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NBA 2K13 ditches the PlayStation Move for the Kinect

by Bill Hess on August 10, 2012

At E3 2011, 2K Sports was more than eager to show off their support for the PlayStation Move in NBA 2K12.  Kobe took the stage and awkwardly fumbled his way through the game, while hamming it up with developers.  It looks like this partnership has been short-lived, because today the sports game maker announced that PlayStation Move support is being dropped for NBA 2K13.  However, the game will support Microsoft’s Kinect and will allows players to use voice commands .

This may not come as a big suprise, if you’ve been following our news feed over the past few weeks.  Earlier this month, box art surfaced for NBA 2K13 that touted the sports titles as “Better with Kinect”.   According to Joystiq, The Kinect will be used to allow players to issue voice commands to their team.  Directing in-game traffic, you can tell players to move into the paint, or call specific plays throughout the course of the game.  These Kinect voice commands will only be supported in the game’s single player mode.

NBA 2K13 will arrive on October 2nd for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

NBA 2K13 Developer Diary

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  • Allen

    Will this xbot site be bold enough to review the quality of last years move game VS this years kinect game… didn’t think so.

    They are all about making xbox look good as long as it doesn’t have to go head to head with Playstation and get it’s ass stomped.

  • John

    Lol damn ps3 fanboys -_-. The kinect thing is a better feature to a casual gamer because I hated my 2k12 on ps3. The servers were just horrible but that could have been the same on Xbox but I don’t know. The move thing was just flat out stupid like the whole ps move and kinect but the fact you can get techs for swearing is kinda neat and more realistic. Also kinect voice command were great (tried with skyrim). This is also beneficial to players because I can finally yell at Howard to go to the post instead of creeping at the 3 point line

  • Cool dude

    Move has no good required games, Kinect does. :-P Heffley

  • Just Say’n

    Plus this game is better with an regular controller and not a knock-off wii remote.

  • Allen

    So you are glad you can only play laggy kinect games.

    There’s 1 good game for kinect. Dance Central.

    You are that nerdy kid that plays the dance game at arcades all by him self huh?


    LOL, yeah all my friends said PS move was a Wii knock off until they tried it. Freaking try it and then try to say it’s a wii knock off.

    My little bro has a Wii and I do too but I don’t have Wii Motion plus. I was told Wii motion plus fixed the Wii mote, LMAO, Wii Sports Resort requires the Wii Motion plus and it’s extreamly obvious how bad the Wii motion quality is. Just look at the sword fighting in that game. There is no 3D to it at all! Only block and hit, even then you are limited to like 3 auto moves it does depending on where you hit it.

    Move is highly accurate, it doesn’t force it’s motion gaming on you and it’s compatible with a large range of game types for all ages and all genre’s.

    Kinect is a good idea but Microsoft sucks at implementing it. No new ip’s and very few core exclusives released each ear since kinect has come out. Also most games are only fun for the first 15 minutes, then I start picking appart at all the problems with kinect.