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Prey 2 Won’t be Using id Tech 5

by William Schwartz on March 15, 2011

Yesterday when it was announced that Prey 2 was going to see a 2012 release, it looked like the first candidate other than Rage to be using the id Tech 5 engine. Well it turns out the sequel is not going to be using the new “under development ” engine. Pete Hines told computer and video games that “it really wasn’t an option” for the aquired franchise.

Since Prey 2 “has been in development for quite awhile” and if Tech 5 “is still in progress” Prey 2 won’t be using the new tech. We’ll wait for some more specific information next time before jumping to conclusions. You know other games besides RAGE will use it, I guess it will be a matter of time.

Source: Computer and Video Games

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