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Microsoft Xbox 720 secrets being guarded heavily

by Bill Hess on October 2, 2012

Microsoft is boosting its campus security at the Xbox building rumored to be building the Xbox 720 in Redmond, WA. A recent memo was scooped by geekwire that details new security measures at the Xbox and Interactive Business buildings to keep leaks to a minimum. The limited access for Microsoft employees sets a new precedent for the company, who obviously doesn’t want any of their next-gen secrets getting out ahead of time.

Despite numerous leaks and rumors over the past couple of years, Microsoft has still officially said nothing about the next-generation Xbox. Their policy has been to focus on their current products, the Xbox 360 and Kinect. What this means for those clamoring for any hint of the next-generation? If Microsoft is cracking down on leaks, we might not hear anything about the Xbox 720 before E3 2013 in Los Angeles.

These increased security measures would make sense for Microsoft if they do indeed plan on releasing a next-gen console in 2013, which seems to be the date that numerous industry insiders have pegged for the “Xbox 720″.

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  • Bruised Negro

    Micro$oft never fails to deliver


    Gtx 690!!!!

  • jason

    Thats good for them if it works, lol. I guess it would be more of a surprise when they do release info on it! I just hope PS4 and Xbox 720 have at least 8gigs RAM total and at least 6 dedicated to gaming! Alan Kertz (DICE) said in an interview that if 360 and PS3 had 2gb RAM (same as WiiU) then BF3 and Frostbite 2 in general would run a lot smoother, HD, more player count and destruction, so I am wishing for at least double that for next gen!

    • Cool dude
      • jason

        Oh MAN! If that kit is even close to reality i will be more than pleased about next gen! :D

      • Roach

        Alleged 8 GB of RAM?!! Holy hell, Microsoft really pulled no punches with this one. And if the GPU and CPU are what the dev kit states they are…damn. Devs should have no excuse next generation about limitations. Keep in mind, Epic continually told Microsoft to keep adding RAM, and that 512 MB would not be enough to last the whole generation. (And as evidenced by CryTek, DICE and John Carmack, 512 is not enough). This leaves me pumped for next generation. I’m hoping devs pull no punches next generation and show us something that truly amazes and couldn’t be done in the previous generation, like Mass Effect this generation.

  • Mr Jenkins

    Who would want to steal their secrets the ps3 is going to blow the gaming world apart with their new powerhouse and I would know I work for the development studios side of Sony’s PR well used to cos I got laid off :(

    • Cool dude

      You got laid of because you were working as a Janitor at Sony but you pretended to be a PR.

    • Mr Jenkins

      Info worked as a janitor I would have stated that fact but I didn’t so I didn’t state it please don’t make fun of people who work as janitors because by the looks of things you haven’t worked a day in your life mister.

      • Cool dude

        By the looks of things, your making up crap that Sony doesnt even work on.

        You? A PR at Sony? You got fired then your leaking vital information by commenting in this website instead of selling your information to popular gaming websites like ign, kotaku and gamespot.

        Yeah, you sound SOOOO legit.

  • Mr Jenkins

    Oh and the playstation next as its code named ( the real name is simply The playstation) not orbis as everyone’s cracking on about is due to be announced January next year via a Sony press release and is due out the following October after a 10 month marketing program and the release titles are currently listed as follows:

    Half life: evolution,
    Grand theft auto V,
    Gran turismo 6,
    Metal gear solid ground zeroes,
    The elder scrolls VI: black marsh
    Killzone 4,
    Uncharted 4: Atlantis,
    And finally

    • Cool dude

      Does Drake get new fish gills. So he can breathe underwater?

    • NJ

      Half Life Evolution? What a stupid title, also GTA V is almost certainly current gen, Naughty Dog releasing two major games in one year? Not likely and Bethesda are working on a new Fallout game, NOT Elder Scrolls. At least put some effort in to your trolling!

  • Strong

    Yes rejoice my bitches!!!

  • Anonymous Tom

    Holy shit. Allen hasn’t showed up yet?!

    • Allen


      • Cool dude

        By ‘wat’ you mean ‘I come in peace’?

        I hope so..

        • Allen

          Wasn’t me. I have nothing to add to this discussion.

  • NJ

    Anyone else think it’s ironic that this piece of information got leaked? They really do need more security!

  • Mr Jenkins

    1. I am not trolling

    2. Naughty dog are working on and releasing two titles in one year.

    3. Grand theft auto 5 isn’t current gen you have no evidence to back your claim up that it is current gen why do you think that they haven’t said what consoles the game is due for because no development company has the right to give details of Sony or Microsoft products before the latter company has.

    Oh and drake doesn’t have gills have you heard of Antarctica melting because of global warming and the myth that its under the ice?

    There is your answer cool dude.

    And not one single person from this page has disputed my claim that the ps4 will be announced in January. I think you all know that it is due to be announced.

    • AKA Zzz

      The burden of proof is on you because you are making the claim. Example: The Playstation 4 will include a free Playstation 3! Go ahead, prove me wrong.

  • Mr Jenkins

    Oh I forgot you @NJ

    You sir are an idiot if you think that Bethesda are working on a new fallout game for ps4

    The next fallout game to be released will be this gen multi format.

    And will be an MMO set in 2 cities Boston and New York.

    • Mr Jenkins

      Oh we’ll let’s just wait and see shall we anyway I won’t argue with you son because I KNOW for a FACT that Bethesda are releasing a new elder scrolls game next year for The playstation it only took them so long to make the elder scrolls V: skyrim because they had to re write most of their game engine.

      And anyway Sony are announcing their new console this January via a press release like I said I don’t know about Microsoft but the general thinking around the office was that Microsoft may have made a announcement this year at E3 bit they didn’t sony’s goal is to try to beat them in releasing a console first but honestly I seriously doubt it because Microsoft look like they may announce some details this year judging by what I have been told and all this secrecy surrounding their new home console oh and @AKA Zzz
      Yes their is a free ps3 with the new playstation (so to speak) as Sony are using their newly bought cloud gaming company gakai to solve the backwards comparability issue from the current gen (in other words they plan on letting you stream ps1. 2 and 3 content.

      In turn this will lower production costs as well as retail costs so that they can compete with the wii u as Nintendo are aiming more for the hardcore market with their new machine.

      • Mr Jenkins

        And no it isn’t for obvious reasons their were 60 staff where I worked that got laid off in early September so Sony will not be able to single me out sorry I would like to tell you my real name but NDA’s still stand until after 5 years after you stop working for Sony entertainment

  • Obvious troll is obvious

    @ Mr. Jenkins… if that IS your real name…

    Regarding the PS4 being announced this January, I say… maybe. Both MS and Sony likely have a considerable amount of time and money invested in a presentable product by now.

    Regarding your supposed list of releases… I call BS, at the very least for your laughable claim that another Elder Scrolls game is coming out so quickly.

    Honestly, your claims look more and more like your sources for this info are rumor-mill sites being run by 13-year old fanboys.

  • Obvious troll is obvious

    @ Mr. Jenkins

    Regarding the crack “… if that IS your real name…”, that was a joke. Sarcasm. I honestly don’t expect you to come out on the internet and actually give your name, and address. Asking for credentials would be almost like asking to make the internet (as a whole) a respectable and reliable source of information. If the phrase “If it’s on the internet, it MUST be true” suddenly became true… it would be apocalyptic. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

    And regarding Sony making their announcement in January? I can pretty much buy it. From a logical standpoint, they need to keep the interest up and moving, they need the people wanting more. And the rumors just don’t seem to be whipping the fans into a foamy fury anymore.

    But my claim that this is an effort at trolling stands. Partially because of your rather brash statements of some VERY big name release titles, and the rest due to your unimpressive communication skills. For someone who claims to have been part of the Sony PR team, your punctuation and random capitalization is horrid. Now, I know, I know, this is the internet, but when you’re trying to claim a level of professional insider knowledge, you should try to act the part. “..their is a free ps3…” Seriously?

    Step up your game, sir!

    • Mr Jenkins

      Hey sorry to upset you for the spelling mistake I did actually write that comment on my IPhone and as you know when you are typing fast on one of those it goes a bit haywire.

      The statement you made about me not showing a slight impression of professionalism outside of the work place is crude and down right cheeky, I am appalled at what you said because anybody who sits at a computer and says to himself right I’m going to act professional and run my paragraphs through a spell check program is an idiot in my view so please don’t criticise my uncontrolled fingers typing on a 4 inch iphone screen.

      And as for your other comment’s I’m so sorry that you do not believe me or my facts but you will see in time that what I am saying is true I am not trolling on this website by the way,
      I have been a fan of this website for a couple of years and would not do that to my fellow AOTF fans.

      Oh and by the cool dude WTF was that comment about me selling my facts to IGN etc?
      How can you possibly say that anybody can sell facts my friend as they would not even go there as I cannot release my name to the general public as I would be facing a law suit.
      Use your common sense mate and I love how your anger is upped as soon as your comments go on the defensive haha.

      • Cool dude

        Its called an ‘anonymous’ source idiot.

      • Obvious troll is obvious

        Actually, I can completely understand how trying to type on a touchscreen keyboard can completely screw up what you try to do, my apologies. But, cheeky and crude are standard responses on the internet. Suck it up.

        Here is a serious question for you. You pointed out that there was going to be a game streaming setup to side-step the backwards compatibility issue (granted, they’ve already done this in the PS3 by re-releasing PS2 games as “new” content on PSN, making it kind of a ripoff). Is the new system going to be able to play the older games, with true backwards compatibility, or is it going to require repurchasing games I already own through the streaming network to play it on the new system?

  • Mr Jenkins

    Sony is not rebranding gakai under the Sony name but no you won’t have to repay for your games or subscription for that matter.
    The only noticeable change that you will experience is that titles that are available on the PSN store will start appearing on the gakai cloud service in the coming months in spade fulls ao to speak but that is all I know.

    And as for the ps2 content on the PSN store it is down to a mere technicality that the content is on there it comes down to a lot of re programming within the games code to allow it to run on the ps3 it is a shame though because most companies will not spend the time and money re programming a game when they can just fully re make the said game and make a substantial profit just like Just add water are doing with odd world new and tasty and like Kojima productions and blue point games did with metal gear solid hd collection.

    And yes I have found that is the general reception on the Internet but it is rather amusing to read sometimes.

    Also once again cool dude please stop with your misconceptions about selling information it is impossible to do so without repercussions in the future from Sony.

    • Cool dude

      Nope.. your still a faker. Your list must’ve been in the headlines by now.

      Even if you’re a pr, why the hell would you waste your time here and not looking for another high paying job?

    • Obvious troll is obvious

      @ Mr. Jenkins.

      This is just a tad delayed, but I’ve been out of town. I am unsure if you understood my question regarding repurchasing games.

      I am not asking if I need to repurchase the games that I might have bought from the online streaming site. I am meaning having to purchase digital copies of games that I already own on disk.

      But I have to call BS on the PS2 games needing to be reprogrammed for the disks to play on the PS3. As has been demonstrated repeatedly, the PS3 has the necessary hardware capabilities to run an emulator that would read and play PS2 and PS1 games. While Sony claims that this isn’t possible, there are guides to use homebrew software on the PS3 all over the place that prove them wrong. Hell, I’ve seen a “fixed” PS3 play PS2 game disks without issues. Their refusal to honor their promises of true backwards compatibility in the PS3 is why my loyalties swerved over to the 360.

      So, my question again! Since the PS4, or “Orbis”, or “The Playstation” is going to be so impressive, will there be programming in place to run the needed emulator so the machine will be backwards compatible with PS1, PS2, and PS3 disks? Or even have the needed hardware to play those older games? If so, then I will be first in line to preorder.

  • Mr Jenkins

    So to speak *

  • Mr Jenkins

    Got one matey already it’s not as high paid but it will do the job.

    And I don’t want to argue with you sir I have been a fan of this website for ages and I think that gives me the right to post my facts upon these lovely pages to be honest how many visitors does this website get and that coupled with the fact that this page is now old news I don’t think it will make headlines unless one of the regulars informs another company
    And im sorry but I’m done here messing about answering the same questions over and over to you.

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