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Nintendo Wii U “Dead”, says analyst

by Bill Hess on February 24, 2012

According to one industry analyst, Nintendo may be facing significant problems with the upcoming release of the Wii U. Michael Pachter, and analyst for Wedbush Securities explained that the company may have made some trouble for itself with the reveal and pricing of their upcoming next-gen console.

Reported by GamerLiveTV Pachter describes Nintendo as a company that is in disarray, and believes that they may have compounded their 3DS troubles by keeping people in the dark about the Wii U.

“I think Nintendo is in disarray,” said Pachter. “They’ve completely blown the Wii U by not telling people what the price is going to be. It’s going to launch at $249 because it has to. I think they’re dead anyway because Xbox with Kinect will be priced below that by the time they launch.”

Nintendo has yet to release all of the details regarding the Wii U, but it is expected to release later this year after a strong showing at CES 2012.

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    lol wiiu still competing with xbox? What kind of ANAL-yst is this

    • soy

      it’s fun to revisit old articles. CUZ 3 YEARS LATER -NOW THE WIIU SELLS MORE THAN THE XBONE. with PS4 being the king, of course.

      bad life choices… bad life choices… people regretting their words everywhere…

  • Wolf

    Pachter says the Wii U will fail? That means it will be a financial and critical masterpiece.

  • AM

    Patcher is really two faced. At first he is like oh the Wii U has lots of potential but I will be cautious towards it, the next month he was like the Wii U will not have third party support, and now the Wii U is going to be dead on arrival. This guys spews out the same garbage on about every system he is talking about, when Kinect was introduced he came up with all sorts of dead on arrival theories and now that it is doing well he seems to be using it as an example. More often than not Patcher has been completely wrong about every console he said was going to die on arrival, he was (very) wrong about Wii, PS3, Kinect, Move, PSN, and many other things.

    • Korgoth

      Kinect is kind of a different story. It really is an add on, and developers are really put in a bind to try to develop for it, since it effectively cuts out around 9/10 of their potential market making a Kinect exclusive title rather than a 360 game.

      As such, there really are not many good games out or coming out for the Kinect. I was trying to buy a game for my buddy for his wedding gift that uses his new Kinect, and had such a hard time. Not one game has been rated more than an average review. Many are plagued with poor detection, control issues, or just bad design. I finally settled on Kinect Sports and Child of Eden (which the reviewers said without the Kinect is just an average shooter).

      Even looking at “Best of Kinect lists” the scores tended to 7 or lower.

      The price of the Wii U not being announced yet is totally irrelevant, since most systems don’t give solid prices till they have a solid launch date, usually only a few months before launch. They didn’t announce this type of info for the Wii till September 14, 2006. That was only 2 months and 4 days before it launched! Sony hadn’t bothered to announce the launch price and date till E3 (granted sooner than Nintendo, but still a whole 6 months before the system launched.) Microsoft waited till May 12, 2005 to announce the 360 launch date and pricing (again 6 months before the system launched.)

      This is just a troll trolling, plain and simple. Wake me at E3, if Nintendo hasn’t announced anything by then, then you can start whining again, but it still won’t mean jack.

  • Steven

    Isn’t this the same guy who said that Wii would be marginally successful in third place in 2006-8?

  • Joe

    This guy is the worst analyst of all time. Anytime he predicts something, the opposite happens. Congrats Nintendo on your future Wii U success!

  • Gill

    Pachters just a washed up nintendo hater and graphica fanboy. Nintendos the smartest game. Company out there.
    Their in a littke bit of a fix but to say that the wii u has to be priced competitively with the xbox 360? That’s a joke. If nintendo increases the power output, and all indications are thay it will outperform even the ps3.. the others will have to build to the standard set by nintendo.
    And that’s been a recurring theme in the videogame market since long ago in everything except graphics.

    • Cool dude

      Im sorry? The smartest? Ill have to disagree.

      Nintendo doesnt even have a long term plan for the 3DS. They released Wii as a gimmick and look at their staggering sales for that console. They failed to future-proof their console.

      Yes, it has sold nearly 100 million but they still had no long term plan for the wii.

      Heck even look at thier 1st and 3rd party support. NOTHING. All mario and crap…

      Anyway. As for Sony and Microsoft. I think people know who is the smartest of the bunch.

    • maddoggwolfie

      cool dude. You say future proof their console it has done its shelve life. Look back at gaming history and every 5/6 we get shiney new consoles.

      The only reason Sony and M/S are holding off at the moment is because they made such huge losses in the first 4 years of their systems launches. Where Nintendo didn’t they made money.

    • Cool dude

      Right after 2008 MS made profit on the 360

      After March 2011 Sony made profit (Units per sold but not research debt) on the Ps3.

      MS delayed the 720 to maximize profit with the 360. Sony delayed ps3 so that they can maximize the profit just to repay their research debt.

      Sorry for being such an asshole to everyone with my past comment.

  • Jeff

    Pachter has got to be paying these guys. They go out of their way to write articles about every little asinine thing this guy has to say. And only what he says. Why not report on smart, well-researched analyst as well, instead of only this loser who probably makes all of his predictions with a Magic 8-Ball?


    Why don’t they make a case for tablets that would give it thumbsticks like the wii u??

  • Br@D

    When has the gaming community listened or BELIEVED analyst anyway? They are assholes who get paid for what? Lieing? Making stuff up?
    My five year old daughter can make better predictions.

  • Frank

    Cool dude dont even go there bro. M$ is the smartest? No. Try luckiest. It was make it or brake it for their console division this gen, and they manages to pull it off because Sony shot themselves in the foot. How many console did the first two playstations sell? Over 250 million and counting. Don’t expect Sony to make the same mistakes again. They’re already wisening up seeing as their using cost efficient and over nvidia for their next console. Next gen is Sony vs Nintendo, you know, the companies that actually know how to develop games instead of buying out third party developers.

    • Cool dude

      Did i say anything about who was the smartest? Think again.

      Based on your comment. Your are obviously a fanboy.

      BTW… You could look at it both ways.

      Xbox 360 brand stood up to the mighty PS brand. Beating it in sales this gen.


      Sony were made retarded decisions and gave MS a door way to victory. ..

      Either you say Sony made mistakes or MS made smart decisions this gen.

      If your saying that Sony wont make the same mistakes again and so will MS.

      Did you know that the Ps3 brand had to practically re brand its whole product just to catch up to the 360?

    • Frank

      Them having to rebrand is irrelevant because did it work? The fact of the matter is we’re both right, and wrong. Did Sony make mistakes that made the casuals flock to Xbox and Wii? Yes. Hell, I had an Xbox before I got a ps3(Xbox in 06. Ps3 in ’09 when the slim released). Had Sony not released the PS3 at such a rediculous price, even as a 360 fanboy, you know the Xbox 360 would’ve flopped in terms of sales. That being said, no console failed this gen. This gen saw three consoles sell over 50 million units. That can only mean next gen will be more intense when it comes to games. Happy gaming.

    • Cool dude

      I could live with your opinions and Im totally happy to accept that I could have been wrong.

      But the original argument was who was the SMARTEST gaming company this gen.

      (Not including Steam)

      Nintendo failed to future proof Wii thus leading to staggering sales in its later stages.

      Sony failed to catch up to the MS. The 7th gen is ending this year with the release of the WiiU. The Ps3 only proved itself as a formidable opponent in the market late this gen.

      Im sorry but Sony really did blow it this gen. If they didnt have Blu-ray in the Ps3, they could have surely won this gen. No doubt.

      Microsoft saw opportunities and took it with excellent execution. They basically did everything right this gen. Catapulting the Xbox brand over the PS brand in the process. The only mistake that they did was the RROD fiasco.

      Did I explain myself clearly?

  • Frank

    Excuse my grammatical errors. They’re a mix of being tires and iPhones spellcheck. Lol

    • anonymous

      I can see that you must be really tired considering you wrote “being tires”.

  • Truth

    Michael Patchter, the funniest and highest paid wrong video game analyst ever. How much does ms or Sony pay him? lol. Are children not taught to lie in elementary school? Maybe his time was different. Moving on!

  • Wes

    I knew it was Pachter when I read the title. He is so predictable.

  • maddoggwolfie

    My god how has Patcher still got a job? 6 Months ago he said that Nintendo was going to drop the 3ds as a failure! Now its the most successful launched system of all time!

    How has not revealing the price killed the Wii U? I recon they are trying to make it arounf £250 mark. This would crush any ideas Sony and Microsoft will have of a sneaky ps4 and Xbox 3 launch at E3.

    Imagine sony announce ps4 in a press confrence hours before Nintendo and state a price of $500 like the ps3 and then Nintendo come out at half that price. That would hurt Sony alot.

    The lack of a reavel is adding to the mystrey around the system. Gearbox have stated that they love the system, as has many other companies that would not touch the Wii in a million years. add to that the power of Nintendo in house stuff and this may be the safest console of all time. When have you seen a rubish Nintendo in house game?

    I hate to be rude about someone but Patcher has no clue about the industry! He never posts articles in a positive light. The Wii is doomed (over 100 million units sold), the 3ds is doomed (15 million units sold worldwide in under a year), Vita is doomed (we will wait and see but I hope he is wrong there too).

    he wants the entire gaming world to be based on something that company with a fruity name has made. I’m sorry but if I buy an iPhone, I AM BUYING A PHONE! If I by a 3ds or vita, I AM BUYING A PORTABLE GAMING SYSTEM, If I buy a Wii U, I AM BUYING A GAMING CONSOLE BY NINTENDO!

  • Ljink

    Wii U isn’t dead and Kinect hasn’t even scratched the Wii. THEY DONT WANT TO GIVE OUT EVERYTHING BEFORE E3!!! Wha’td be the point?

  • Noman

    Who else knew how it was before reading the article, Patcher is the biggest troll in the industry.

  • Allen

    Xbox sucks, Kinect is even worse and Nintendo will sell decent because it’s Nintendo. But Wii U is probably going to be in the 20-35 Million range in it’s life span. Maybe they can pull it off again but they are going to have to pull something unexpected out of their hat to really make the Wii U successful.

    • Brevs

      Why do you always have to to start a console war on these posts? You have the mindset of a 5 year old.

    • Cool dude

      LMAO, Allen even has youtube accounts for trolling at youtube.

      What a wonderful life you live in Allen.

    • Allen

      What a stupid fking comment, I have my own youtube account and one to troll on. So I keep my trolling and life seperate; you are just a desperate, dumb ass xbot that seriously needs to just STFU. You don’t know $hit yet you run your mouth like you are an expert. Sorry, I just can’t take someone that thinks xbox is the best seriously

    • Cool dude

      Yeah call me a desperate but atleast I dont have a trolling life.

      Fail reply…


    • Ceroon

      What kind of IDIOT has a separate trolling life?

      Is it really that important to you?

      Hahahhahahaa LMAO Im sorry but what a loser.

      A trolling life? Seriously? I mean c’mon… you cant be serious…

      And if you are serious about what you said Allen. Take a good long and hard look at yourself. Your fighting an eternal war. I mean the Xbox 360 vs Ps3 thing if freaking 7 years old.

      I mean how old were you when you started trolling?

      And how old are you now?

      LMAO Xbot this Xbot that… lol, is that all you can say?

      “trolling and life seperate”

      I guess your trolling is just a big part of your life isnt it Allen?

    • Cool dude

      Lol, yeah. If your trolling is becoming such a big part of your life, (Which is pathetic by the way, no offence), that you have to separate it from your real life. Youve got to quit this stupidity.


      I have a troll account. i say stupid shit and people get pissed. Fun as hell. I highly recommend it.

    • Cool dude

      LMAO you barely troll. Or atleast, based on your comments. I barely see any hint of non-sense or hatred.

      Allen is a special case of trolling. I mean everyone in this site know how Allen takes his trolling seriously, you may take it as a funny thing to do and I’ve done it myself a couple off times (just to make other people rage).

      But man! If some one says something as little as “Gaystation” or “Playstation sucks”. Allen would write novels-length of trolling and explaining why he worships Sony. Lol, he even tells Xbox 360 players how to spend their money.

      Dont you think thats going a little too far?

      If you really think that Allen does his trolling for fun, well your in for a world of surprise.

      I don think Allen can deny any of this…

  • cheesewaffle1

    I assume it’s going to have the same graphics power as an Xbox or ps3 now

    • SuperTrainStationH

      Fair enough, but it’s been known since E3 2011 that it’s more powerful and developers have repeatedly said its more powerful. In fact the lower end speculated “Xbox 720″ specs place its graphics yield at only 20% greater than Wii U’s, which compared most people’s earlier assumptions about the massive horsepower leap to be expected from the “real” next generation, is extremely marginal.


    pachter has always and always will be right every time. #obvioussarcasm

  • Anon

    God I hope he’s right, I’m tired of these pretenders called Nintendo in my gaming world. (By this I mean more recently. Old Nintendo was the shit)

    • Cool dude

      .. Or do you want Nintendo to die because its in direct competition to Psvita?

  • hoppsy

    not had time to read all the comments but the fact that everyone i did read pachter is a complete idiot gives me faith in humanity.

    If he worked in McDonalds, he’d get your order wrong

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