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PSN Back Up In a Matter of Days, With Free Stuff

by Bill Hess on May 1, 2011

Sony announced today that the PlayStation Network will be back online this week.  Restoring the network will done in phases, and once your region is green-lit for the resurrection you’ll be met with a forced firmware update on your PS3, where you’ll be prompted to change your password before accessing the PlayStation Network.  Online play will be returning, as well as PlayStation Home access, friends list, and chat features.  What you won’t be seeing returning right away is the PlayStation Store, which is scheduled for return later this month.

Welcoming gamers back, Sony will be offering a customer appreciation program where you’ll get access to the PlayStation Plus subscription based service for 30 days.  Alongside the trial access, Sony will be offering selected PlayStation content, downloadable for free.

In the press conference that Sony held on the recent privacy breach, Kaz Hirai covered the revamped security of the network.  A new security position has been created to monitor customer accounts to make sure that nothing like this happens again in the future.  This Chief Information Security Officer will work with new security measures that include automated software monitoring to defend against future attacks on the service as well as a complete data center transition.


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    • techdeckkid

      yup im glad 2 because now this won’t happen again and we are geting cool free stuff and xbox is goin down thanks again psn

  • Gemini13

    Thank you for the update. And thank you Sony and everyone working on this. Every PSN user should be grateful. the fact your getting free stuff from a service you don’t pay for is very admirable. I have done so much in this week of no gaming as well. But still can’t wait to Sesh some cod :p

  • Tom

    BRING IT ON, can’t wait to start playing COD Black Ops, COD MW2, Killzone3, Tiger Woods 12 online again. I’ll also be buying Portal 2 as soon as PSN is back. I’ve been catching up on some single player campaigns in the last week, and bought Red Dead Redemption a couple of days ago – absolutely brilliant game keeping me busy. I reckon a small proportion have switched to Xbox, but the majority of PSN users will be back in no time. Just hope the FBI catch those hackers in the meantime, what goes around comes around – the hackers will get what is coming to them.

    • Jordy

      Really all you wanna do is play CoD. Try out some BRINK wen it comes out May 10th its a great FPS and is like CoD but in some ways WAAAAY better.

  • Kaylen


  • Tom

    The thing is the PSN is FREE(as opposed to £50 per year for Xbox Live) – the hacking community should give Sony real credit for that – and when something is free, it is human nature that we will all come back to use it, freebies will be an added bonus. They fact is, because it has been offline for so long, it will mean 50 million PS3 users will appreciate the PSN even more than before. Bring it back quick Sony, wanna play COD with my friends!

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    Its all bout Socom 4 Classic & Brink
    Brink should encourage Team Work & kills are not everything

    • Jordy

      Ya BRINK looks GREAT!

  • Jack

    Give us one of the Black Ops map packs for free and i will be happy! :D

    • Elchuy1991

      not everyone plays black ops

  • Rob G

    It’s great it will back with free stuff, but did anyone notice that sony didnt even say sorry for not having the proper protection for our credit card info?

    • thatsight123

      To Rob G’s reply:

      Dude…. you know nothing of culture and what they did during a live interview do you???? they bowed for an overall apology. pretty much when you bow to someone in their culture your submitting that you failed to do something or on the other hand agree with them for respect. when was the last time you bowed for doing something wrong???? oh wait thats right your mom had you do it the other day… you fill in the blanks.

  • Frank

    LMAO I bet half of these people were like F*** Sony two days ago. You people need to learn that S*** happens. Everything in this day and age is hackable. I mean, wasn’t the Pentagon hacked like 2-3 years ago? What makes you think that a video game service isn’t? I just hope this incident doesn’t prevent people from buying this amazing console. I know some people won’t, but hey, it’s their loss. Sony, thank you for getting to the bottom of this, and I hope you guys learned that there is never too much security.

  • Derrick

    30 days free playstation plus access sounds like well be paying In no time. And they aren’t sorry sorry they lost money maybe. Look at the way the handled this whole mess. I’ve been a loyal Sony customer since original ps but I just bought xbox Sony handled this very badly told us nothing and still can’t give straight answers I’m done with them my ps3 is a blueray now.

    • Duke

      Disgraceful you are. You were loyal, now your the enemy. Its funny because you talk about how badly Sony treats their customers when infact Microsoft treat their customers like a dead rat carcass, wrapped in tin foil, covered in s**t on the side of the road. This stuff happens, like the other guy said the Pentagon gets hacked, the FBI, CIA, MI6 all get hacked and massive secrets get released to the world. Sony is just a billion dollar company, they were going to get hacked like this eventually, it happened to Microsoft, it happens all the time. The thing is, your impatient. You couldn’t wait so you crossed the bridge.

      Im sick of everyone complaining about not having online. You whine about the most retarded things and you don’t even know how lucky you are to be living like you do, there are billions of people out there who will never get to experience what we all experience.

      No online? Maybe go back to playing games the way they used to be played, you know? years ago when we sat in a room playing games against your friends, family right there. That experience for me is worth much more than playing online with friends or family being in two completely different places. The worst thing is you don’t get to see the reaction someone has when you beat them, its just not as fun. Gaming is still great these days but i miss the old days when i played twisted metal split screen, those memories were much better than the ones i have these days. Seriously, online? its over rated. (Yes i know all the stuff i said is still around and possible today but i saying the experience is different)

      Now i went completely off track then. So anyone, look at how Sony treats their customers, they are sorry and its a nice gift to let us enjoy. So you’ve had to wait to play Socom 4, Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat online, who gives a crap. I think singleplayer is down right the most important aspect of a game, its why games like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, inFAMOUS are games i love so much.

      Ehhh if you’ve read this far, i have to say well done and congrats!

  • bozmanbeyond

    “PlayStation Plus subscription based service for 30 days” My guess this sound like a Gold Membership type style like on Xbox live. If this sounds wrong please fill me in on the details of what this is. If so its going to be a grim year for Sony now if this is what I think. Nice job Sony!

    • tommy

      couldn’t have put it any better , well said duke

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    PS+ isnt like live, PS+ gives you benefits like DLC for free, Discount prices, Exclusive Stuff like avatars, full games & very early access to betas.

    PS+ Gives you around £250 of content free in 1 way or another every year

  • Frani :)

    Duke you displayed a great comment which is completely true ( i mean i would maybe do the same thing but im not bothered to write that much LOL lazy me ) you gotta relize Sony is a huge company & sooner or later there was bound to be a hater out there that was probably gonna hack it… and look at them now there literally not doing a bad job in putting this all together… it might be almost 2 weeks but like i said it was bound to happen surely

  • Yo Momma

    yeah! nice job Sony!

  • klngme

    My thinking is I hope they don’t hive us the ps+ 30 days right away, and they say the store isn’t up til later in the month, if that’s the case…. what good is the ps+ if we don’t have a store to take advantage of that ?

    Hopefully the 30 day trial don’t start until after the store is up, or at least give us an option to start it right away or later.

    But even still… just glad its back up. I’m more stoned about that than the freezes… even though the freezes are GREAT. Just glad for it, and glad to hear the last part about the security upgrade and change for better protection.

    Bring on socom 4 …. if it is the cross chat, I’m sure that would get used for socom 4 players cuz their Mic system sucks right now lol

  • john

    omgi didnt know how much i miss ps3 online till it was game is battlefeld.i need to kill some one.please work faster i need you .

  • ethan

    im glad its comming back. only question i have is we r getting a free month of ps+ but the store doesnt come back up until later this month. what good is that going to do us since ps+ is used for free stuff and discounted stuff from the store? do we not get that until the day the store is back up?

  • Allen

    Awesome. I’ve been wanting to check out PS+ and it sounds like we all will be getting some great stuff from it.

    There’s a million things I want from Playstation store. I’m sure we will be getting some great games.

    I might even stick with PS+ if I feel it’s worthy.

    Playstation Network will always be free though. Sony re-affirmed that when they released PS+.

  • Allen

    Oh and I totally set up my PS2 again. I have so many games on that and I had to since they won’t freaking come out with a new star wars battlefront and it’s not on the PSN store.

    The games I missed the most are:

    (1) Star Wars Battlefront II
    (2) Ace Combat 4
    (3) Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
    (4) Grand Theft Auto Vice City

    I played them all this last weekend and it was awesome. If course I played some Killzone 3, Assasins Creed Brotherhood, Uncharted 2, Gran Turismo 5 and some God of War 3.

    Gosh it sounds like I did nothing but play video games :-)

  • abc

    it’s already may 3 and psn is still down. sony didn’t even have the courtesy to tell it’s subcribers when will the network be up. i don’t care about psn+ or any incentives they will give. all i care about is me playing online games. that’s why i bought the ps3. ps3 is a gaming console. we go online to play games not to buy dlc and other sh!t. to any of you who will say that i should get a life or get laid and sh!t i already have those. im tired of coming home from work only to find out that the psn is still off line. its been two weeks. for someone who is working monday to friday from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm i deserve to come home and relax while playing battlefield bad company 2. and to top it all of they’re going to force us to update again. i hate the agony of waiting and hoping that the power will not go out while the firmware is installing because we all know that if the power goes off while the firmware is being installed it will f.u.c.k. the ps3.

    i know that any network is hackable but we as consumers should have the right to know what really happened. i hate how sony handled this situation. they will not lose their fanbase but it is still unfair to release incomplete information on what really happened. next thing we know they are going to charge for online play already because of what happened.

  • Allen

    @ ABC

    Sorry dude, Sony is NEVER going to charge for online play. When they announced PS+ last year they re-affirmed that PSN will ALWAYS be free.

    PS+ does have some great stuff though and everyone I know that’s done it swears by it, saying it saved them lots of money.

    I don’t like pay to play, which is why I hate 360 so much. Gaming online has always been free, everyone else has free online play. There is no reason other than greed for them to charge for it.

    It’s also obvious in the fact that they make you have the gold membership for the right to view any online content (facebook, youtube, or subscribe to netflix or now hulu).

  • abc

    i don’t give a sh!t about xbox 360. i don’t even want compensation for the psn’s downtime. all i want is for it to be online now. it’s been two weeks already. the reason i bought a ps3 is for the free online experience. i love my ps3 but i hate the fact that sony is not handling this thing well. im sure there are a lot of ps3 owners like me who bought the console for the purpose of casual online play. we just want it back online that’s it. is that too much to ask?

  • abc

    i don’t give a sh!t about xbox 360. i don’t even want compensation for the psn’s downtime. all i want is for it to be online now. it’s been two weeks already. the reason i bought a ps3 is for the free online experience. i love my ps3 but i hate the fact that sony is not handling this thing well. im sure there are a lot of ps3 owners like me who bought the console for the purpose of casual online play. we just want it back online that’s it. is that too much to ask??

  • Lopez


  • nanotech420

    time to place 1st in Whack Ops , and Battlefield, again.

  • daman2345


  • travis

    first of all,let me say this i kno its gone be free stuff for 30 days wow.but a lot peoples be playing on playstation home and i think sony should have more clothes and houses and furniture for free,dont yall agree with me???????????now thats wat i call an free ride from sony,but yall kno sony is the best system out there yea i said it and wat yall gonna do?yea i thought so,but any wayzzzzzzz i just hope its back up so me and my crew can whioop azzzzzzzzzzzzzz on black ops oh yes our group is the FUC and i kno some of you played us and yall no wats up but any wayzzzzzzz lets goooooooooooooo sony………..peace……..

  • TheInfamousJew

    So i’m already a + member and in return of missing out on almost a month of paid services they plan to give me a month free. (basically just giving me back what I’ve lost) where as If I hadn’t paid before I would get a month free anyway??? doesn’t seem far to me and all the rest of the + members out there…. very disappointed here Sony, I have half a mind to go out and buy a 360 in this “maintenance” persists past this week.

  • Allen

    @ InfamousJew

    They will also be giving you some free downloadable games and DLC. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they give you 2 months free.

  • abc

    this outage is a result of their ignorance or arrogance. there was an open threat already why leave your network without a firewall? come on sony, no firewall? is it that hard to put a firewall to secure your network? i mean it’s common sense nowadays to put firewall on your computer. im very very very disappointed. its pretty embarassing that sony’s been hacked using an old program. i would understand if it is something that could not have been avoided but in this case they could have avoided it. they needed to tighten their security like putting a firewall. i mean i want to smack their heads for this silly reason. so stupid.

    • Anti Fanboy 2


      I see you finally understand that you should never blindly follow a company, no matter how badass their product is.

  • wil

    All i can say is free games are the shiz, and i wouldnt mind gettin a nice free game… I doubt they will offer anything good though. Ive already had ps+ for a while, i dont think that is any real treat… Id save my 10 dollars and grab something awesome from steam…

  • gibson


  • henry

    what i just got the xbox 360 for not ting

    • vinny

      ya bitch

  • joey

    motor storm apocalypse

  • vinny

    shut up people

  • vinny

    ps3 all day

  • Yayy

    Yayy let the gaming comense thank u Sony I never had a doubt but for those of you that did and switched to xbox freaking stay there we don’t want you. Obviously you have no loyalty to show so stay with fagbox and peace to ya go be noobs on there

  • jorge

    thaks sony for fixing playstationnetwork im happy with sony ther the best

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