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Portal 2 Photoshop Contest

by William Schwartz on April 18, 2011

Our contest for Portal 2 has come and gone but there’s one more chance to win a copy of the game.  We’re giving away a copy of Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3 and what you’ll need to do is simple.  Use your imagination to show us what is behind the door in the image above.

The most creative, funny, or original creations will get posted here and the winner will get the copy of the game for the PlayStation 3.  This is on short notice, the contest will end tommorrow morning around 11AM CST.  We’re looking forward to seeing what you can create.

When your entry is complete, send it over to by tomorrow’s deadline for your chance to win.

Say Something
  • Lanmanna

    Behind door number 1 is GLaDOS eating cake! Even though she doesn’t have a mouth….

  • Hadley

    Who won?

  • William Schwartz

    Noone yet. Ends tomorrow morning.

  • Pedro

    Photoshop contest? Do we have to make a picture or something?

  • Allen

    I think cake is actually Yellow cake to create a nuclear bomb. The robots are working together to kill their human counterparts.

    Okay, I don’t know anything about this game as I didn’t get to play the first one. It looks awesome though and the co-op is great.

  • CBas

    Is too late to enter?

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