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Molyneux introduces Curiosity in a way only he could, coming to mobile devices and PC later this year. Molyneux reveals Curiosity, his next game with new studio


Peter Molyneux reveals Curiosity, his next game with new studio

by on July 8, 2012

Peter Molyneux has revealed his next game: Curiosity. This will be Molyneux’s first venture after forming the independent start-up 22 Cans, and will arrive on iOS, Android, and PC on August 22nd. This weekend at Rezzed, Molyneux explained a little about what to expect from his first game since Fable.

Curiosity is a game where players are tasked with chipping away at a cube that consists of millions of smaller cubes, in the process, uncovering a mystery at the core of it all. In typical Peter Molyneux fashion, the developer explained that the mystery at the center of the cube is “valuable, and so life-changingly important.”

“It’s so amazing I think it will appear on news reports,” said Molyneux. Though he did not give any hints as to what this life changing mystery might be, to spark Curiosity I suppose. Eurogamer reports that Curiosity will support micro-transactions, allowing players to purchase pickaxes with real world currency to chip away at the cube.

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