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PC before PS3 for Skyrim Dawnguard

by Bill Hess on July 26, 2012

PC players may get a crack at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard expansion before it arrives on the PS3.  The beta update which was recently pushed to Steam is currently in testing on PC, which could mean that Dawnguard will roll out on the platform before it launches on the PlayStation Store.

Bethesda confirmed in a recent tweet that the PS3 version of the patch would be arriving in the coming weeks.  They did not however, reveal whether or not the PC version of the content would arrive in tandem with it and how long the beta process for patch 1.7 would be on PC.

Before the content can arrive on PS3 the patch needs to go through certification at Sony, and as seen before this can take some time.  However, the patch will definitely need to arrive on the console before Dawnguard is released due to the addition of features that were already added in the latest Xbox 360 update to the game.  Bethesda rolled update 1.6 into 1.7 on the PS3, as PlayStation gamers are still waiting for the addition of features like mounted combat.

We’ll have to stay tuned to what Bethesda has to say about the inbound content that expands the Skyrim experience.

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  • bethesda employee

    Hi guys,

    We are not sorry for the delay of dawnguard for the pc and ps3. We’ve been drinking and celebrating the release for the xbox for a whole month, and we are now starting to work on the patches for dawnguard. Please, please, hold your applause. Expect dawnguard for pc and ps3 in September!

    • Omar

      is this for real

  • Chaos Lord Sek

    God I am so sick of seeing so many comments badmouthing Bethesda and/or the Dawnguard DLC. Get over it you bunch of entitled brats. I have the PC version of Skyrim and am waiting PATIENTLY for Danwguard to be released. Yeah I’m not happy about the wait but at least I don’t go about complaining about it just because I don’t have it now. Bethesda Softworks puts a lot of time and energy into producing these games for the public to enjoy. And so what if Microsoft paid to get it exclusively. Bethesda’s a company, its meant to make money! If you want to complain about it so much, don’t buy the bloody thing, and if you do you’re just a bunch of hypocrites really.
    Get a life.

  • RumorMan

    PS3 will not get Dawnguard DLC due to noone having PS3 outside of Japan. Just a rumor, I heard it in while taking a leak next to Todd Howard at a movie theater.

  • Really?

    OH boy September?!?!?! IS that the Month you will annouce the next delay? I’m excited!

  • Jesus

    Do they not test the DLC for bugs before releasing? and why are they keeping us in the dark about it?

  • Falcon

    It’s got nothing to do with patience or anger at BethSoft for making money.

    The issue that is being taken with them is that they are treating paying customers as if they do not exist. PS3 users paid the same amount for Skyrim, so isn’t it a bit rude to keep them in the dark about the release date or lack thereof? It’s the smallest possible amount of courtesy which is being neglected for seemingly no reason.

    Delay to 2014 for all I care, just tell us.


    I dont think they are releasing it on the ps3 because of all the lag. If only the ps3 had more ram but its outspecced by the 360 :)

  • Irritated

    “We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news. If we have news, I promise I’d tell you.” Then why was it announced that the Xbox360 had a 30 day exclusive? I’m just askin’. ;)

  • Nazeem

    Dear PS3 and PC players

    Do you get to play Dawnguard very often? Oh, what am I saying – of course you don’t.


  • bigjershby

    where are all these people comeing from lol

  • Frank

    LMAO your loss Bethesda! Looks like this $20 is going toward Borderlands 2! If they’re honestly shocked when Dawnguard releases to sh*t sales, than they’re idiots. Have you seen the games that are gonna be released within the next three months? Borderlands, Resident Evil, Assasins Creed and a few others. And again hipster, get a job, buy a ps3 and skyrim, and feel like the worlds biggest idiot when it doesn’t lag.

  • That Guy

    With all the mods on pc i really dont mind the wait. i just feel bad for the poor ps3 players who seem to get screwed around every corner.


    Not sure how Xbox out specs the PS3…after so many models they don’t seem to have it quite right yet. But the only reason people are pissed is because Bethesda seems to try harder when it comes to Xbox and then they take a month to tell us they can’t release dawnguard for another month. From what I hear this DLC isn’t worth the wait, only the perk tree for vamps and werewolves.

  • Frank

    It’s all good That Guyc, it’s timed DLC. I rather get actual exclusive games than DLC. Last of Us is looking amazing.

  • asdf

    thank you Bethesda for giving us PS3 owners whole lotta love…… first the you knew about the PS3 lag yet you decided to released the game anyway and patch it later and now this? What the fuck man!? Screw you to Oblivion.

  • normalpeace

    Dear Nazeem,

    Do you get to play with mods often? Oh what am I saying – of course you don’t.

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