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Mortal Kombat DLC Coming Soon

by Bill Hess on May 18, 2011

It’s quite possible that you haven’t even thought about DLC for Mortal Kombat given how much fun the game is out of the box.  NetherRealm isn’t going to let you off that easy.  Ed Boon, recently announced that there is indeed new content coming to the game and will be arriving with a month.  According to the developer, the first DLC offering for the game will include Skarlett, “free stuff”, and balancing changes via patch.

Skarlett has been known about for quite some time, and it was rumored earlier that  Kenshi would also be a downloadable character coming in the first DLC for the game.  No word on Kenshi as of yet, but definitely expect Skarlett very soon.

Source: VG247

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  • Ryan

    Been thinking about it ever since I first played and couldn’t choose Rain or Chameleon…. Can’t wait!

    • Dorbacho

      Mortal Kombat is awesome so far! I just found a blog that’s giving out the preorder DLC for all the costumes, and the new Kenshi character DLC!

      I just got my Reptile Klassic Kostume but I don’t know if there’s anymore keys left. If you want to check it out, here’s the site:


    I wonder if they will be giving 360 fanboys something a little extra, you know since they got the short end of the stick on not having an exclusive charactor.

    I read that it was because xbox has no games as bad ass as God of War.

    • outkastedd

      My 360 sits right above my dust collecting blu ray player…er, I mean PS3. I was busy playing online while you were stroking Kratos…I’ve played all God of War games…great for sure, but I could give a sh!t about Kratos, he’s not an MK character. I buy every multi platform game on my 360 because it’s simply better on 360. Sorry you are stuck with just PS3, but don’t hate on the 360 to make yourself feel better about your failure of a decision.

  • kcchiefs400

    No 360 didn’t get an exclusive character because Warner Bros. are partners with Sony.

    I’ve been wanting DLC since I finished the story and challenge tower!

    Also, the MK team has previously stated that they have no interest in bringing back Chameleon. But Rain is a huge possibility for DLC.

    • Allen

      Actually I don’t think the exclusive content has anything to do with a Sony/Warner relationship.

      Sony is the one pushing for free exclusive content. Like that found in Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Mafia 2, Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Batman AA and of course Mortal Kombat.

      I think it’s something Sony is paying for that M$ isn’t willing to do. Just like M$ didn’t want steam on 360, not sure why.

      I wonder if 360 did allow steam if we could all cross platform game together. Now that would be awesome.

      Personally I’d like to cross platform game Battlefield 3, take out some of the console war online but of course that won’t happen.

    • 360’s My Bitch aka Silenthawx

      MS doesn’t want steam on 360 because they are a closed system and don’t give things for “free”. As for Battlefield cross platform – impossible.

    • Allen

      Yeah I know. But Cross platform with an awesome game like BF3 would simply be awesome.

  • Shogun

    I’m just wondering if the retro costumes are going to be part of this dlc. It’s really lame that you can only get one depending on where you pre-ordered or purchased it. Hopefully those will be in here

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    This is why dlc is a f@cking scam. If it wasn’t for dlc you realize we would have gotten an Armageddon size roster? DLC is allowing for unfinished games to be sold at finished game prices. You bitch about Live costing $60/year but have no problem dropping $15 on 4 maps or $5 for a costume pack, all that adds up. Black Ops + the 2 map packs = $90 for a game! That is insanity! Granted, most dlc is months after release, but some companies, like Capcom and THq are clearly using dlc as a crutch to get more money out of us. Hell, Tiger Woods has $120 of dlc available! Surprisingly this is free dlc for MK, which is badass, if it truly is free.

  • Dorbacho


  • njb, i tell it like it is

    Dont understand why MS passed the Steam Offer, Only seems like MS are pushing the Kinect, Gears 3 looks cool but is 1 exclusive enough for a year.

    Anyway, MK9 DLC should be good, Hopefully it will not cost Big £££
    PS3 got an exclusive character because The MK team have wanted to include Kratos because h fits into the Mk Universe Easily and they said he is a bad ass. 360 does not have any Exclusive characters that fit into the MK Univers. MasterChief & Marcus dont fit that is why.

    I think its funny how you bitch about 1 character when we also got Compatible 3D, i think that is better.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      I’m not bitching about one character, I am bitching about how these characters could have easily been included. MK Trilogy/Gold/Armageddon have the best rosters because they have everyone (at the given times) in them. DLC is a crutch that companies use to release games earlier and double dip our wallets. With those 2 games from MKs past prove that this is bullsh!t, just like Street Fighter, and just like Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Ever notice how the SF and MVC3 keep getting these new versions with the same sh!t in them? Remember SSF4? That was originally DLC, but then came out as a hard copy at $40. Yeah, companies nickel and dime us all the time, and only a few companies, like Rockstar, actually deliver quality DLC at a fair price.

      3D is a novelty that has been around since the 50s. (The Blob was in 3D!) It has had numerous reboots (Jaws 3D, Friday the 13th 3D) and has failed miserably ever single time. The reason? 3D is a cheap novelty. I saw Tron Legacy in 3D and that sh!t gave me a headache 15min in! A pure waste of $15, should of just seen the regular version. 3D sucks balls, you can keep your 3D compatibility I am perfectly fine without it and prefer not to have it.

    • Allen

      @ Anti Fanboy 2

      Oh and just to clear it up. you commented recently that PS3 wasn’t getting any good exclusives in 2011 except Uncharted 3.

      Well I think you for got about:

      MotorStorm Apocalypse
      PlayStation Move Heroes
      Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One
      Twisted Metal
      Resistance 3
      SOCOM 4
      inFAMOUS 2
      LittleBigPlanet 2
      Killzone 3
      The Last Guardian
      & The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

      That’s not all of them, but the AAA titles.

      Compared to 360’s:

      Kinect Junk
      Kinect Junk
      Kinect Junk
      Gears of War 3
      Kinect Junk

      Would add Forza but we all know thats a GT5 wanna be.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      MotorStorm was fun, Pacific Rift was fun and then I got over it, just like the MX V ATV games, it faded away. Becomes a part of that not on my radar.
      Playstation Move Heroes, do you not get that the Move is a Wii knock off, and is for kids and is a novelty. Sorry but I’m a grown ass man and I don’t want to hold a wand with a glowy ball top. Becomes a part of that not on my radar.
      Ratchet and Clank, good series, not for me. Becomes a part of that not on my radar.
      Twisted Metal, have been over it since 3 came out. Becomes a part of that not on my radar.
      Resistance 3, that was this year?!?! Give me COD, f@ck Resistance. Very very overrated game. Becomes a part of that not on my radar.
      SOCOM 4, demo sucked ass, give me Gears. Becomes a part of that not on my radar.
      inFamous 2, I was over manipulating electricity in the first one, I haven’t even beaten the first one because I got tired of it. Shock, shoot, shock, shoot, fill up, shoot, shock, boooring.
      LittleBigPlanet 2, I have yet to even pick that game up, waiting for it used for $30 or less.
      Killzone 3, bought day one because I love the Killzone series, though 2 I hated, movement sucked, but 3 was a disappointment and a half. Barely any maps, and the story was just, meh.
      The Last Guardian, give me Skyrim.
      Shadow of the Colossus, a game a tried to get into but couldn’t, great platforming, and scale was ridiculous, but even in that A/C semi I just couldn’t get into it. Therefore not on my radar.
      Most PS3 games just aren’t on my radar. Simply because the majority of my gaming is online and on the 360, it’s what everyone I know has. I personally only know about 6 people who have a PS3 and are worth playing with.
      Kinect junk I agree.
      Forza, Gears, COD, and Uncharted 3 is all I need this year. All the rest will be purchased used, which doesn’t give the companies any numbers.

      Sorry but Forza wins. Sorry, but GT5 has 0 customization when compared to Forza. GT 5 makes you have a brand new from the lot car to change something as little and simple as rims. For some odd reason I cannot add/create my own logos or decals for the car. Sorry Forza wins. I get to fully customize my ride and I don’t have to race 60hp vehicles, or have them take up space on the disc keeping badass cars out of the game.

    • Allen


      Anti Fanboy, the jack ass that acts like he knows everything is saying the Move is a Wii rip off.

      Hum, lets look at this

      Nintendo and Sony started to develope Motion controls back in 2001.

      PS2 came out first with eye toy.

      Wii make it really innovative but it wasn’t what everyone expected

      Move is 1:1 accurate that can do shooters and family games, sports games everything accurate, what the Wii should have been.

      nintendo came out first, Sony did it right.

      Kinect lags, is innacurate and mis reads your commands. Have a look at reviews for “fighters unchaged” compare that to “the fight, lights out”.

      You haven’t even played with the move have you?

      Sports champions and start the party show exactly how accurate it is.

      Also eye pet has some kinect like features where you play with the pet without the controller.

      you are too good for Killzone 3, one of the best games ever with some of the best graphics of 2011 and actually makes FPS on a console as cool as on PC?

      Yeah, figured you would be too good for that.

      GT5 has more customization, better graphics, more accurate & more cars. Like I said, the 360 fanboy I converted can’t stop playing GT5, and yes he still has his 360 and Forza. I see him playing that all the time, it’s his favorite game ever.

      His other friends (360 fanboys) say they will purchase a PS3 if nothing else, then just for GT5 it is so good.

      Also hasn’t GT5 sold like 6.52 Million copies already?


      Fine if PS3 games aren’t your preferance. I say that’s BS to cover up the fact that 360 has no good games coming in 2011. But whatever.

      I’m so sick of arguing with you. I want everyone to be happy. I respect all gamers, even those stupid enough to support xbox.

      I only hate xbox because they are such a rip off, scam and do things to force the customer to pay more.

      PS3 makes things easy and cheap to upgrade, doesn’t force you to do crap, offers the best online experince IMO.

      You have your opinion, I have mine. My opinion is that the games on 360 aren’t worth it. All of 360’s best games are on PC or going multi plat and if you support an ass raping company like xbox then the future of gaming will be pay to play and on unreliable consoles.

    • Allen

      yes you can race really slow cars on GT5, but no, you don’t have to like some of the older GT games.

      have you ever even played GT? Because you don’t make any sense.

      you can adjust pretty much anything to do with the car, rebuild engines, aerodynamics, gears, spring ratio pretty much everything, more and better than Forza.

      Again, Forza we all know is a Gran Turismo wanna be.

  • njb, i tell it like it is

    i was just saying that 3d Compatability is a better feature than 1 character. I think why MK9 has DLC is because of Warner Bros, What happened to the old Midway, Every Other MK has had a Huge roster, MK vs DC Does not count as a True MK title, der is no Gore.

    Anyway most DLC is complete rubbish, Especially map Packs, £15 for 1 COD map pack is disgusting, KZ map packs are under £5, many other games as well. Most even have expansions that are cheaper than 1 COD map pack. I remember paying £5 for the Socom Confrontation Cold Front Add on, is a 1.6Gb download, that is better than just some maps.

    Maybe if the COD DLC or other DLC’s were worth it then i would have a problem. Im just glad that we can dish out Content to at least 5 different PS3’s. Makes it a hell of alot cheaper.

    • Anti Fanboy 2

      Well clearly I would say a character is better than 3D. 3D is a joke, a placebo if you will. MK9 has DLC because the current trend in games is that DLC is widely accepted (see COD.KZ.Socom/SF) and is profitable. It is the smartest business move, hold back or lock certain content on the retail copy and release DLC packs for extra cash that includes sh!t that should have already been there. Plain and simple DLC is cream of the crop. They get numbers on the COD maps that rival Killzone 3’s current sales of 1.49m!

      I have only played the new Socom demo, and I hated it. It sucked. 3rd person, give me Gears or Uncharted, 1st person give me Battlefield, COD, Halo; They have better experiences and gameplay. That is my preference though.

      Killzone 3’s $5 map pack included maps from 2, so not much of a comparison, maps that were on the previous game compared to brand new maps? Not quite the same. How long ago was that Socom Confrontation pack? Timeframe does matter as DLC is extremely accepted now like never before. It’s evolution.

      “Im just glad that we can dish out Content to at least 5 different PS3′s.” – I don’t get what you mean. Do you mean that your friends’ PS3 can have your DLC? DLC is tied to your user name/gamertag and can be re-downloaded using that user name/gamertag that bought it, as many times as you want. So I don’t get what that means.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    What is Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? Is that real?

  • njb, i tell it like it is

    MK vs DC is terrible, Obviously aWarner Bros brought out Midaway.
    It is a 16, no gore what so ever. Makes Fatalaties pointless.

    You are allowed to download any content on PSN to 5 different activated PS3’s. Basically i buy the DLC, then i go to your house Sign in and Download it. Then you install it and you can use it offline and Online with Your PSN ID. This includes Everything, DLC, Full Games, HD & SD movies from the PS Movie store.

    And you can download it as many times on your own console, for example if you had to wipe your HDD or you got a new console you can just go and download it again.

    It saves me and Many others money. Or just charge your friends a fraction of the Full price. lol

    Does anyone actually read the small print or the Terms before you buy anything. You will be surprised.

  • Anti Fanboy 2

    I was being sarcastic. I have played MKVDCU. Sorry but Supermans’ punch is a f@cking fatality!

    That seems off to me. How do I install it under my name? You sign in, download it, then I sign in and install it? Wouldn’t it show up exclusively with your name being the owner of the license? It just seems more like a glitch or hack really. I don’t see that happening with the COD maps. 5 people get it after just 1 buys it, no that doesn’t sound legit in any way. Now I can sign in as you, if your offline, and play the games as you, but that’s it. That sounds not right, I’ll check the Terms shortly, if that’s true, thanks, time to take advantage!

  • stillhope

    rock on, kombatan!!!!!!, we want more !!!!!, we want more!!!! we want more !!!!!!

  • Keith

    I will buy any DLC NRS puts out for this game, im addicted

  • quicktap

    GT5 Sucked, every car in forza has an in car view, Not GT5. Graphics and damage were terrible, i owned both but traded Gt5 quickly. And more then half of the Gt5 cars were ports from old PS2 games. Huge Disappointment for a game that was six years in the making.

  • Tony

    @ anti fanboy 2.
    I agree with allen.
    360 is a cheap shitty console i have had 2 xbox 360’s and my dad had 1 and my cousin had 1. All 4 died from red ring, or they started to not read games ect. Me and my cousin both got our ps3 on launch day and they both still work fine to this day. its got great exclusives like uncharted, metal gear(exception being rising) killzone, god of war, final fantasy(at least versus 13), twisted metal(the new one is going to be the best one since 2), and of course we have those special games like little big planet, and the last guardian. On top of that we got all the great multiplats like MK, elder scrolls, fallout, call of duty, ninja gaiden, mass effect, grand theft auto, need for speed ect. What does xbox have for exclusives? Halo(witch went downhill after halo 3 imo), gears of war, and fable( witch has been getting worse each game since the 1st one). Sorry xbox fails in exclusive games. Sure it has better online there is no denying that but the quality/durability of the 360 console itself as well as the number of great exclusive titles is has is way below par.

  • trey oh 5

    i was a ps2 owner like everyone else was
    so when sony released ps3 for 700 dollars they became sellouts in my eyes because they wanted show off blue ray in a struggling economy

    cant rely on ps3s online either

    their games bore me half to death only reason y we all had ps2 anyways is because we wanted gta

    as for rrod u got it then u got a free month of live n a new 360. what did u lose ? a few days of game play depending if you have a life or not its not a biggy plus they fixed it where ppl have a under 1 percent chance to get rrod.

    i wont forget how xbox was the first to make games 60 instead of 50 bucks that ima always hold against them but hey sony jumped on the ride too.

    playstation is still at 10 percent chance with yellow light of death if thats what its called

    moral of the story is they all suck but some just suck more

    • Allen

      You mean a couple weeks to a month without a console? Multiply that by RROD happening over and over. Then take into consideration the scams that xbox pushes?

      And no not 10% YLOD, 3% thank you very much.

      360 slims 15% chance of RDOD, orig xbox 360 33% RROD

      All 360 chance of scratching disks, plus the only gaming platform that is pay to play, and the only one without a browser.

      Plus 360 HDD is expensive and limited to 250gb, PS3 you can upgrade to 750GB for less than $60. I paid $54 1 year ago for 500gb HDD. Any SATA HDD will do.

      Fine if your preference is 360, I say it’s a rip off and not worth supporting them.

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