-Ray or pay them for it. How do you think they get DVD drives? The drives are BENQ, Toshiba or Samsung they didn’t pay anyone else but those company’s for the drives. So FONY can’t stop M$ from using a Blue-Ray drive. All M$ has to do is join the Blu-ray Disc Association. FONY does not own Blue-Ray

    • Heard it here first

      You got owned.

    • asdf

      MS is not a part of the organization that help build the Blu Ray you fool MS said so themselves that they have no intention of putting Blu Ray to their console SONY supported and help built the BD disc and MS back the fail HD DVD up but failed miserably MS just cant ask LG nor Samsung nor Toshiba permission to put BD format to their console it needs to be a majority decision by the organization that help build the BD disc you sir a fool and FONY? please grow you immature f*ck. MGS Maestro Hideo Kojima just happen to like Sony and Nintendo more than your 360 and he doesn’t even care about your multiplat lightning bolt action game.
      Tactical Espionage Action >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lightning Bolt Action.

  • asdf

    @Cool dude And I love the sentence about Metal Gear Solid Rising:”…the first PlayStation MGS he’s neither written nor directed…” –

  • Jubay

    My god I thought MSG4 would be the last!!!! I’m glad I was so wrong.. I figure on the time line that it takes to make and the money it going to be a ps4 and an Xbox 720 game due to the fact company’s just cant afforded to release just for one system the would loose money… Times are changing gaming buddy’s and it’s about time we change with it.. So it might be on the ps4 1st the the xbox720 I think it would be just… LONG LIVE MICHAEL !!!!! LONG LIVE GAMING!!!

    • Cool dude

      “JUMP IN”


    • Solid Snake

      @cool dude: No, I think what you wanted to say was: Long. Live. Play

  • X

    Xbots don’t deserve to play this game.

    • Cool dude

      Its like saying….

      A gamer doesnt deserve to play a video game simply because he owns a different system.

      Fail bro.

    • Black_Napalm

      Nah I agree fuck the xbox. They shit on PS every chance they get but when there is a game they want there all “were equal and should be able to play a PS exclusive” well piss on that.

  • Raven

    Sony does not own blu ray, it’s a new technology that wasn’t cheaply available when xbox released.

    Also sony mainly used blu ray to help it’s other division, not to avoid multi disc games. That was a small benefit for what, a handful of games the past 5 years?

  • Raven

    Sony does not own blu ray, it’s a new technology that wasn’t cheaply available when xbox released.

    Also sony mainly used blu ray to help it’s other division, not to benefit gaming by avoiding multi disc games, on what, a handful of games the past 5 years?

    • Heard it here first

      And what, the Xbox 360 was pumping out exclusives in their 5 years like crazy? You’re delusional. TODAY MS has only a handful of exclusives haha Sony has far more. I’m just telling the truth. Xbox 360 has about 5 or 6 exclusive game FRANCHISES. Sony has like 10 or so. Shouldn’t make ANYONE like the other over another, but the fact you say in 5 years Sony had no good exclusives, shows you don’t know a lot about gaming in general, or the console flame war you’re still trying to fight.

  • Heard it here first

    When I read my G4 text about Hideo-san announcing MGS5, the only thing I could think of was: we are getting 2 MGS’s IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS!


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