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PS3 MW3 Elite users speak out against Activision

by Bill Hess on January 28, 2012


There was some confusion among PlayStation 3 owners about the timing of the release of the Modern Warfare 3 DLC on their console. The content that was released on Xbox 360 nearly a week ago is being held back for PS3 players due to a previous arrangement that Activision has with Microsoft.

However, some PS3 users thought that with a premium Call of Duty: Elite membership, they would recieve the content at the same time as Xbox 360 Premium Elite subscribers. Obviously this is not the case. The content is still on hold, and Activision is dogding blame, claiming that they didn’t mislead these angered gamers.

Dan Amrich recently took to his blog to shoot down these complaints, saying that Activision never told anyone that they would be getting the content at the same time.

“It was never one of the things listed in the official benefits chart; it was never promised by any representative of Activision, Call of Duty, Elite, or its developers. Honestly? I think gamers just convinced themselves that it would happen because they wanted it to happen. That makes sense, but it doesn’t make it true,” said Amrich on his blog: One of Swords.

“Elite subscribers will be able to access the DLC before it goes on sale to a la carte purchasers. The window of time has not been disclosed. For PS3 owners, this does not override this business deal that currently brings Call of Duty DLC to Xbox 360 first; that deal is valid through 2012. However, Elite members will get the DLC before the non-Elite members on their respective platforms,” Amrich pointed to an old post on the content timing issue to summarize.

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  • Heavenswarrior121

    Smh thats fucked up but thats the way life is sometime :p im glad i diddnt put up all that extra money for elite..i cant wait for maps its not that serious

  • Paul

    Should have gotten an Xbox if DLC means that much to these people.

    • Allen

      They didn’t want to get ass raped in the process – dm fk

  • Cod sucks

    Hahahaha ps3 sucks when will they realize that?!?? Oh yea and cod sucks too. Everybody that plays this game just whines all of the time. Waawaaawaaa my ps3 sucks! My cod game sucks!!!waaawaaaawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Lol losers suck a cock!

    • Jassie

      And you’re under the impression that you aren’t pathetic? Look at yourself. Complaining about things that have nothing to do with you.

      You’re even more pathetic than people complaining about PS3 DLC. At least they are complaining about legitimate problems. You’re just complaining to draw attention to yourself.

    • That Guy

      you suck. your whole life on this website is now invalidated.

    • Cod does suck

      Cod really does suck though. And everything the guy said was true. Ps3 people whine, cod players really really whine. I read Robert bowlIngs twitter and all I ever read from him are his responses every 10 minutes to people whining and complaining. They always want a weapon nerfed or something to gripe and complain about. I mean just yesterday I read that the akimbo weapons are nerfed down by 25%! Really?! Then the Stryker was also nerfed. Holy fuck! And it all happened because all the immature people complaining that they can’t kill a dude when he’s 2 feet away from you when he has an akimbo weapon which requires you to hip fire two weapons yet you have an assault rifle that can kill a dude from across the map andyoure just pissed off because you couldn’t kill him in time before he got to you. Same goes for the shotguns. What else are they going to nerf? The fucking claymore!? Because a fucking group of little bitches can’t stand dying by them? I hate cod pussies.

    • HUH

      For someone who is dissing COD and the people that play it, you seem to know an awful lot about the game…

    • Cod does suck

      Yea I know a lot about it because I used to play it all of the time. Obsessively even. Then when mw3 came out I got to prestige 3. Almost 4 before I just hated the game and the creators and the people that played it. It was an okay game but I couldn’t believe that I bought the same game that I had been playing for the last two years. I used a prestige token for the Stryker because I was glad to see that I can use a good shotgun because I EARNED it. But then everybody started bitching and complaining that it was overpowered even though they had an assault rifle that could destroy me before I even got into the range where my Stryker can actually start doing damage to them. But yet they nerfed it twice already and now it takes three or four hits from it to kill them. But yet it’s a fucking shotgun. So yea I played cod but will never play it again. I moved on to battlefield 3. Which IMO is an amazing game. The sound the visuals the way the bullets drop because of the distance the movements the teamwork the reason for playing. It’s all amazing! And yes I still read about cod and many many other games because I’m a gamer. I like to know whats going on about games in the current state that games are in. I’m a gamer. I hate some and love some but it’s my right. So nobody needs to question me about why I read about games. What are you? A cop?

    • dylan mcfall

      u must have had awful parents and why come here and be a dick about something that u don’t like? u r a battlefield and xbox fanboy and i hope your family all dies soon.

    • –Squashed–Dorito–

      Go to hell faggot.

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Paul i agree it seems like people will die if they dont recieve maps earlier then non-elite people lol oo well i can wait till march no biggy for me

  • Q3id

    Whether you think the problem is legitimate or not, this is exactly why DLC agreements/exclusivity are bad for the industry.

  • Anonymous Tom

    I think CoD Elite fucked and/or fucks alot of people over regardless of the platform they’re playing on……

  • Someone

    Conclusion : Elite ps3 = normal xbox 360

  • Mathew

    Yeah well, I have an Xbox and got the DLC early, I just hate how they put 2 MAPS ONLY?!?!?! And, I don’t have a PS3 but that is really wrong… taking money from PS3 users and telling to wait an extra 2 months?! Activision is money hoggers
    BTW: MW3 SUCKS!!!!!! I actually hate it now…the only CODs I now like are MW2 and Black ops (zombies ftw) and the older games.
    BF3 is also prettty good AND I moved on to non shooters such as Saints Row 3 and etc. :) Try it :)


      saints row 3 non shooter? ……….-________-“

  • ps3

    Its b/c of all this exclusivity bullsh!t the Gaming industry

    • Dovahkiin

      You do realize Sony is also guilty of this. The PS3 already gets way more exclusive content than the Xbox.
      It is pretty stupid that they have to wait though, even though they paid for Elite.
      I guess that’s what you get when you give money to Activision.

  • Bleedsblu

    it’s not fair. we paid for premium membership. we should get a full service we paid 4 I paid for the dlc I should get it at the same time everybody else does.

  • thxnet57

    I just don’t understand it. How could Call of Duty have come to this? I just wish Call of Duty could go back to the days of Finest Hour and Big Red One. Those were my first Call of Duty games that I got and I loved them. What made them for me are moments like this

    And the campaign for Big Red One is my favorite. It really showed the bonds that could be made during wartime and I really got to like that characters as well.

    But now it’s just: “RPG! Ramirez! Russians! Grunts! Marines!” And it really pales in comparison

    And everything once good about Call of Duty is gone forever unless we as gamers actually grow some balls and not take this crap. Activision’s just a business Leviathan intent on eating you up and spitting you up again.

  • TheTruth

    Activision PR: “Just because you payed us money doesn’t mean you we have to give you anything. Gamers are so entitled. I hate them so much that I’m going to make more Call of Duties!”

  • AKA Zzz

    “It was never one of the things listed in the official benefits chart; it was never promised by any representative of Activision, Call of Duty, Elite, or its developers. Honestly? I think gamers just convinced themselves that it would happen because they wanted it to happen”

    Pretty simple to understand. You’re an idiot if you bought PS3 Elite hoping this to be true based on nothing.

    • That Guy

      and yet if it were the other way around you would be the one bitching.

    • abc

      @That Guy

      that was spot on.

    • AKA Zzz

      Why would I be bitching? I wouldn’t make a purchase unless it was a fully informed decision and I certainly wouldn’t complain about something I was never promised. PS3 Elite members pay less per month than XBOX users and yet they still expect to get content at the same time. The deal between Microsoft and Activision isn’t exactly new, everyone should’ve expected this.

    • That Guy

      whether or not you bought it you would still bitch that ps3 got it first.

    • That Guy

      both ps3 and xbox users paid the same for elite so they should get anytthing related to elite at the same time. this has nothing to do with xbl or psn subscriptions.

  • Truth

    This is what COD fanhoes get for supporting this franchise for so many yrs. Don’t expect activision to listen to you or give you what you want.

  • dave

    cod sucks ass the new darkness 2 game looks good and i still play mag all the time still a good game

  • greg

    I have a ps3 a premium member on elite they said love the map packs but hate waiting well that ends now with harden edition get the 9 month dlc every month for 9 months so when does the dlc content start and end for elite premium members on ps3?? That’s all were asking

  • njb


    @dave, did u play last nite? MAG’s 2 year anniversary lasy nite, was madness, al the hardcore and clans came out to play

  • therapist

    If a new cod game was release tomorrow. A lot of these people going buy the game asap and bitch about some things again..

  • Art


  • adam

    Yeah well when i bought it at Gamestop the guy informed me that i would receive the DLC at the same time as xbox due to it being different than normal for DLC. Before anyone says anything I did ask him about the agreement between Microsoft and Activision and he assured me that it wont interfere with elite members.

    • Andrew

      Well if I was you then I’d be pissed off with Gamestop.

  • Bryan

    I’ve never heard a company talk so much sh*t on their costumers like this. lol

    • fuck off

      And yet you all still buy their shitty games

  • Silenthawx

    One reason BF3 is still better. They allow a week or 2 at most in terms of difference of release on console, whereas Activision takes it in the ass for an extra month. Stay classy EA

  • Frank

    Lmao so when will normal PSN CoD players get the maps? In two months? Go to hell activision, stupid pricks!

    • abc

      this is the best post so far lol

    • Frank

      Lol I went back to playing the older CoDs except MW2. I hate black ops so much before plays mw3, but damn. Its ways better than it!

    • Frank

      Hated* and played* stupid iPhone lol

  • T Bone S

    it sucks that activision would do that to their elite members, whatever platform you play on. We all paid for the elite membership and we should all be given the same rights. How much time until we get a heads up when the dlc is actually coming.

  • eww

    fuck cod

    • fuck off

      Fuck cod… fuck steve jobs nd his expensive Macs… fuck Xbox… fuck money hungry fucks… fuck activation

  • dont feed the trolls

    the cod franchise sucks anyway or sucks all the cash out of the suckers

  • bacon

    who wants to buy these maps anyway when theres and i quote “lagy lagy lagy lagy lagy yeah”

  • PapaPhewPills

    Does it matter? The only reson they get it 1st is becaause what does xbox have going for it? Kinect? Quality? Eh :/ what actovision really said was “we saw ms needed help, we tried to male there cobsole better so it can compete with ps3, because the lack of exclusives, they pay for online gaming when its actually free, and it’ll help us get more money from 12 year old kiddies.”

    • Cool dude

      No, because MS paid Activision. Good one.

      Just like how Sony paid EA for Battlefield.

  • josh

    That’s totally messed up.

    Seriously. They’re just trying to get everyones money up front and release the smallest amount of content they can at a time.

    Over the ‘content drops’, not only will you see just 10 new multiplayer maps and a handful of crap spec ops missions (unless they put in more survival stuff which their won’t be much I can assure you), you also get screwed in the proccess.

    Only people who pay the Elite cost up front will get maps when they should get released. But only on 360. Who knows when they’ll be released on PS3 for Elite, not Activision apparently. Pay money and don’t get shit when it’s supposed to be released. That’s so lame, really. WTF. Glad I don’t play this crap anyways.

  • fuck off

    Morons never learn.. activation just cares about money not their consumers. You got the same cod game every year and you all were sum enough to buy it every year.

    • Cool dude

      “activation just cares about money not their consumers”

      You mean just like every corporation in the world? Yeah, good one.

      You fail to recognize that EA, Sony MS, Nintendo only cares about our money as well. Because money runs corporations.

    • abc

      @cool dude

      youre right but some companies actually listen to the community. i dont want to mention this but dice pretty much fix the bugs in bf3 that the community was complaining about.

      mw3 on the other still has a lot of bugs left unpatched. for the millions of dollars activision makes they should be able to have a decent customer service.

  • Brevs

    I think we all just need to relax and come together to say that buying Call of Duty Elite is a dumb move and a waste of money.

  • Brevs

    But that doesn’t make Call of Duty a bad game.

  • MR.ACR

    I love the game but this waiting is really bullshyt, I paid as much as an xbox user for my hardened edition & to know that i gotta wait so much extra time. I hope they know what they’re doing, because i know a lot of people with ps3s are now going to reconsider paying for this stuff the next time it comes out unless they resolve that issue.

  • Mornelithe

    People actually paid for CoD Elite? And people are still surprised to find out activision has exclusivity deals with Microsoft? Seriously people, wake up. Microsoft and Activision have a very, very tight relationship. Current DLC trends are abhorrent, absolutely, but why waste money on something you perfectly well know is going to be gimped on the PS3 end for a time, or in perpetuity. You shouldn’t be surprised, you should expect it. As such, don’t buy CoD games. Activision’s never going to stop (or Sony for that matter, or EA, or insert other underhanded company here), if people keep buying their crap ad-nauseum.

    • abc

      nice one

  • ummmm

    i have both consoles but the reason why xbox gets the dlc first is because they paid for the xbox live

    • Frank

      No, it’s because M$ knows their fan base loves them some generic shooters!

    • Cool dude

      Yeah, just like any console fanbase retard.

      Highest selling game of Ps3 is COD BO

      While in Xbox is Halo 3

      You tell me who likes generic shooters more.

  • cowboydave

    I think you kids should just learn to play the games for what they are as you get older you will understand that no matter how good you are at these games they are just that games. They are not going to make you a better persons no matter howgood you are. Stop all the crap and play, if you ae realy not happy about the game or the company then do something constructive and stopp support them and buying their games. You can have your cake and eat it too. Spoiled little brats if you ask me. Get a real life rather than living a life through a game you sheltered little hermit crabs!!!!! Oh and one last thing COD does not suck and it probably never will as people will always buy and support this franchise as long as it is around. Even they people that say it sucks, still own it and ply it every week, so much for saying it sucks when you still play the game you littel hermit crabs

  • Aron

    Wait… PS3 sucks because they don’t pay a ton of money to get DLC exclusivity? That surely makes sense, if you don’t think about it. We can all pray that Apple will buy PlayStation, buy out all games and leave Xbox with indie games. Apple destroys Monopoly$oft, take a look at stocks for proof. Even if Sony continues the PS brand, they do fine with it. I don’t see why people say Xbox is better. So ELITE is a waste of money? You’re paying 60 dollars a year to play online, does that make sense? PSN works just as good as Xbox LIVE minus party chat. PS4 will have party chat, the PS3’s RAM setup wouldn’t allow it, 256 to system and 256 to video. Xbox lags already with a set 512mb of RAM that the party chat chews up, the PS3 would be unplayable. Sony and Apple all the way, they don’t keep taking money from my pocket to use things that do not cost anything. Better exclusives that get GotY a lot, free online play that is the same servers, better connectivity and freedom. Best thing, I can use my Netflix without having to pay money just to access the app I pay for. My iPod Touch is better than an Xbox 360.

    • That Guy

      lol toy want to talk monopoly? only apple can sell hardware that will run their software. explain that.

    • That Guy

      nobody does a better job of screwing the consumer out of all of their money than apple. ill talk more later.

    • abc

      spoken like a true fanboy

      allen is that you?

    • Cool dude


      Care to explain why A ps3 cant play a simple music while playing a game?

      Yeah, thats right, poor ram management.

    • Allen

      Not every game can play music while playing but PS3 does have that ability. Gran Turismo made great use of it and I have to say that many games personal music wouldn’t fit. Especially in FPS and with chatting going on as well.

    • Allen

      Not me but dude makes sense. Seriously, you peeps just keep brushing off these huge issues with Xbox 360.

    • Cool dude


      Yeah, again. Poor ram management. Its not a fanboy comment, its a fact.

      It depends on the game not the system itself.

      Sorry if I bothered you bu Aaron here just let out this big can of fanboyism and I coulnt help myself.

    • Allen

      I guess I can see how the ram management is bad for somethings on PS3 but I’ve read many articals of deveopers praising it. The ram management made it impossible for PS3 to do cross game chat – which doesn’t bother me a bit.

  • youjustsuck

    and if the tables were turned would 360 users would be sophisticated and not complain about it? lol i can care less about call of duty but 360 users complain a hell of alot more when they don’t get their way…

    if something small goes exclusive to ps3 they whine till they get it..even start blogs

    • abc

      lol. i believe this one. where the hell are the thumb buttons?

      paging william schwartz.

  • Allen

    This site is a lot more fun with thumbs.

    • That Guy

      where did they go?

  • Brevs

    I miss the thumbs :(

  • unknown

    This type of shit is exactly why i will NEVER buy another COD game again. and i’m not the only one who has said this.

  • Respect @ Gamers

    I just don’t wanna hear music while i am trying to win a game. Never have I’d rather HEAR the game instead. Cross Game Chat while is nice to chat with your friends, I don’t wanna hear someone talking while i’m on another game it’s not that big of a deal for me. XBL while it is 4/month there’s not much to offer for me I get the same online lobbies same games. I don’t need netflix crackle and all that on my system I got a rig for that.(pirates anything instead of seeing what crackle has) People complaining of server issues with the PS3 more then likely has a 20/ month internet connection. I know I did for AWHILE and I always thought it was my PS3 when REALLY it was my internet. Got Comcast and haven’t had a problem since. I’m get the same overall experience that you do. Just for a little less. Who gives a fuck what system you use, or that you get DLC early or you got all these apps that most of you don’t even have accounts for…Were all gamers enjoying the same fucking games stop bitching and grab your controller and game on!!

  • Nick

    Microsoft needs to stop over compensating, and buy up early releases. The only way they can constantly afford to do so, is because they charge for Xbox Live. Sure, its not the most expensive thing in the world, but people are paying for unnecessary features, and early releases on games. Its pathetic. PSN users get, generally, most of the same features, and dont have to pay to play. Buying the game itself should be enough. Elite users are all paying the same amount, and should be given the same product, at the same time; regardless of their console. Releasing content in order of: Xbox Elite – Xbox – PSN Elite – PSN is rediculous, and people have a right to be upset. If PSN Elite users get the content later, even if its before PSN regular users, they should be paying less money. Technically they didnt lie, but they werent completely honest. I myself purchased Elite, and I feel a little duped, cheated if you will. Elite is still a great deal b/c of its other features. If you’re planning on buying all the DLC anyways, its worth it – and according to Mr. Amrich, PSN Elite users will be getting the content, at least, before others on PSN.

  • http://http// yahislove

    You can definitely see where Dan Amrich sits in all this situation. First off I would like to clarify one point that isn’t being made in this debate: There is a difference in knowing about the deal made with XBOX if you were or are an XBOX user, for my defense I was not aware of this issue until after the stink about clan ops. I had learned from a tech at activision telling me that XBOX was getting first dibs on all things, and proceeded to give me a web site speaking of the deal that was reached back in 2009. I am a PS3 user why would I need to know this? Any deal struck with XBOX is between XBOX and the promising party. We and I mean every one who was told and I quote from the box the game came in (PS3 version): “Get the Call of Duty: MW3 downloadable content. New Monthly DLC released over nine months.” I got this from the elite advertiser inside the game on the back of the game manual. It also says and I quote: “Compete…………., and earn clan xp to level up and unlock even more rewards.” Now do I read any where in there about a delay in the wait time? Does it say anyyhing about the deal struck with XBOX? no, and no. We and I mean everyone who bought and paid for elite is due the promises made to them. They should make it right. They promised us a service and a product that is still not right. Extending the membership for all is also something we all deserve as well. It seems that this should have been marketed to only XBOX and then maybe you wouldn’t have this problem.

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