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PS Vita Sales Surge After Worldwide Release

by Bill Hess on February 28, 2012

The PlayStation Vita had a notably sluggish launch in Japan, but since the console has gone on sale in the US and UK markets, they’ve more than doubled in a week. I know what you’re thinking sales hounds, these are shipped numbers, but Sony didn’t attach their traditional “shipped” qualifier to these figures.

It makes sense, with such an extended console life cycle this time around, gamers are clamoring for their next generation experience, and the Vita definitely delivers on that front. Our review of the PS Vita went live over the weekend, and our reviewer has definitely proclaimed that he is in love with the PlayStation Vita. You can find that here.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the reaction we’re seeing from consumers and the pace at which PS Vita is selling,” said Andrew Hous of SCE. “The market has responded and there is clear demand for a mobile device capable of providing a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real-world context.”

We’ll have to see if this strength continues for the Vita as more players get their hands on one, and see that the device is truly capable of gaming experiences that just can’t be found elsewhere.

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  • Allen

    The Vita will sell well and is a fantastic device but these sales are mostly pre-orders and the sales will fall next week. Then the stupid fking xbots will be like SEE SEE…..DOOMED TO FAIL.

    Morons, and and fk anyone that says this is expensive. I am so damn sick of it; why is the world so fked up? Mac computers 4 times as expensive as PC’s…no one complains. The vita can do way more and has way more power than an ipod touch and costs less yet everyone says Vita is expensive but are mum ipod touch or iphone costs vs features. Then you got dumb fk xbots that paid $300 for the most unreliable POS which just so happens to have no exclusives, no exclusive content, the only one pay to play and expensive proprietary hardware yet no one complains.

    Sometimes I see why people crack an go on a killing spree.

    • Brevs

      You complain more than anyone I know.

    • Cool dude

      Lol, nice to see you come back from depression. Only to bring back complaints.

    • bozmanbeyond

      A113n sounds like a scorn woman who is PMSin. And to answer your question, why is the world so fked up? Its because people like you who have anger management problems and can’t stop ragging on about the same thing over and over again. You have to face the facts that the worlds economy is crumbling before your eyes. Not all of us have the luxury of pissing money out the window with every new gadget that comes out. I for one just had to drop $1500 for mortgage and utilities, $500 for a dryer, $400 for a stove, and $800 for a new mattress set, $250 car payment, $100 car insurance $164 for cable, and to top that off $80 for gas and $250 for food that will only last for two weeks if lucky. So as for the things I would like to have once again continue to have to wait. Man I wish I still lived with my mommy and daddy. Being an adult SUCKS!

    • Allen

      WTF Bozman, that $hit doesn’t even make sense. You just listed all the reasons why you SHOULDN’T support xbox.

      I have a mortage, it’s half my paycheck. I can’t afford health insurance because they want $300 a freaking pay check. Get rid of that expensive cable dude, I pay for Netflix streaming only, $7.99, more than enough for me and my family, I’ve got like 300 things in my queue and more comes up all the time.

      Internet, utilities, insurance, car payment, daycare, 2nd mortage, 3rd mortage, 2 personal lines of credit, $10,000 credit card, $7,000 credit card, $25,000 student loan and a recession.


      It’s got no exclusives so that can’t be it. It’s the only one pay to play so that’t fking stupid of you. Expensive controllers that don’t even have good tech, no battery pack, no wifi, limited size expensive HDD.

      Xbox sucks in every way and costs the most and gives the least. YOU SUPPORTING THEM MEANS THAT THE FUTURE OF GAMING IS GOING TO BE EXPENSIVE.

      The fact that you can’t see that proves how stupid xbots can be.

    • bozmanbeyond

      I didn’t pay $300 and its the latest model of Xbox with 320 HHD with WiFi and it came with two controllers. Your like a broken record talking about old news any how. Besides I also own the overprice blue-ray player called the PS3 that I only buy exclusives for and movies and when I bought that I had to buy a HDMI cord that at the time was about 60 bills on its own the another 60 on a second controller as well as 2 charging cords because the one 3ft wasn’t long enough another 20 for those. As of now I have yet to have to drop a dime on Live or any Xbox accessories.

      As for cable I need it me and my other half are HUGE baseball fans and get the MLB extra inning. Right now we are trying to save up for other things like getting out to more ball games this year as well as trips to new places.

  • Kevin

    There are plenty of people that complain about xbox and vitas proprietary harddrives/memory

    • abc

      they should have gone the mirco sd format. when will sony ever learn smh

    • Allen

      Thumbed you up, MicroSD is so damn cheap for the size

  • Roach

    It made sense that the Vita would sell well in the West. After all, they had Uncharted as a launch title, which the west just gobbles up like pizza and hot dogs. Until a Final Fantay, Monster Hunter, or fighting game are released on the Vita, do not expect high sales in Japan. Just look at the 3ds before and after Monster Hunter.

  • njb

    The reason sony is using their own memory cards is to combat piracy.

    At some point 3rd parties will make their own versions

  • AKA Zzz

    Who wants to buy this piece of shit? LMAO

    • abc

      seriously, youre PATHETIC

    • abc

      i thought you are supposedly a non-biased person. for somebody who has an xbox logo for his avatar and an undying loyalty to cod you clearly are a hypocrite. you shouldnt be even bashing allen as you pretty much are the same. youre an idiot you know that?

  • Anon

    Umm how about the over 1.2 million people who already have???
    Smh at the xbots
    The Vita is the future of handhelds bro, how can you people not see that?

    • AKA Zzz

      Okay Allen LMAO

  • Noah



    Its only sold 2m worldwide…

    • abc

      handheld gaming is not really a good market for video games.

  • Anon

    Nah bro, Allen is Allen, I be Anon. :P

    • Allen

      Exactly, Attack of the Fanboy been altering peeps from the same IP knowing it’s the same person.

  • Adam

    Personally, I’m kind of fed up with the handheld market. There’s just so much saturation that I’ve never even bought one. Right now, you can get about 3 or 4 different DS’s, a PSP, a 3DS, and now a Vita. Its extremely annoying when games you want will only come out on one system, (though admittedly, not much of a problem for the PSP since most games will be out for Vita now)

    Not to mention these things are incredibly expensive and honestly not really worth it for the games you get. A handheld will just never be as comfortable as a controller and looking at a TV. I’m never going to buy a Vita, because it honestly strikes me as a waste of money.

    And as for Allen…wow bro. I got fed up with you and the other trolls and haven’t logged in in about 5 months. You just reminded me why. You’re STILL on here bashing the stupid Xbox day in and day out…I just don’t have any words man : |

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