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Next Xbox to be six times more powerful than current gen

by Bill Hess on January 24, 2012


New rumors suggest that the next generation Xbox 360 will be six times more powerful than the current generation. Two reports surfaced earlier that point to not only the specific GPU that the console will use, but a sensible release window for the unannounced hardware.

IGN claims that the next generation console is due out in either November or October of 2013. When it does launch, the publication is saying that it will be using a GPU similar to the Radeon HD 6670. These specs would put the next generation console at around six times the graphical power of the current generation. It would also put the next Xbox around 20% greater performance than Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U.

It’s hard to tell if these rumors are true at this point, as Microsoft hasn’t announed anything at this point. They aren’t likely to do so either. Perhaps E3 could ultimately hold the answers.

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  • Titan

    Dang, should be sweet, I hope Sony shoots for the same 2013 release too

    • Allen

      Just like I’ve been saying…E3 2012 announcement for Holiday 2013 release. I just hope that Sony doesn’t allow a head start this time.

    • Cool dude

      Sony already said “DEFINITELY no E3 announcement (Ps4)”

      While MS said “No E3 announcement AT THE MOMENT (Xbox 720)”

    • Allen

      That doesn’t mean that a holiday 2013 release for both isn’t possible. Sony doesn’t have to reveal at E3 you know and if they wait until 2013 E3 there is no way in hell it wold release 2013

    • Cool dude

      I guess so. Anything is possible.

  • Cool dude


    It is possible, but unlikely.


    Aww man this is sweet.

    Hopefully, none of those RROD fiasco.

  • Cool dude

    “Radeon HD 6670″ Really? The 6000 series would be to weak by the time of release.

    Hopefully its the 7000 series. It’ll be up to date by then.

    I was hoping for some awesome ARM chip instead of this.

    • Silenthawx

      hopefully the ps4 uses a 600 series Nvidia chip rather than holding back on the 570 or 580.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Damn if the next xbox is going to be 6 times more powerful then the next playstation is going to be 10 TIMES MORE POWERFUL!!!


  • WADE13x

    So what your saying is that the next xbox will match the ps3?

    • blazeup



    dual 28nm gpus OR GO HOME.


    6670 is weaker than I’d expect. Then again console games are usually extremely well optimized (compare cod 2, which was a launch shooter for the 360 to bf3 on 360. difference?). Plus I’d be willing to bet It’ll run at higher clock speeds. So this wont be as big of a problem as some people are suggesting.

  • ian

    So at that point the xbox would be able to run games in 1080p ? and would be close to what an less than good spec PC could run BF3 in 2011 ?
    If they are using the 6670 in late 2013 PC gamers will be running top specs with multi 9000 series if not even higher AMD cards and atleast 800 or 900 series Nvidia cards ?
    They are going to be way way way behind the curve almost a full generation at release.


      The key here is optimization. A 6670 could barely maintain a playable framerate on BF3 on PC, but that’s because BF3 is designed to work with all windows graphics cards. If BF3 were to be built for the 6670 on the xbox 720, a lot of the game would be written to take advantage of the 6670’s strengths. So it would run a lot faster.

    • ian

      Yes while it is obvious that the console card will be optimized a great deal it is still a very weak card.
      Even after the console optimization you would not see anything looking like BF3 on high+ with 30 steady fps until at least a year after the consoles release.

      With the rate at what graphics are currently increasing with all other aspects of gaming if the release with such a low end chip even massively optimized it will be left behind in the dust a few months after release.

    • That Guy

      theyre consoles. theyre meant to balance price and preformance and id say the 6670 will do a decent job. still, the 360 was using graphics comparable to somewhat high spec pc`s of its time. when the next one comes out the pcs of the time will be ahead of it by miles because of the 7000 series.but again they need to make it atleast somewhat cheap.

    • That Guy

      lol, i pretty much just restated what ian said :3

  • jason

    It will be running off the BASE version but prob Superclocked or upgraded version of it

  • Allen

    6 times more powerful? So the technology for graphical power on the 360 has increased 100% each year of the console’s life? That’s just crazy, if that’s the case then it would be obvious that consoles have held back the gaming industry.

    But I don’t care, Consoles are the financially viable way to play games.

  • Brian

    I’d imagine for the PS4 to be 10 times better they’d either have to release later or at a higher price. Neither are good options.

    I’m slightly concerned that if nintendo gets a good base that multi plats might be developed for them and then ported to ps4 and xbox…

    • ian

      Why would you think for the PS3 to be 10 times more powerful they would have to release it later ? a higher price point is a given.
      but the 6670 is already not a very powerful card at all in 2013 it will be a joke of a card

    • Cool dude


      Ps3 released with Blu-ray which was expensive. Which means a higher price point for the console. And look where we are now. The Ps brand has been slashed by 46% as compared to last gen.

      More power or “Better hardware” doesnt mean anything.

      I think Gamecube was 20% more powerful than the PS2 yet it still failed.

  • Brian

    I meant for the PS4 to be released 10 times more powerful it would release at the same time with a higher price or release later at a more competitive price.

    • ian

      Or they could take less of a profit on each machine and just earn there main income from game sales

  • Titan

    Pretty much agree with everything Airfreak said.

  • Roach

    So the Nextbox will only be 120% stronger than the WiiU? That’s pretty surprising, given that the WiiU was supposed to be Nintendo’s “bridge” into HD gaming, and “slightly” greater than the Ps3 and Xbox 360.

    • Raven

      Yeah, I find that odd, 6 times better then 360 and only 20% better then Wii U, that doesn’t add up. Maybe the Wii U might be better then what the rumors say.

  • gig9876

    so basically….ps3 was 52x ps2 and ps4 will be 52x ps3
    xbox 360 was 6x xbox and xbox 720 wil l be 6x xbox 360?

    • Cool dude

      Thats a pretty retarded theory. Its only a rumour and I wouldnt put too much salt on it. Especially with IGN. Never trust those guys.

  • Anonymous Tom

    IGN & Michael Pachter should be the best of friends. IGN blows smoke out it’s ass, they are the instigators of the biggest flame wars I have ever witnessed (CoD vs. Battlefield). Whereas, Pachter is just a fucking idiot who constantly comes up wrong, but he’s probably into that, like people are into autoerotic asphyxiation.

    • Hoppsy

      there is nothing wrong with autoerotic asphyxiation!

  • Cool dude

    Hi fake Paul… again

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