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Microsoft finally scrapping “Microsoft Points” System for Real Money

by William Schwartz on January 24, 2012

Microsoft finally scrapping Microsoft Points System

It is rumored that Microsoft many ditching the Microsoft points currency system that has been in place on the Xbox 360 since launch.  By year’s end, the company is said to be making sweeping changes across its range of products: The Xbox 360, Zune, and Windows Phone 7.

The rumors has not been confirmed by Microsoft, but stemming from alleged insider information, “all transactions going forward will be based on the region set on the purchasing account and real money will be used to purchase all content.”

Microsoft’s currency system has been in the news as of late, a recent string of account hijackings may be leading the company to ditch the old system in exchange for the new way of handling transactions.  The company told Inside Mobile Apps that it doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation, but this is something that many gamers have been asking for, for awhile, account hijacks or not.

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    What just happened to this website

  • Allen

    ha ha! Dudes above are funny as hell. Except I was thinking that when you send them your real world money that they send you a picture of a gaping ass hole from being ass raped for 6 years.

    But on a serious note this is a step in the right direction for the money whores at M$. This is better for the consumer since they won’t have extra points held up in their account not being used. Just meaning instead of buying 1500 M$ points for a 1200 M$ point game and then having 300 M$ points used up in virtual land until you buy something next…then you probably have to buy another 1500 M$ points to cover whatever the other purchase is since 300 M$ points doesnt do it.

    I know that was long winded but that’s what I don’t like about Nintendo too…I still have 300 points there that aren’t being used. It’s much easier to have a seperate checking account for all online activity and then just transfer what funds you need as needed.

  • Anonymous Tom

    Bill Gates isn’t part of Microsoft anymore, at least the gaming division. The “new guy” is Steve Ballmer, HE IS FUCKING CRAZY. Just look up the video of him being “pumped” for keynote speech some years ago…..

  • josh

    You’re all retarted.

  • Cool dude

    Ahh… freaking yes! bout’ time!

  • The Fuck

    wow why the fuck would you do that…….i dont even have a fucking card….. how the fuck am i going to pay for xbox live with CASH MONEY now!!!!!

  • reality

    80MS Points=$1
    Not that hard to figure out from there, but I guess math is too hard :'(

    • Cool dude

      No, its because people prefer the simplicity of a normal currency system…

      Which one do you prefer?

      80 MS points = $1


      $1 = $1

  • reality

    MS Points are fine with me. I buy the cards anyway. Like I said, math is apparently hard.

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