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Open World Zombie Game ‘Class 3′ Coming to Xbox Live

by Bill Hess on February 5, 2011

A new Xbox Live title from Undead Labs looks to take zombies and gaming to a whole different level. The game which is know by a codename right now, Class 3, is an open world zombie survival game. Sure you are always looking to “survive” during the zombie apocalypse, but Undead Labs is looking to build an open world game which is a new twist on the genre. In a blog post by the developers, the describe their grandiose plans for the game. But the basic gist of the game will be to put a big emphasis on the challenges of surviving in a zombie infested world.

Needing to seek out food, water, shelter, and weapons are things that will need to found throughout the post apocalyptic setting. Emphasis will be placed on exploring new parts of the world to find the necessary equipment listed above, and this can be done by yourself or with another fellow survivor as plans were noted for cooperative play.

The truly thought provoking portions of the developers notes are that they plan to transition from the tentatively titled ‘Class 3′ to ‘Class 4′ where they bring this game to a massively multiplayer world. This would entail taking the core gameplay mechanics from Class 3 and bringing it to a larger, ever persistent world. But for now, the first game in their planned lineup will appear on Xbox Live and Undead Labs will be working with Microsoft to bring this in the future to the Xbox 360 via the Xbox Live Arcade.

Source: Undead Labs

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  • GreenRIngs

    moar exclusive pleez.

    • Ahmed

      Yes, Xbox does need a lot more to catch up to PS3’s lineup. Sadly though, not gonna happen. Hit me up on Uncharted 3 Multiplayer… oh wait.

    • Velorok

      Excuse me why I put up with playing this game on my shitbox, deal with the shittyness that is the PS3 to join Ahmed in Uncharted 3’s super fun multiplayer, and then finally get back to PC where I don’t have to put up with horrible graphics, frustrating controls, and 12 year olds screaming in my ears online, and where I have over 70 quality exclusive titles to look forward to this year as opposed to each console’s handful of exclusive titles. If gaming is one of your main hobbies (you posting on here suggests that it is) you owe it to yourself to shut up and go get every platform so you don’t miss out on any of the great games coming out this year, I couldn’t consider myself a true gamer if i only played on ONE platform.

  • Mr Squiddy

    I thought of this idea in September of 2010, and I’ve been toying with it ever since. Me and a few friends have come up with character designs, gameplay ideas, and a storyline. It’s kind of disconcerting to hear about this game when I’ve been working on one that is far too similar.

    • johnbates

      My friend thye have being working on this way before u have snice 2008

  • SweetFeet

    Wow, so you mean you’ve been thinking about a zombie survival video game since all of 5 months ago? Yeah something sounds fishy, you’d better check your room for wires.

  • Nate

    Dude, who hasn’t thought of an open world MMO zombie game? Me and a friend had a whole game layed about, but it’s not like I’m a developer or something. I’m glad this is getting made, it needs to be done.

    Hopefully first person…

  • Makroskizhar

    @Mr Squiddy: Ahhh… you do realise these guys announced that they were forming Undead Labs PURELY for this purpose back in 2008 or something…

    Yeah, they stole your idea….


    Can you imagine this as some kind of mmo it would be amazing but even as an open world game this sounds incredible definetly day 1buy

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