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PS Vita, A Social Gaming Revolution

by William Schwartz on June 20, 2011

Sony’s next big thing is the PlayStation Vita, the next generation of their handheld devices will feature plenty of new features that they showed off at this year’s E3 2011, some which they haven’t.  Until now that is.  Sony has released some new footage of the Vita and some of it’s tricks.  As you can see in the video below, the PlayStation Vita has some pretty interesting connectivity features.

It looks like the PSVita is going to have some features that compete directly with Nintendo, in it’s Street Pass function for the 3DS.  We already now some of the biggest gaming franchises of the PlayStation brand are coming to device, but some of the features are what will probably determine the handheld’s success. Have a look at the video below, and let us know what you think about the Vita. Are you picking one up when they release? What games are you most excited for?

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  • joe

    OMG!! Jizz that is sop freakin awesome hope they make COD for the psp Vita

    • Ace

      hey joe heard they 3rd parties plan to make a cod game

  • Dony Dic

    This is awesome, I am picking this up for sure. I was going to get a ipod touch but why do that when I can have a wifi PS Vita.

    I want to see some Battlefield on this thing.

  • Ben

    Dam sony, you’re gonna leave me broke.

  • YungMez

    At first i was pretty pissed off becuz i bought the pspgo and that was only a year ago but looking at some of the games that they are coming out with and the cool feature looks like I will be buying this one also ha but at the same time smh

  • Ronnie

    I first was thinking about buying a 3DS, but when I was watching Sony’s conference at E3 and the Vita popped up I was as good as sold. :D I have already preordered the 3G model. The PSP was and still is pretty beast as a portable console, imagine this! *drool*
    Ohh and I cant wait till Bioshock for Vita is out!

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