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PlayStation 3 Has Lowest Piracy Rate

by Bill Hess on October 3, 2011

Piracy Scene Shrinking on PlayStation 3

Piracy has been a huge thorn in the side of developers and publishers this generation.  PC games which have always had a strong base of players which pirate the software for their computers is still prevalent, but pirates have moved into consoles as well at an alarming rate.  Both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 have both seen their fair share of piracy this generation.  From the PlayStation Jailbreak which allowed users to pirate PS3 software, to the Xbox 360 modifications that allowed players to download and play games directly from their hard drive, both companies have also seen their system security fall to the will of the hacker.

However, one publishers went on record to claim that the PlayStation 3 has dealt with piracy better than all other consoles this generation.  The efforts to combat the unscrupulous players, the threat of legal trouble to homebrew developers, and constant firmware upgrades have helped keep developers and publishers keep more of their profits when selling games on the PlayStation 3.  Capcom’s Christian Svensson recently said in an interview:

“Piracy exists on almost every console to varying degrees. The only one I would say is fairly inconsequential to our business, as much as we can tell, is PlayStation 3. Obviously the PlayStation 3 was opened up [jailbroken], and through a variety of systems, Sony has managed to largely put that genie back in the bottle, to the point where the scene is nowhere near as large as it is on other platforms.”

With Sony being able to right their piracy woes in such short order, it makes you wonder why Microsoft can’t do the same thing.  The company who recently moved to a new disc format to assist in keeping pirates at bay, is yet to be a proven method to deterring piracy in the long run.

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  • dhhfhj


    • Cool dude

      Reason why i chose consoles

  • HeavensWarrior121

    That just shows how great somy is as a company..even after all the hacking,psn shut downs,long maintence work, ps3 is still the best :)

  • ragglefraggle1

    i love how before, xbots were trying to blow ps3’s sercurity woes out of proportion & defend live just because of the old marketing mind trick ( peolple percieve somthing to be better just because its more expensive) yet evidence of security is always against them lol


    it also has the lowest sales rate ahahahaha

    • Drake

      yeah xbox had a one year head start and the gap is only what 3 mil? And who knows how many of those was repeat buys because of rrod, the gap between xbox and ps2 was 126 million units and i didnt see anyone laughing back then because it was just sad.

    • Hoppsy

      worldwide it beats x box in sales, uninformed people piss me off

    • Cool dude

      Lol, why are you guys arguing about sales??

  • WankstaWank

    Lowest piracy rate(I’m assuming compared to Xbox) but Xbox still has more sale’s and it’s considered best console, what’s that about?

  • Bacon

    The only time xbox360 console was considered the best console was during it’s first 6 months then when the ps3 was mentioned everyone knew that would be the best console, why else many people bought a ps2 instead of an xbox?

  • Bacon

    @ihatehipster your right the original xbox had the lowest sales rate ever

  • A113n

    Bla ha ha ha.

    No this doesn’t sound like what I’ve been saying all along at all.

    And excuse me xbots but the 360 has the “lowest” sales of any console. last week was a great week for Xbox, but it still got beat out by 3DS and PS3.

    Don’t even go into the software sales arena, I will agree that on one particular title xbox will sell like 7 million compared to PS3’s 6 million. Whoopty doop.

    PS3 has way more titles to purchase, you got Halo & Gears. That’s it.

  • Bacon

    @Allen…don’t forget the sesame street exclusive

    • Blackshirtogre

      epic comment

  • piñera

    thats why xbox sells more…all my friends that have an xbox (and some of them wiis) play pirated games…i have just a few friends with ps3 but we all pay for our games and we can play online

  • HeavensWarrior121

    Umm to all the bitch-box 360 fans first 360 was released what november 12 2005? And ps3 was released november 7 2006?(i think the dates are off by a little) and im pretty sure alot of 360’s have been rebought over and over again and which untill recently they cut the ps3 prices down you couldnt rebuy a ps3 because price was 500 dollars to much money

    So realy you can say in in the u.s ps3 has more sells then the 360 even after the a year release gap and if you wanna talk about the whole world its not even close,ps3 shits all ova x-box3shity

  • A113n

    Why this argument about sales? why does no one ever go to vgchartz?


    This is an awesome artical, it shows like 7 different charts about market share, sales & true domination. Which Xbox has been dominated.

    PS3 typically sold 30,000 more units per week than 360, up to 60-90,000 since the price cut to $249. Without an Xbox price cut PS3 will have more than made up the minor lead xbox still holds from it’s entire year head start as the ONLY next gen console, millions of RROD rebuys and a Million more banned xbox rebuys.

  • Tbone

    I’d say xbox had more than a year head start. It wasn’t until around 09 sony started correcting limited online features, lack of exclusives, and poor ports. Good work sony for pulling itself together

  • Enjoi

    @ Drake amen bro!

  • Truth

    The failbox is for idiots, the ps3 is for real gamers. Your inferior console can’t even last XD

  • Lola3llen

    You do realize that vgchartz only a handful of retailers and not everyone so please get a clue

    • A113n

      So you didn’t got and see what that link brings you to did you? That my friend is running away from the truth. I’m sorry but data & charts all the way back to 2008 cannot be flawed. That would be ridiculous, so you think that they keep flawed data and put an artical out about it?

    • Adam

      The website vgcharts isn’t even working right now. I’d point out the irony but I think it speaks for itself. Obviously most of the data doesn’t cover 2011 because the official sales numbers are always released about a year later to protect the companies. Nexgenwars though, calculates the estimated total as of right now, which has the PS3 lagging behind 7 million units. I don’t know your “Outperforming the 360 every month” statement is accurate or not because as I said, the website you linked is down, but even so. It’ll take a long time to catch up. Mathematically longer than the year head start that the 360 got to begin with.

      This is completely unbiased by the way, none of those websites are affiliated with any particular console.

    • Adam

      Turns I did get to see the article, and if the information that they are resenting is true. Than, yes, the PS3 did “outsell” the Xbox 360 in ’08 (the year of a big price cut), the Xbox outsold in 2009, 2010 it outsold, and so far in 2011 it has more sales.

      After math, that means excluding 2011 it has sold 2,269,147 more units. Which…isn’t impressive at all considering the PS3 had a major price cut. Also considering that the Xbox has been out for a year longer, these numbers are probably a testament to the Xbox’s lifespan more so rather than the PS3’s momentum.

      Also, on that same chart site, the Xbox 360 has 13 million more sales in America than the PS3. The PS3 looks so *great* in large part due to Japan, in which Microsoft has always done badly in.

      A quick look at the main page also shows that the Xbox has 3 top selling games in the world this year to Playstation’s zero. Also Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim have been pre ordered 3 times more on the Xbox 360 than on the PS3 in America. Gears of War 3 also has sold 3 million units in one week, compared to Resistance 3’s 600,000 units in three weeks time. Finally, the Xbox 360 has sold 100 million more units of software than the PS3 in total.

    • A113n

      No you didn’t, WTFE dude, can you not read?

      Every one of your articals is shit. Once I get a chance I’ll post the numbers just for your panzy ass. We are talking about Millions more of PS3’s sold. You are in denial son.

      Early 2011 PS3 surpassed 360 in “active units” if you are indeed outselling us, how come you haven’t overcome that.

      And excuse me? Software sales?

      Please add up all the software sales for our MANY exclusives in addition to the multi plats that have come out. BECAUSE YOU HAVEN’T GOTTEN SHIT THIS YEAR! 9.6 MONTHS FOR YOU TO GET 1 GOOD FUCKING GAME.

      That son, means you that you are just lame.

    • Adam

      Hahaha, I expected way better from you Allen. All of the information I posted is 100% accurate, found on the site that you yourself posted. “Active” units or not, the Xbox has 13 million more units in America. All you did was just plug your ears to everything I just said.

      I’m actually curious as to when you even get the time to play your PS3 given how often you are on here swearing like a sailor in rants about videogames.

      And actually, Nexgenwars is a very reputable site man. Other charts are from a Wiki site, which I trust to be pretty reputable.

    • Allen

      go to your links. they say nothing.

      The examiner one looks fake as hell, the PS3 has numbers all messed up

      The “sources” link won’t allow you to view if you have a “free” e-mail address.

      I feel like cracking your nose

    • Adam

      Hahaha, all the links are are just charts showing 360 and PS3 sales. And I have a “free” email account, all of the charts work fine for me.

      13 million more units in America. Three top selling games of the year. 3 of the biggest titles of the year pre ordered 3 times more on the 360 than the PS3. The “awesome” Resistance series selling like crap compared to GoW3 which has 3 million units sold in 1 week. 100 Million more games sold.

    • Allen

      Blind support of the “only” good games you have doesn’t mean it’s better.

      360 outselling PS3 IN THE US ONLY does not mean it’s better

      Hell more sales don’t mean it’s better, however, PS3 DOES outsell 360 each and every week

      Around the same time PS3 gained more active units than 360, there were many articals around “analysts expecting PS3 to further outsell 360 by 2 million units in 2011″

      Which “matches” vgchartz weekly sales numbers. Since the price cut it’s more than doubled. BUT NOT IN THE US. The continues to outsell PS3 in the US ONLY despite the price cut. Again, makes me not so proud to be an American. Recession, people complain about money then piss their money out on overpriced hardware and some bogus subscription based service that “allows you” “gives you the right to view online contnet”

      You “pay” for the “right” to view content or “pay” for a sub to netflix or hulu. You “pay” for the “right” to view facebook. You “pay” for the “right” to access youtube. Basically you let M$ ass rape you and you say “thank you sir” and they “allow” you to have minor freedoms.

    • Allen

      It is hard to find “global expectations” and “global sales”

      here’s the artical explaining PS3 outselling 360, with more active units, with more expected sales in 2011

      Then of course we have my wonderful artcial from VG chartz PROVING PS3 has indeed outsold 360 since 2008.

      Then of course EVERY week you can go there (Fridays all data is ready) and you can see how WORLD WIDE PS3 outsells 360 each and every week.

      Your links Adam, either dont’ work, don’t have sources, have bunk information (incomplete information) or are only looking at the “US”

      It feels like Micro$oft pays for news outlets to only look at “US NUMBERS” which makes sense in any artical that says 360 sells more.

      We have more active units

      We sell more each and every week

      PS3 will finally outsell 360 in all out consoles in 2011. It’s simple even for a douche bag like Adam.

    • Donky Dic

      Well that’s funny, every time I see vgchartz software sales PS3 has just as many up top as xbox. In fact lots of times lately I’ve seen PS3 sell more software.

      Like F1 2011

      PS3 sold 282,357, Xbox 122,638

      That’s # 2 & 3 spots. I count 4 PS3 games in top 10, 3 360 games, 1 psp and 2 Wii games.

    • Donky Dic

      Well if you are all running from VGchartz then proceed. If you look on there, PS3 and Xbox have some really impressive software and hardware sales.

      With Sony not trailing nearly as much as the Troll Adam says.

    • Adam

      You want to call me a douchebag? You don’t know anything about me. Dude, we are talking about video games. Grow the fuck up, seriously. You say have a wife, and God forbid if that’s true you should probably go pay some attention to her rather than sit on here all day and argue with teenagers.

      Call me a douchebag, while you rant on and on about something that in the end no one cares about. What is your goal? Do you think that posting the same rants and same statistics over and over again has changed anyone’s mind about ANYTHING? Do you think it has changed anyone’s opinion of you? No, it hasn’t. Go ahead, take a look around on this website. Every article pertaining to a console has a comment going, “NOW LETS WAIT FOR ALLEN TO COME DOUCHE IT UP”.

      I know its just the internet and we’re all a bunch of anons, but no one who regularly posts on here even remotely likes you man, besides other Sony fanboys, because you’re annoying and every article with you in it turns into a console war. You would think Microsoft executives strolled up to your house and broke your grandmother’s legs or something. I’m not trying to be mean or hurtful, I just DON’T GET why you spend every second of your free time on this website talking about how much you hate the Xbox 360.

  • Gman

    I think as consumers, how does this benefit for us? Sony made PS3 architecture hard to develop for to ward off pirates, but it also comes at a cost. For sony and other publishers, it’s great for them, but for developers and gamers, it’s not so good. Developers have to took a while to learn how to fully utilize PS3, which cost them many piss poor ports. We, gamers, in the end suffered those poor ports (only if you only have PS3).

    I think a good way to reward PS3 gamers for the least amount of piracy, we should get free DLC and no online pass, now wouldn’t that be nice for us!

  • Cool dude

    No comment due to console wars*

  • HeavensWarrior121

    Because everyone is tired of xbox fan boys keep saying or think the bitch-box 3shitty is better then ps3 when we all know its not..its annoying its basically like saying the orginial xbox is better then the ps2 -___- f.u.c.k out of here THE WHOLE WORLD HAD A PS2!(and alot of people still have and still play the ps2)the real question is who diddnt have a ps2??!!

    I honestly miss the ps2 and the opening sound xD lmao such a classic thing who remembers the most famous memory cards?? Those were the best!! ps2 memory cards back in the day were like cell phones today you will die with out it lol

  • William Schwartz

    Am I a racist? What kind of question is that? Your comments are getting deleted because you constantly post garbage about me sucking your dick. I’m sure you may like the idea of another man going down on you, but I can assure you, I don’t.

    The comments section is one of the more liberal, and I’ll allow just about everything, short of racial, sexual orientation, and other slurs that you can’t seem to avoid in your posts.

    Believe me, I’d prefer that you refrain from doing that and just join the conversation like the rest of the people here. Since you can’t, I’ll continue to edit your comments. I like doing it anyway, it gives me a laugh.

    • Cool dude

      Your the best William Schwartz. Unlike that other guy… our community loves you even……….. A113n there

  • A113n

    Why thank you punk ass B I T C H Wow. I would love to reply.

    Sony was VERY ambitious with the PS3. They wanted to bring every feature in the world to the console and that they did. With losing money even at selling it at $600 it’s packed with all the best technology the world could provide for 2006.

    (1) Blue tooth
    (2) Blu Ray
    (3) Gyroscope
    (4) Built in Wifi
    (5) Built in Browser
    (6) Built in Power supply
    (7) Hardware reliability from launch
    (8) Made HDD cheap and easy to upgrade with access that will not void the warranty
    (9) Sleek CD sleave slot, rather than disk trey
    (10) Built in Batteries in the controller
    (11) Most powerful processor

    Add the PS Eye and you have video and voice chat, also add the FREE online play and that’s why that machine is the best in the world.

    PS3 has also dropped $350 since launch, how much has xbox dropped? Oh yeah, only $100 for a machine with MUCH less technology.

    Now lets compare that list above to Xbox tech

    (1) No blue tooth
    (2) No blu ray
    (3) No Gyroscope
    (4) no wifi for 5+ years add $100 for that
    (5) No browser even though this is Micro$oft
    (6) Huge external power supply
    (7) Worst hardware reliance of ANY electronics device in history. 33-55%
    (8) Expensive, limited proprietary HDD.
    (9) Old CD tray as if this were last generation.
    (10) Add $20 on top of $50 for battery pack of controllers.
    (11) Much weaker processor (I will admit the GPU is more powerful in the 360, but our exclusives prove that the PS3 is more powerful)

    I beleive you didn’t have voice chat/video chat until the Kinect came out and of course you gotta pay $300 every 5 years for online play.

    Actually you gotta pay $300 every 5 years to DO ANYTHING OTHER than play SINGLE PLAYER games and watch DVD’s.

    So that’s why some minor features were taken out. SONY INVENTED backwards compatability and now they are the only one’s not doing it. That is my one and only complaint about the PS3. Something I can live with seeing as how the PS2 is STILL VERY VIABLE today. Still sells well, they are still making them and it’s only $99.

    on top of that, my original PS2 fat from 2001 still works to this very day. Hell my OLD NES from 1985 still works to this very day. Do you think your Xbox 360 will still work 26 years from now? BLA HA HA HA, let me answer you that…NO it won’t!

    So please, keep boasting how your overpriced hardware console “added” features. YOU MEAN FIXED what the F U C K should have been done before launch and “added” a feature even the CHEAP ASS Wii has had since launch.

    ***EVEN with your “added” features. Wii STILL has more features, that’s just sad. Your sir are a pus infected dangling butt hair.

    PS3>PC>Wii>PSP>DS>iphone games>pushing a hoop around with a stick>360

    If you are done being an ass, I will go back to being nice.

  • A113n

    Madman, you are just pathetic, at least you haven’t been banned. I can see that coming soon, what kind of pleasure do you get out of this? Sick bastard.

  • Truth Be Told

    What in the hell is this mess, at first I thought you were just prankish and there’s nothing wrong with that we all have been prankish but we never had homo comments like yours, and let me guess your names Craig judging by what William said, are you screwed up in that brain of yours, what in the hell is going on with you, if you hate William so much why post homo stuff about him are you sick.William and I were not on the same page neither but I respect the hell outta the guy because he could be doing something like selling meth, but no he’s posting articles for us the get the info on latest gaming news. And so what if William is jewish, Im part Irish/Polish American so you hate me too so be it. I’m not racist at all racism ruins the world and neither should you. I smell a lawsuit coming don’t drop the soap Madman.

    Out of all my time on here I have never seen anyone like you,heres a suggestion GET HELP!!!

  • Truth Be Told

    Piracy is the root of all evil in the media. And stop saying Xbox360 is the best because it is not, I own one but Im only keeping it for the exclusives and plus I find FPS easier on the 360. Besides the PS3 life span could reach over 10 years and could last at least about 3 decadess thats 30 years bro, 360’s life span can reach over 10 years bt I gurantee you it won’t last 2 decades(20 years) even this site I went on proved that PS3 ranks 1 in sales whereas the 360 is 3rd behind the PS3 and suprisingly the Wii. Let’s stay off the bud people and get back to reality.

  • Adam

    Lol, every time I punch holes in this Copy Paste it just seems to go right over your head.

    Something else I don’t think you’re getting is that the PS3 was released a full year after the 360. That gave them a year to make sure to add features that the 360 didn’t. It isn’t that Sony is some awesome company, they just benefited off of one of the drawbacks to Microsoft releasing the console early.

  • Cool dude

    @MadMan “—edited—” What kind of pathetic sore looser are you? HUH? What Kind of Comment is this you racist Bastard. The way you said “—edited—” just offends the HECK out of me. Just go leave this site and bring your hatred with you.

    Well guess what MAD MAN, MotherF”—edited—” You too aye?!? Suck my D”—edited—” you stupid MOTHERF”—edited—”…. GO THE F”—edited—” AWAY!!!


  • Allen

    What the fuck ever! I’m really getting sick of the ignorant fucks thumbing me down over this.

    COPY AND PASTE? Well that one wasn’t. And if the spacing didn’t get changed you could more clearly see the difference.


    So some freaking USB ports got taken away and some memory card slots. Who cares? They added larger and larger hard drives, the memory card slots aren’t necessary and neither are all the USB ports.


  • Allen

    I swear this site just posts sometimes.

    PS3 gives EVERYTHING

    Xbox gives NOTHING

    XBOX had to “fix” the $hit they fucked up by releasing the “biggest piece of $hit in electronics history” then 5 fucking years later after MILLIONS of people had to pay $100 for wifi because they didn’t put it in there like Nintendo and Sony did they finally put it in.

    WTFE, if you are too blind to see that then you deserve to get ass raped by Xbox year after year. I’m fucking sick of y ou dumb asses that dont’ know shit.

    Copy and paste? FUCK YOU

    how about you admit that Xbox is a fucking scam, EVERYTHING THEY DO

    Pay to play

    no browser

    no built in batteries

    proprietary expensive and limited HDD

    proprietary wifi add $100

    expensive battery packs

    no features in controllers (blue tooth, gyroscope, battery packs) yet still $50

    All the best xbox exclusives are on PC

    NO BLU RAY yet still costs $300!

    PS3 has freaking come down $350 since launch and give the best of everything.

  • Lolall3n

    Poor all3n

  • Lolall3n

    Lol completely ignore the other sites cause there wrong only vgchartz is right….wooooo glad all3n is here to save us. I live in the US so to me Sony is in last place but I know I know the us doesn’t count for some odd reason everytime npd releases that ps3 is behind xbox that doesn’t mean nothing……until ps3 comes in at number 1… and see all3n get all hype about that soon lol

  • A113n

    If other sites either have incomplete in formation or only look at the US then yeah.

  • A113n

    DUDE! I finally got to go to the last few of Adam’s sites.

    LMAO, those numbers don’t even give with ANYTHING in the media. It said PS3 is at 25 million and xbox 35 million. LMAO!

    VGCHARTZ has good info. I’d trust it, since you know, it jives with what sony releases and xbox. The difference?

    Sony puts out global numbers,

    Xbox just says “we are doing really well” and then puts a bunch of numbers about “US” sales only.

    Just go to all of Adams stuff above!

    The ONLY ONE that even remotely looks credible is examiner, then you go to “sources” and it takes you to a site that you have to register for, then it won’t let you go to it if it’s free e-mail address. Like yahoo, google, hotmail etc.

  • Lolall3n

    Lol only place xbox is failing is Japan the smallest market.

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