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PS3 $39.99 on Amazon

by Bill Hess on January 17, 2011

Games analysts recently supported a theory that the PS3 would be getting a price cut in the near future, but nobody expected a cut of epic proportions like this.  Amazon and Target’s online retailers recently advertised the do anything console at a ridiculous price of $39.99. Selling out almost instantaneously, the online retailers may have made a colossal blunder if they have to uphold the price.

This likely computer error puts the console at an unimaginable low price, and while the console may be seeing a price drop in the near future, it will likely be no where near this obvious glitch in the system.  If the deal stands though, congrats to any of the quick clickers that managed to get in on the once in a lifetime opportunity to own a great console at an even better price.

Source: Epicvideogamers

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  • Chuckie

    People are raising hell over this! Target left this up on their own website and on Amazon for at least 7-8 hours! I’ve never seen an error sit that long, so something was up and they need to do something right, with the exception to people ordering multiple consoles like psychos.

    It was on but sold by Target (many vendors sell thru Amazon).’s title page said Playstation 3 60gb BUT in the description field on the product page it clearly described some sort of shooter grip for the new Playstation Move controller (I think this grip thing is a new item that hasn’t even hit the market yet and is due out in February, but I may be wrong).

    If you ordered from Target, on the final checkout screen, I’m hearing if you paid close attention, it changed the item name to controller/grip or something like that. I don’t know if that change happened to everyone or just the latecomers to the deal. Also, I hear Target’s order confirmation email said controller, not console, so it clearly looked like an error.

    Here’s the kicker.

    On, there was NO MENTION of a controller grip in the description field whatsoever! Their description field only spoke about the actual console’s specs. Your order confirmation email states CONSOLE, unlike orders which changed their stripes on you throughout the order. I think a lot of Amazon oriented orders have more pull even though everyone may be up for bad news.

    Look, Target is a huge company and despite it being Sunday, there is NO excuse for that price to sit there with hundreds of people calling Target about if their order is okay. They were well-aware it was up on their site and Amazon (though on their site you could tell something was wrong, Amazon’s looked legit). They dropped the ball on this one. I’ve experienced errors before but never have I seen one sit so long with so many phone calls being made! Very odd situation.

  • Christian Back

    Last night, it was discovered that Target mislabled an accessory for the Playstation 3 as the console itself, hence, creating a page with the appearance that one could purchase a $40 PS3 on their website. However, if one was to READ the entire page, the description was clearly for the accessory. Also, if you were to order the it on, your receipt would clearly list a “Sharpshooter Accessory.” Target has not cancelled any of these orders, but are sending out the accessories to those who mistakenly believed they were purchasing a PS3. If you ordered from, cancel now.

    Target also sells its products through, using a service called Amazon Marketplace. Target’s website provided data to Amazon that they were selling the PS3 gaming console for $40, so Amazon listed the console at that price, from that dealer. There are two telling clauses in the Amazon Marketplace contract that suggest those who purchased the device on Amazon may very well receive PS3s.

    “Do not misrepresent yourself.”
    “Honor your commitment to buy or sell.”

    (From the plain English version:

    The legalese version is here:

    Target has misrepresented themselves, be it intentional or unintentional, and Amazon may hold them to honor their agreements.

    The most damning clause (in legalese) states:
    “By entering into this Participation Agreement and posting a listing for fixed price sale, you agree to complete the transaction as described by this Participation Agreement. You acknowledge that by not fulfilling these obligations, your action or inaction may be legally actionable.”

    On the other hand, Amazon themselves could take action and cancel the orders themselves.

    “We may in our sole discretion withhold for investigation, refuse to process, restrict shipping destinations for, stop and/or cancel any of your transactions. You will stop and/or cancel orders of your products if we ask you to do so (provided that if you have transferred your products to the applicable carrier or shipper, you will use commercially reasonable efforts to stop and/or cancel delivery by such carrier or shipper). You will refund any customer (in accordance with this Participation Agreement) that has been charged for an order that we stop or cancel.”

    Bottom line: Amazon customers have a 50/50 chance.

    I purchased a system from both sites, then cancelled my Target order after doing this research.

    I have not received an email of cancellation from Amazon as of this writing.

    • Christian Back

      Addendum: This PS3 pricing situation really isn’t Amazon’s problem. This is probably why Target hasn’t released a statement. Amazon has no obligation and no reason to cancel the orders – a right they reserve – and Target doesn’t want a stain this big on their name. Notice no news networks have reported it. The only loser in this whole debacle is Target. Sony makes boatloads off the massive amount of bulk ordering Target is going to have to do, and Amazon doesn’t make or lose money either way.

    • Christian Back

      UPDATE: Target is cancelling orders made on their own site.

    • Christian Back

      UPDATE: Amazon has cancelled all orders. I received this message.

      Dear Amazon Customer,

      We are contacting you regarding your order #102-2410202-7894614 from the Target store at We recently became aware of mismatched price and product information which resulted in the discontinued Sony PS3 Hardware System and the PlayStation 3 Move Advanced Shooter Grip being displayed incorrectly.

      We are sorry, but we are unable to offer you either of these items at this time and have canceled your order. Your credit card was not charged.
      We sincerely regret this inconvenience.

      For more details on our pricing and cancellation policy please see

      Amazon Customer Service

  • Scott

    I really had hoped this was a sale or something cause I’d gladly buy a backup or even one as a gift for $40… Oh well, if anyone gets one lucky them!

  • The Future of Sega

    Too bad it won’t have B/C like my original 60gb PS3.

  • Chuckie

    Very interesting. Thanks for that info. Christian Back.

    • Christian Back

      Happy to be of help!

  • Chuckie

    This company followed through with their so-called pricing error so why can’t Target?

  • makavillian 209

    Dammit!! I would have bought 2 or 3 more.

  • chefmabon

    Quick question… i baught 2 from amazon… is it possible for the company to get sued because of false advertisment. I would think so… and the fact that so many people baught 1 or 2 the company would have a bigger problem right.

    • ryguy

      ur a retard. you cant even spell bought., no you cant sue… k thanks bye

  • Elkheart

    I picked one up from Amazon as soon as it was posted. Still no notice from them, aside from the auto-confirmation.
    The only thing that stood out to me was that (standard) shipping on the order was about $15. Seems high for an accessory, but just right for an actual console. Fingers crossed..

  • Elkheart

    Chefmabon: they (Amazon) are entitled to cancel the order at any time for any reason. The issue will be whether Target is required to honor the listed price. If yes, we win. If no, Amazon will pull the plug.

  • Amber J

    If you went to the order invoice, it says you ordered a ps3 system. Link to mine here:

  • chefmabon

    So if any body would get sued it would be target not amazon. I believe it would be in targets best interest to just give out the ps3 the having to risk being sued… either way if those who did buy one they would just get there money back or a real nice deal on a ps3.

  • chefmabon

    Chris u r absolutly right thx for the help.

  • Johnny

    If you don’t want to sign the petition, then ignore it. But for people that ordered a PS3 and think that Target should be liable, then they can sign this. It was made today.

    • Benjamin Vogt

      Please help me make a story that I can send to amazon complaint department, already opened up a case. Please reply by stating what I should add inaddition, also please sign up to this petition :

  • Andrea

    signed the petition!!

  • aaa

    Target is covered on this error…Target’s Pricing Policy – “Confirmed Prices and Pricing Errors
    We cannot confirm the price of an item until your order enters the shipping process nor will we charge your credit card until your order enters the shipping process.

    Please note that your Order Acknowledgment means that your order request has been received; it does not mean that your order has been shipped or that the price of an item has been confirmed.

    Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items on our Web site may be mispriced. As part of our shipping procedures, we verify price before an item is shipped out.

    • If an item’s correct price is lower than our stated price, we charge the lower amount and ship you the item.
    • If an item’s correct price is higher than our stated price we will cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation via email.”

  • PKB

    This petulant response is embarrassing. Their cancellation policy is clearly stated, and while I wish I could get a super-cheap ps3, I knew it wasn’t legit, so I’m not surprised or disappointed. I complained, got my $20 gift certificate, and that’s that. The idea that a petition is going to accomplish anything, or that you have any sort of legal case, is ridiculous.

  • Anh

    Everyone should go on the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint on “Target Corporation”, it would actual get us somewhere unlike the petition. I filed mine under “Advertising issues” and “advertised price not honored”.

  • TWizzle09

    You guys should have known when you saw the price that something was wrong and the order would likely be canceled. It was most likely just a glitch or error in the system. People always want something cheap.. Stop complaining, and go buy one full price.

  • thegamewatcher

    if one of us did that you know we would have to honnor it or get sued

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