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Microsoft will continue with Project Gotham Racing series on Xbox 720

by Bill Hess on February 25, 2013


A new Project Gotham Racing game may very well be in the works for Microsoft.  The company recently renewed their trademark of the iconic racing franchise, and this could point to a Project Gotham Racing 5 title for the Xbox “720”.

Project Gotham rumors have been stirring for quite some time.  After the closure of Bizarre Creations, it was unclear where the franchise would be heading.  Developers who make racing games have been licking their chops, waiting patiently for new hardware that can showcase a new game, and that time is almost upon us.

Back in early 2012, following the closure of Bizzare Creations, a former developer that worked on Blur said that only the next-gen can warrant the release of an arcade style racer.  Lucid Games, a newly formed studio with a racing background that is the home of developers from Bizarre, Criterion, and other racing devs, posted an image that says “Road Opens in 2013″.

With the reveal of the Xbox 720 looming, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if one of the big games that Microsoft announces for the new console is a racer.  With this trademark renewal, it would be even less surprising if it was a Project Gotham title.   If it was, they’d be lock-step with Sony.

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  • BBB’s

    People are still calling the Next Xbox “Xbox 720″ lmfao

  • Greedy Sony

    Project Gotham is the second best racing franchise next to Forza, I’m excited to hear more about this.

    • nate

      I agree, but i just hope this doesn’t delay FM5 for release this fall, hopefully on next gen. T10 have really pushed the 360 to its limits and they need the new hardware to get night and weather in… and hopefully some AA.

  • strong

    I use to play this more than any other racing game one my original Xbox, I had a ball.