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Our Next Contest, You Choose

by William Schwartz on April 20, 2011

Our Portal 2 Contest is over and we thank everyone for playing along…. you can go ahead and unfollow us if you like.  However, you may be missing out on some giveaways early next month.  As far as a new contest goes, we’re kind of stumped?  So we’ll go ahead and put this out there, what do you want us to give away within reason?  More specifically what game are you most excited about that’s coming out next month, that you wouldn’t mind the chance of winning?

Leave us a comment, and let us know so we can put something together before the end of the month.

Congratulations to our Portal 2 winners:  @PriusGuy2004, @louiedog, and @keklar , and Lawrence who sent in a photoshopped picture of Gabe that made me spit out my soda on my monitors.  Hopefully you enjoyed and are enjoying the game as much as we did.  Also a big thanks to Doug Lombardi at Valve for supplying the games for our winners.

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  • Hansel

    I know it’s not next month but I can’t wait for Arkham City. Also in any give away if you were able to get a game signed by a Creator or voice actor that would make the prize so much sweeter. Thanks!

  • Duke

    LA Noire is one of the biggest if not biggest release next month. Brink is also another highly anticipated title, I’m sure the next comp can have something to do with one of these titles.

  • ilRadd

    LA Noire would be my choice! Looks fantastic.

  • oasis789

    LA Noire for SURE!!!

  • brownringz


  • Riley


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