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Update: PSN And Xbox Live Offline Again

| December 25, 2014

Update: PSN And Xbox Live Offline Again  News PlayStation Xbox  Xbox Live PSN

Yesterday was annoying for gamers as Xbox Live was offline for a short time in the UK, and the PSN was offline for 5 hours. Today, the horror happens once again.

The Lizard Squad promised to take down both PSN and Xbox Live on Christmas Day, and they have delivered on that. Both PSN and Xbox Live have been down close to three hours now, and they have not come back up yet.

It’s hard to keep up with the statuses for both Xbox Live and PSN with these guys around. There are some reports that Xbox Live being back up for some, but a lot of others are still having problems logging in. The official Xbox Live Status website still says it’s hard to log-in to Xbox Live on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other Xbox devices.

Things are currently the same for PSN users. PlayStation owners have it worse as PSN was down 5 hours yesterday. The Lizard Squad have attacked the service yet again and it has been down for several hours. The official PSN Status website still says the service is offline.

We’ll try our best to update this article to tell you when both PSN and Xbox Live come back online. It’s hard to keep up with Lizard Squad doing multiple attacks on different days.

Update: Looks like Xbox Live is back up and online. PSN is still down at the moment though.

Update 2: Bear with us with these updates, but it appears connectivity is now limited on Xbox One consoles concerning Xbox Live. Nothing new for PSN as it is still down.

Update 3: PSN appears to be back online for some users. It will be a slow process, but progress is being made. I managed to log-in on my PS Vita, although signing in took longer than usual. Xbox Live seems like it’s similar too. Some people have started to log-in now, while others cannot. We’ll give you a final update once all services are restored for everyone.

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  • Sam

    why are they attacking??? do they have any reasons?

    • Buster95

      They want money, foer example if they take the full control of xbox live and psn, they’ll ask for money from Microsoft and Sony…

      • Sam

        well i hope they give it to them because i am getting pissed off that i can barley do anything on my PS3

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Its nothing to do with money, they’re just doing it because they can

          • Sam

            i still want them to get PSN back up, i just got some accessories for my ps3 and i can barely do jack without psn, i think its stupid that you NEED psn to watch netflix and hulu and stuff like that, all i am saying is they better have it back up by tomorrow or i am gonna have to get a few thousand friends file complaints

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Complain all you want it won’t make a difgerence. Sony and Microsoft are the victims of a crime. It’s not their fault.

          • Sam

            I know but it still pisses me off, you would think a amazing company like Sony could fight off a hacker group and if Microsoft cant fight off a hacker group then Microsoft needs to get there asses in gear

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Its not hacking, they aren’t breaking into either network they are ddos attacked ng the servers and unfortunately its a very easy thing to do and virtually impossible to stop

          • Sam

            true, but if a ddos can take down major networks like sony and microsoft then we need to make a advancement in the feild of cyber- security

          • Sam

            and for all we know sony might be being attacked by the people who attacked them for making the movie “the interview”

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            Its got nothing to do with security, a ddos attack is nothing more than flooding servers with traffic hence it being virtually impossible to stop

          • Sam

            I understand what a DDOS is i probably know more than you, if sony want to counter ddos then they could code a overload trigger, where if server traffic gets too high it automatically disables psn for a while, they could also aquire newer servers or get more servers that can handle more traffic, hence if they get more servers depending on the intensity of the ddos attack they might be able to handle it

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            It doesn’t work like that, ms have 300000 servers and still got took down.

            There is nothing that you can do to stop a ddos unfortunatly, I wish there was.

          • Sam

            if sony and microsoft really cared they could ddos back even harder and take down these assholes

          • Eric

            You can’t ddos back. It’s probably people in lizard squad with bot nets of 100k+ Slaves sending traffic. Most of those slaves being people that are none the wiser. You’d be ddosing regular people that more than likely have no idea that thier computers are a part of the attack.

          • Jefzor

            They can get in HUGE legal trouble if and when they get caught

          • CoRpSe916

            You can stop a DDoS. Several ways actually. Technically it will still continue hammer the server but the server can be unaffected if you do one or all of the following:
            1. Block the IP Address origin of spammed packets.

            2. Add a packet filter in millisecond increments to auto reject packets.
            3. Block the port which the packets are spamming (most DDoS aren’t programmed to flood multiple ports too much networking involved)
            4. Allowing a limit of packets per IP Address (For example if a DDoS spams 100,000 packets a second, only allow 10,000 to be accepted the rest is declined for a brief period of time)

          • sb24365

            That is all assuming the attack stems from a single IP..Minus the last one you mentioned all would probably be ineffective. I’m not sure about these guys but coming from experience, most of these DDoS attacks are executed via botnet. Meaning potentially a ton of different IPs contribute to the attack. If that is the case not even limiting packets would work fully, even if it was a feasible option in the first place. As other people have said, there’s not much to do about it besides build more and more servers, thus when one gets attacked another flips one to cover the load. Besides that the only real way to stop it is to fundamentally change the way networking works and find a way to mask the servers from the clients entirely.

          • CoRpSe916

            Do you know how hard it is to orchestrate a BOTNET without doing it the lazy way? The normal botnet consists of a cyber cafe in a 3rd world country or a linked system that are very close to each other. The bigger the botnet (300 – 500 system) the more likely they can be found within the same region. The real way to botnet is to gather HUNDREDS of computer systems that are all over the world. This method is not easily done because it takes too many resources to put forth the effort.

            Scenario 1: The Botnet consists of hundreds of computers residing from IPs in a region -> Block IP region.

            Scenario 2: The Botnet consists of dozens of systems (less than 200) in sync with the DDoS but hundreds of miles apart. -> Block IPs or vulnerable ports individually – Easy Fix that can be automated.

            Scenario 3: This is the real deal, the orchestrated Botnet done and planned from months / years of orchestration. -> Increase your server capacity slightly for a VERY brief period of time. Look at all of the IPs that jump to fill that capacity within a suspicious / almost impossible amount of time. Block those IPs.

            And adding a packet cap can work because any excess packets are disregarded which means that they do not affect capacity until the grace period is off. There are systems that allow for example say 1,000 packets per 1 second. Of course that would just prolong and the spam would continue but doing this provides insight, if the packets keep trying to overlap the cap every interval, you can most likely deduce that IP is part of the DDoS and block it.

            If I can do this by myself, a team of techs at Sony or Microsoft can sure as hell do it too. I have successfully blocked 3 DDoS in the past 5 years. I know the ins and outs of trial and error and pinpointing culprits. It shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours to solve this.

          • sb24365

            That sounds like something you ripped off of a bad Wikipedia article. Not that I doubt your knowledge but again you’re making a lot of assumptions, if you think only a few hundred systems in a botnet could take down the likes of Sony and Microsoft at the same time you’d most likely be mistaken. Have a look at Splinter or another tool that uses RATs to orchestrate the attack, the IPs could be from all over the world depending on the scale of infection of said RAT. Sure, your scenarios may very well be what is going on and maybe Microsoft and Sony dont have the resources available to fix it; although that is very hard to believe. If you think you can do better, do us all a favor, go submit an application as a network engineer for both companies. I guarantee you it won’t be nearly as easy as you’re trying to make it sound. If it is, hats off to you. But until then, stop trying to make it seem as if the network engineers are incompetent; they work around the clock 365 days a year in an attempt to keep the servers protected from groups of malicious people looking for little more than attention. Tldr: before you make assumptions and try to make people look bad, try it yourself.

          • Joseph Morales Feliciano

            I think that some slack should be given to him as we are all gamers and have lost our day of play! There was a team of hackers that was hired by both companies to go after the lizard group! Out of the 5… 2 are on the defense and there have been pictures posted to the identity of the Lizard Group!
            As to the virus, it is one that is very small but very very powerful depending on what level they have encoded it and it’s micro incraments. 100/100 is enough to create a problem but a 1,000,000 to a micro can burn a building down…everything gets fried! And if both PSN and Microsoft did an emergency shut down… Then it’s purged itself into the system which could go further! Not an easy task to replace especially since for 1 person that one person takes up 2servers at least… Like Google!!! But then google has the most servers in the world topping a billion plus! Then there is the fact that a hacker team told PSN to fix the breach areas that could make them vulnerable again…they chose not to listen!!!! So we are at a standstill! But what ever gamer alike should ask is what are we going to do to hold sony responsible for letting us down time after time and just taking our money! For every game being played on line they make 10times of what it’s worth just for it going online!!!!! Gamers must start to come together and show that a company can be brought to its knees just by not receiving traffic through it’s servers! The choices you make are your own and which is why they walk all over us!!!!

          • CoRpSe916

            You are right, I do not know the scenario they are experiencing. It may not be as easy as I make it to be and who knows, maybe I never was hit with a DDoS like them. However, I find it really hard to wrap my mind around a group of “professionals” working “around the clock” trying to solve this, when here I am Joe Schmo with no formal education able to find numerous workarounds for such an attack.

            My previous comments (numbers thrown out) are only hypothetical. I know that normal botnets are 100,000+ infected systems. I also know tactics such as RAT botnets etc but to orchestrate that amount of systems would raise suspicions. Considering RAT is opensource, government agencies would already have the coding to counter or trace such an attack. Again, if you look at previous botnets, the main origins of such infected systems are South America, Spain (surrounding European area), and South and SE Asia. Most of them are region based – if not localized.

            I know for a fact servers can be configured in a way that it limits capacity without overloading traffic load. My question is why haven’t they utilized such methods. I am not saying they ARE incompetent I am saying their reaction to this scenario is incompetent. However, I know they probably should get more credit but from what I’ve seen from multi-million dollar companies is something they don’t really deserve.

          • sb24365

            Perhaps they have tried such methods and they haven’t worked. That’s just the thing, we don’t know what they’ve done or are doing which imho there should be a way to know, even if it’s vague. Something more than “sorry were experiencing issues”. Nonetheless, I think we all can agree that such large infrastructures being brought to their knees by groups of most likely people like you and me(no formal education on the subject) should not happen. All I know is, Xbox Live is back online & I’m going to play some Assassins Creed. Cheers!

          • Danielle

            Sony and Microsoft should anticipate these type of attacks. Why would I purchase a system or invest in stock with a company who can’t protect me. I don’t buy a system to look at nor buy stock in a company that throws their hands up.and says we’re doing everything we can. NOT ACCEPTABLE ESPECIALLY FOR THIS LENGTH OF TIME… SMARTY PANTS.

          • sb24365

            Though I don’t understand the relevance of this response to what I said, then don’t buy a system or invest in any stocks. Or if you were to do your research and find out exactly what measures are being taken to protect you(by the way, your information is entirely safe, at least in this type of attack) maybe you’d be more understanding; for better or for worse. I’m by no means defending Microsoft or Sony. I’m just saying in the modern world it should be common knowledge that there is risk in anything and everything to do with technology. Until there is a perfect world with no malicious “hackers”(I use that term loosely), that’s to be expected. Which is precisely why I’m a cyber security major. So until we live in said perfect world, either jump on for the ride or just don’t get involved; they won’t miss you, trust me.

          • Admir Karalic

            Fully agree with you. Get fooled once, shame on me, Get fooled twice, Shame on you !

          • FiNeSTSqUaD

            False all they need to do is shut down traffic and install a DOS filter on they’re servers

          • Blake

            Yes you can stop a DDOS attack. They’d need filters on all their servers. The only reason they don’t do that is because the process is extensive. It’s extensive because they’d have to look who’s getting on and off of Xbox Live/PSN… SO it could be done, but now you understand why its not.

          • The A Train

            If you understand it so well why are you making pointless suggestions and asking stupid questions? The attack will rage on as long as the children want it to. Doesn’t matter if they take the service offline or not. In fact, that would just increase the attempted logins when it comes back up effectively putting more strain on the server and helping achieve the children’s goal yet again.

          • please die

            no you do not or you wouldnt refer to script kiddies as hackers. sony is the one who has disabled psn, a ddos doesnt take or keep the host offline, it just gets in the way of legitimate traffic. sony is keeping it offline for protocol or just inability to handle more x mas traffic than expected. they are well aware of server states and overlaods. what do you think the goal of a ddos is? regardless of how the network is shut down, thats what a ddos is meant to force so i dont know how you think that will change anything.

            tbh , i doubt loser squad had much if anything to do with this. gaming companies are always playing catch up with server demands because they would rather inconvenience the user than to spend extra for a buffer. Ls merely pointed out what was very likely to happen on its own. they could have added to it but it was going to be problems regardless.

          • Lol90p

            Lol, u been watchn to many movies, u know about ddos, u know shit, triggers looooooooooooool. U were the kids we used to have so much fun with back in the day. Fix ddos by routing traffic,

          • Nick Harris

            Just whitelist PSN user’s IP addresses.

          • Country Boy Lucifer


          • Bradon617

            its not impossible to stop, all you have to do is put a captcha code for every log in, annoying but better than having the networks down for days at a time

          • OOPWALASHISH

            sony fight off hackers hahahahaha i almost peed myself thats funny

          • Mike

            To be honest its not a hack. DDos is a simple flooding of the service for login requests.Its like letting 10,00 people try to enter a store at the same time through a singe door, it doesn’t break the store it just makes it slower to enter. the only way stop it is to single out ISP addresses trying to enter which is impossible to do when millions of legit PS3/4 and Xboxes are trying to login. These would be “hackers/Crackers” are as effective as a airsoft gun taking down a armored car when it comes to hacking. More like phreakers flooding the severs with mail bombs back in the days of dial up, simple minded would be’s thinking their proving a point by costing MS and PSN money which is false, people will still be there when its done and purchases will be made, just at a later date. thanks media for empowering these losers by labeling them hacker instead of the little bitches they really are.

          • Dennis

            Agreed. I do hope the lizards are shot into space though. :P lol

          • Admir Karalic

            Victims of a crime ? What the hell are you talking about. They Got hacked in the past and they didn’t fix the god damn problem, the first time you are a victim, the second time you’re just dumb and allowing this to happen. Instead of taking my money and counting the Pennies, get your ass up, buy a real team and make something better, at least security wise, this is just lame for a product sold in 2014.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            You’ve completely negated any point you had by saying they got hacked for a 2nd time. No one was hacked, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, you are probably retarded

          • Admir Karalic

            Why so agressive you fucking shit. I have a clue what I’m talking about. Sorry if I didn’t say ”Oh it’s a DDoS attack” dude either Hacked or DDoS, you understood what I said. Don’t be a bitch you fucker.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I believe the aggressive tone began with your first comment my friend.

            If you’re aware it was a ddos your first comment also makes zero sense because the hack was an entirely different thing to the recent outages.

            “They got hacked in the past and didn’t fix the problem.”

            Well actuallyactually for all we know they did, ddos is a compleyy different iissue.


          • Arron

            It’s very true At the moment we are trying to fix the problem I have resolved this problem it should be up in a weeks time

          • fedz

            Thousand friends. Ha

          • SNeaky

            that will do nothing all they will do is say they are sorry for the inconvenience plus it is not their fault some dumb-ass people have nothing better to do than to fuck with people what they don’t know is that i am a online gamer who is payed to play so since finest group has identified some people of the lizard squad is that Sony will sue them and they will have to make up for any losses for anyone who plays for a paycheck plus hacking anything now-a-days is a terrorist attack and they will be tried as terrorists in the court of law and their country will have to extradite them to the us where they will await trail or the us will declare their country a terrorist country and stop trade with them and embargo them and ignore their cries for help when they are under attack

          • King

            Nobony cares about US. Russia does whatver it want US cant do anything. “Under attack” lol.
            Nobody will extradite anyone, county extradite other country’s citizens to be delt in their homeland, not its own citizens. They deal with their own by their own court.

          • Lelz

            With a ps4 you don’t need psn for netflix


            mmmhhhhmm you go girl while your at it complain to the people who actually did it we should all be thanking Sony and Microsoft for making this entertainment

          • charlie_T5

            I’m getting pissed as can’t play the crew

          • Jesus Christ

            They are doing it for attention and they are getting just that.

        • luis

          Haha u still on ps3

        • disqus_suD7BRlqFk

          I know right! I got far cry 4 and all I wanna do is play it!

      • Pak Kennels

        @ buster95…is that what u really think? Money is the last thing on a hackers mind.

      • The A Train

        False. They aren’t taking control of anything. Look up the type of attack they are running and you will see it’s a simple script based botnet attack that only denies service to intended users. They are just looking for a reaction. They want to piss people off and do so in a public fashion. They are children with nothing better to do than go through a vault of scripts they’ve purchased from adults and cause problems.

    • Neeerrrd

      Seems like a publicity stunt. They keep saying stuff like “5k more followers and we stop hitting xbox and psn” on their twitter accounts. Scumbags.

      • Lame

        The legit lozard squad twitter is @lizardmafia. All the others asking for follows are trolls.

        • ThEfInEsTsQuAd

          It’s actually @kingcrucifix

    • King

      To show you that you are slaves who is giving your money to Master (psn/live) and when they lock the Master away in the closet and say “you can be free now” you just answer “but i want to be a good slave, please let my Master away i want to be his pathetic pityful slave forever”
      Dumb sheep. When you realise that your shepherds are no longer in control.

    • King

      Why did the eagles and vultures attack?

    • IceFox

      Because…they are gay mother fuckers that’s why they named themselves the “Lizard Squad”… they think they are big and tough and cool when they hump walls.

    • Furstration

      The Lizard Squad main point of attacking is because they want to show mostly Sony a lesson that their servers stink, and easily can be DDoS or hacked by a particular group (The Lizard Squad).

    • tuimaseve88

      They better give us a free game or something.

  • Mud lizard hater

    Man this sucks dumb ass mud lizard squad

    • Sam

      i agree

      • Hector Hernandez


  • Julio

    i just got a ps4 and cant log in to play the new games i got ……

    • Sam

      Wow dude you out lucked, hope it comes back up soon


      its okak thats hoe playstations work you cant use the network

    • Jed

      Same here….

    • Jaidyn Keller

      Julio, can i ask what message you are receiving when you try to log in ?

      • Smashlogan

        My message is ‘Servers currently undergoing maintenance. ‘

  • The PC Master Race


    • fuck pc’s

      fuck off, consoles are better than PC’s

      • Atari4life

        fuck both of you
        Atari master race ?

        • Dennis

          Etch-a-sketch – MASTER RACE! lol
          or maybe abacus…

          • Boz

            Cave-Man-Drawing-on-Wall MASTER RACE!!

          • The original Sam

            Nokia brick phone MASTER RACE!!

          • Gary fiery

            Bumpin dick heads MASTER RACE!!

      • King par

        Lie n u know it

    • Dennis

      We’re all glad you like your PC. Really. Now go and play something would ya? Gaining nothing by being here, save maybe some hatred and being the main nominee for the 2014 troll award – you’ve got my vote.

      Now, please go enjoy all of your claims and love them.

    • XDrone

      Enjoy Halo 5 on PC!!

      Oh wait… :^)

      • Halo got Stale after 4

        Enjoy Starcitizen on Xbone!
        Oh wait…. :^)

        • XDrone

          The joke is on you I have a PC.
          I’m a gamer not a “platform” gamer.

          I laugh at limited fools like you… :^)

        • Gronchy

          Never heard of that game :D must not be too popular low budget games always blow??

          • Vagisil Bill

            I saw that Starcitzen was up for worst game of the year award… I’d play it but I’m blind…

    • Shannon Novosel

      You keep trying with you’re lies maybe someone will believe them.

      • Grabthar’s Hammerpants

        Keep trying with your spelling and grammar, maybe someday you’ll get the hang of it.

        • Shannon Novosel

          Maybe one day you will matter.

          • Grabthar’s Hammerpants

            Awww…aren’t you cute?

          • Shannon Novosel

            Awww…aren’t you special?


      actually for the most part its pc’s that are more prone to fps drops and the mouse and keyboard is painfully hard to use on certain games and also gameplay tends to be more immersive on consoles as far as everyone gets the same experence even if you cant drop 3k on a pc that can play on 4k resolutions just to let you lnow im actually a non biased gamer and all consoles have there good sides like playstation better hardware same piece of shit network

    • HonestyJon311

      Honestly, I’d prefer a PC. However, consoles are cheaper, and when it concerns a whole family it’s easier to get a console.

    • Truth

      I was unaware that god created a race called PC what does PC mean piece of crap. i feel sorry for losers like you who don’t have a life, keep making yourself sound gay , speaking of gay that guy in the PC photo looks gay rubbing himself, you must rub yourself like that when your in front of your PC. PC Master Race sounds as gay as lizard squad, you must be the same lifeless people.

    • Lacerz

      I’m reporting you to the FBI. Have fun.

      So cute :)

      • Lacerz

        But seriously. I am. Let your parents deal with it.

        So cute :)

        Enjoy prison!

      • Lacerz

        And all of your up votes… which are tracked through aotfb. What dumbarses.

      • The PC Master Race

        Butthurt and PS4 still has no games :^)

    • Bradon617

      play in traffic you cunt. go buy something actually worth it with your daddys money,

  • skygangster

    Just get the Feds on these fuckers please

    • Sam

      the feds arent gonna do jack, its not important, the took psn down all psn is, is a online gaming service the feds dont give a shit about gaming

      • skygangster

        They will if Sony or Microsoft have money

      • The A Train

        Again, false. The feds have been involved since the children submitted a fake bomb threat that caused an airplane (pres or ceo of Sony aboard) to be redirected. This is cyber crime and they are involved. However, as people have previously stated, the attacks are using botnet slaves and getting to the original source is practically impossible.

  • Dennis

    Lizard Squad, YOU SUCK.

  • Guesttttt

    Lol my Xbox live started working again perfectly again about 55 minutes ago, no limitations, just full service…..

  • Urk

    This so called lizard squid or squad or whatever the hell they are just want attention.

    • Hector Hernandez

      But I want to know if it’s just for the attention or is there another reason

      • Naberios

        I’ve heard that some of them got banned from one or both services for hacking/cheating. So if that’s true, they’re just a bunch of butt-hurt bitches.

    • Angelo Costantino

      Oh my god fuckin pc gamers get the fuck out you don’t belong in this conversation and fuck lizard squad they can suck my dick

  • Qabon

    Open my playstaion now why they are doing because they like to hack play staion

  • Merry Xmas, btw

    I just want to get online and own Christmas noobs dammit!

    • michael


  • michael

    Why are they attacking?

  • Jai

    If we are paying for psn n xbox live, this SHOULD be taken care of by both Sony n Microsoft. Why pay if they are preventing everyone from playing? I understand what a ddos attack is n i know its hard n next to impossible to figure out but we shouldnt be paying for something that the public can take down at their own free will. Its becoming bs that this is happening. If Im paying for this service, I better get what the hell im paying for , Period.

    • hellman007

      They are trying their best to get the servers back up and running since it is their main source of income and stuff. It isn’t exactly easy to recover a massive server like that I imagine.

  • Jd93

    What exactly is a ddos attack?

    • Sam

      A ddos is sppamming the server with requests pretty much pushing the servers that host the services to the breaking point, did i explain it well?

      • Jd93

        Yup. Thanks and sorry for the late reply

  • Will Sparks

    Been down since 11 for me on psn ohio region

  • Will Sparks

    Lizard squad ruined my gaming holiday fun imagine all the gifts that ppl cant even use yet because of the attack smh ruining Christmas!

  • ?????

    Look at what having nobody to spend Christmas with makes people do.
    Wastes to society.

    • Guest

      Awwww Im there for you.
      Merry Christmas “?????”. To you and all your “friends”. :)

      • ?????

        As usual, a PS fanboy attacks and insults another user.
        At least I don’t need to take a certain substance to see “friends”. :)

        • Guest

          Attack and insult? For once, I was being nice to you wishing you Merry Christmas and all. lol
          But yeah, seriously Merry Christmas dude, it’s fun “discussing” with you and your friends. I mostly disagree with you but I’ll agree this one time(your first comment) today when both live and PSN are down.

          • ?????

            Sorry. I may have sounded a bit douchey there. Merry Christmas and happy New year.

  • Hector Hernandez

    These guys are Fukien assholes

  • Boomer_012690

    This is bs. They need to stop messing attacking the networks. It’s getting out of hand for real. Makes me wanna stop paying for ps+

  • Kevon

    When will psn and x box networks be back up

  • sage

    My ps3 was down at 8 in the morning and still is not up and i live in TN

  • Kevon


  • Idk

    Am I the only playstaion gamer disappointed cause I can’t play TLoU?



  • Tga215

    Merry Christmas fellow gamers


    Merry Christmas


    So yeah friend request me if any body got ps4 WEEDSTER247


    Fu#k Lizard squad

  • Brad

    Fk u lizardsquad I wanna play some Damn Gta next gen online

  • Hi

    Ok really Obama is not helping take out hackers

  • Hi

    So can I. I can’t play on my PS3

  • David

    Still can’t play

  • Flowt

    I don’t understand why they have to ruin gaming on Christmas. Pathetic bastards

  • Neetoh

    Make it free if they continue to do this, I pay 60 dollars a year for your service I expect to play wen I want,,, bs Ur security should be at the top of your charging us for it

  • CrowCop

    Lizardsquad can suck a fat fucking chose they ruined Christmas for kids with new games

  • Dennis

    Lizard Squad = Miserable Pukes.

  • ryan

    Discussions should be disabled on sites like these, its only spreading popularity to people that only seek attention. why should they stop they are getting what they wanted … Stop commenting and go do something else and wait it out like the rest of the world. I got a ps4 today and can’t even start using it but I’m not crying

  • sharkman265

    on the 12th day of christmas my true love gave to me lizard squad in body bags!!!

  • burns

    Its for the movie the came out today the interview

    • The A Train

      False. Two different attackers, two different agendas. Old news, son.

  • Jk

    How doz that ddos shit work have these losers actually been sitting at there computers all day keeping psn down or is it just a program that u run and leave alone

  • Chad Warden

    I wonder what the heck is the NCFTA doing? The FBI should had enough professionals to track down these guys, after all these events before Xmas.

  • Jeff

    Down again

  • matt

    Down again?

    • Jeff

      Yep I can’t log onto Xbox live I was just on

    • Josh

      Yep bunch of fucking low life people fucking with someone’s fun

  • Jaidyn Keller

    Yes, Still unable to Sign Into PSN on PS4 Keep getting error message saying ”The server cannot connect within the time limit” Been offline since last night :/

    • Jaidyn Keller

      We cannot 100% Blame Sony, If someone hacks or interferes with the Network it is very difficult to stop them. although i am angry with Sony, i am not holding them responsible, Just hoping it’s back on SOON only brought Playstation Plus yesterday for PS4 Online and have not even got to go Online!

  • len

    So I just get a ps4 but now psn only works on my ps3 sony save me

  • Austinbmx_22

    This is bullcrap that psn members have to pay 50$ a year to protect there ps4 and it’s not even working I think they should do a better job of keeping psn hack free or let psn members play there ps4 online for free!

  • Cool gamer

    Hopefully Sony & Windows 8 networks will be online again b/c it’s so boring without the networks working idk why these guys hacked them it makes no sense it’s Christmas it’s suppose to be the greatest time of the year but now it’s ruined by some duchebags ?

  • TheNonHacker

    I just got a ps4 today and my fav game that is destiny I can’t get on now get Christmas this is

  • Anonymous.

    Nerd rage over not being able to game for a day… yea the shits fucked up they got shut down like this, but welcome to reality of the cyber universe. This craps happens all the time just not at this scale very often. Take the time to get out of our moms basements we all live in and see what color the sky is, thats not cg

  • Jw589

    I just logged i with out a problem

  • TheNonHacker

    Is the sky yellow?

    • Anonymous.

      You should not stand under a dog when they piss, might make it seem yellowish.

  • Jw589

    My Xbox one doesn’t have a problem with the hacks im online playin xbox??

  • coloradoskeeter

    If everybody quit giving them attention they would get bored and stop.

  • Earl Manigoat

    I want to murder these assholes. I just got kicked 20 seconds from finishing the raid on Destiny. The rest of my team was waiting for me but I cant sign back on.

  • TheNonHacker

    I feel ur pain earl I feel it

  • mike

    I have an a box one and still can’t sign in

  • freakkarguth

    They will not get bored they will not stop so your best bet is to stop notching and wait it out sony will fix the issue at hand

  • freakkarguth


  • Pak Kennels

    1st off everyone needs to understand that there is no internet security… You think there is…hell, there are even security firms that can’t secure there networks or servers. Hackers show this to us (the people) by hacking there “security” system(s) and servers and etc. But you guys don’t get still throw money to a multi billion dollar industry that can’t even secure there own files including the governments, duh.

    My one question is why hasn’t Anynomous rose to this opportunity to do the right thing and stick up for the kids if nothing else in this situation? Anynomous is 100% for the people and this is clearly an infringement on our rights as humans and its right up there alley. For the mainstream sheep that believe the negative propaganda about Anynomous, this is the perfect time to show them how they are the good guys and are for the people.

    Final word..Sony and Microsoft… You’ve obviously been hacked more than once. Have some respect for the people and stop saying you don’t know why your networks are down. It makes you look irresponsible and cowardly. Being honest with the people who have made you rich goes a long way.

    • The A Train

      Anonymous is amused by them. They are probably waiting to see the next move.

  • Hacker or Nar?

    Think about it, if u were able to hack into microsoft and sony, u would. Its a talent that few have on such a big scale, if i was able to do it, i guess i would. But not taking the network down, i would give everyone a platinum medal for every game they have played over a day long :)

  • Isaiah

    I’m really disappointed I got the destiny bundle white ps4 and was so excited to play destiny and I’ve had this game sitting in front of me all day and I can’t even enjoy it ….. on Christmas please get psn back up soon

  • Charlie2832

    So does Xbox Live work for Xbox 360 or no?

    • bob

      go try it out dipshit

  • The Thing

    This really stinks. I mean like it is really hard to believe that there are all these kids bawling in front of their parents saying things like fix it ,and they might never know whats wrong. It’s just so stupid that this so called Lizard Squad is doing this. Literally, they are doing the worst job concealing that they want attention and they only do it for the “lulz”.”

  • Charlie2832

    What kind of name is “lizard squad”?

    • The Thing

      Im not sure. I think it is for retarded lizards and i have a feeling that all their pets are lizards and their balls are also lizards

  • hoefer420

    It’s all the girlfriends and mom’s they want us for x-mas the call of duty women’s hater club has taken over

  • disqus_suD7BRlqFk

    Their probably attacking because they want attention!

    • The Thing


  • Exemplaryyy

    Finally found a thread that has information contained.. Yay!
    Fuck Twitter, btw…

    • Rockstar10201

      What’s the thread?

  • Exemplaryyy

    Lmao read your post, thought you meant me. Saw other dudes post… Lol’d.

  • Rockstar10201

    This is all fucking stupid I didn’t get all sony and Microsoft stuff so it can be down I was gonna live stream today I can’t even do shit now since yesterday

  • Lizard Squad

    Are you guys happy with what you did of course we would trace our haters to every website we could find.

    • the thing

      Lol jk its not really lizard squad

      • Lizard Squad

        I just change my name between everything

  • curtis Potter

    I just wanted to enjoy my xmas gift and expirience my new games with friends who got the same stuff like Gta and the crew. I’ve been tryin all day to get it to work and I’m losing hope. I just wanted to have fun with friends for Christmas…

  • Deaux

    My fellow Americans, please be patient while we fix your playstation network.


  • datguy

    When will the server be back up

  • datguy

    Anybody there

    • Error


      • datguy

        When will the server be up

        • datguy


          • Robert Paulson

            It’s down because it’s being messed with by hackers. how the fuck can anyone know when it will be back up?

  • Boo Lizard Squad

    Add me on XBL for Halo MCC campaign trolling and MM parties…

  • SifuOtaku

    Its annoying, thats all, but having paid for the online service, damn, im just curious as to how we will be informed, by ps especially, since they r so slow with the info and updates

  • kyle

    If you believe microsoft and sony are victims your wrong. We are. I feel like multi million dollar companies such as these should have secure servers. Or at least the power to do something about these attacks. These companies dont care about us anymore. They sell consoles and games on their names and legacy alone not because its actualy a good. Game if the community hasnt noticed we get less for what we pay every year. Anyone feel the same?

  • Lester Diamond

    they are doing this to exploit sony and Microsoft. They say this is to protect the consumer in the long run because its gonna force them (sony, Microsoft and a message to all big companies) to actually put the $$ they should have into better security and stop taking shortcuts to maximize profit. It just shows how vulnerable they really are. Better open those wallets SONY and Microsoft (and others).

    • SifuOtaku

      I agree, its an endless discussion but these r the wrongs of capitalism, allways wanting to make more money, we dont share in the wealth, we can watch and dream about it while corporations and even our own goverments suck us dry without having a means to defend ourselves. I love freedom…. Like sarcasm more

  • Dnahc

    This means get your ass up and hang out

    • SifuOtaku

      Yep, i just dont like to be limited in the choices ive got…

  • guyguy

    When will it come back on

  • guyguy


  • erick

    as soon as I find these motherfuckers I put them in the ground

  • xXFire WolfXx

    These stupid fucking hackers ruined christmas for my little brother and Jesus birthday when judgement day comes they will have to answer why they did this they batter have a good answer

    • xXFire WolfXx

      brand new Xbox one call of duty the crew destiny dragon age but he can play them because of the faggots.

      • SifuOtaku

        Playing the story..


          You have to sign in to play the game.

  • Jk

    PS3 up and working again Las Vegas

  • Babooshaw

    Attention deficit disorder. Losers masturbating over pictures of their great grand mother’s dirty hairy vaginal…

  • guy

    wow my psn is still not working

  • Chris Jones

    lizard squad is ruining my christmas all i want to do is play nba2k15 and madden 15 and i got 100$ in psn money and dont want it to go to waste but i got to use it and by the way you guys psn is up and running perfectly just log in play you want to play nba 2k15 on ps3 with me add bulldog2023 but seriously lizard squad is just full of idiots who dont know how to do anything right they just want to piss us off they are so mean and jerks but psn works again but when it wasnt my heart wass broken

    • Blake_Alpha

      Nah, it’s not working. You must have been one of the lucky ones to be able to sign in. The psn support status says it’s still offline, and just then, I keep getting the error message. These hackers need to seriously p*ss off

  • David

    I’m new to Xbox live as of yesterday. Not a big gaming household but been in the online IT business for over 20 years.

    I don’t get it. I can’t sign in due to the dos attack, but the console requires sign in so this makes my brand new Xbox one a door stop.

    I’ve had online access in my job since 1990, and if offline I can still log in to the computer and use it. That’s how the gaming consoles should work – I should be able to login to the console offline to keep on gaming in “local” mode until the service is up. Not a great experience.

  • Nikki

    This really ruined our Christmas and I am really considering returning the xbox, being the most expensive gift in the house. I totally understand security concerns, but the updates have been very limited in regards to estimated time and also in regards to my own account security. Surely if threats had been made the companies prior they should have ensured security and staffing to make sure this was not to happen in particular on Christmas day and 2. holiday.

  • bem

    I was able to sign into my xbox live account on xbox one. Been watching Netflix and hbo go

  • Evan Smith

    Is it possible for them to keep DDoSing indefinately? They did say they wanted to bring xbl and psn down forever, and considering this has happened……

    • Blake_Alpha

      I hope not.. This has ruined Christmas for my sister and brother. And myself, considering I just Got a bunch if new games that requires psn connection, such as the crew, and destiny

  • Nikki

    I still can not sign in, just tried, I hope Karma returns on the Christmas Grinch hackers.

    • Blake_Alpha

      It’s definitely annoying, huh? Ruined Christmas for my little sister, and brother. And, myself.. considering the games I got require online to play :/ :(

  • slacker

    Yeah I just got a PS4 and I cant do anything until I get psn

    • Blake_Alpha

      Same situation, although, I’ve had mine for a while. But, all my games, except for gta, and battlefield, are specifically online. However, I’ve finished both single player in those two games and only play online now.. doesn’t get easier..

  • Excel_Storm

    The advantages of technology can be for better or worse. I think the world is so consumed by technology, that these guys just want to see what kind of up roar it would cause to shut down both networks. Whether they have a reason or not the difference is always the same. They do it because they can and the only way to get away from it is to not be apart of it. We as people rely on to much electronics and for that we are being punished in more ways then one.

  • Dan

    I just want to play destiny man

  • coolmojo

    microsoft should allow us to not have log in to play games . i don’t want to play online just want to play all the games i have . i spent over 700 euro on xbox one and games and its just sitting there worthless

  • rick

    My xbox one still not up and running

    • Vagisil Bill

      Neither is my ps4 … It makes me wanna Mike Brown my little brother…

  • Caleb

    this is just getting fucking stupid

  • Bazza

    Is it still not up for you???

  • J.D.

    It’s is the holidays. the hackers are jerks.

  • Bazza

    I know I just got a load of xbox one games

  • BigAssNut

    Why Gaming console why?? why not PC or something and especially on Christmas. thats all i say

  • swagmonsta6969

    I don’t think a lot of people realize this but some people who are abroad on military or work related business come home for the holidays to spend time with their family. To see a joyous child open a gift and having to tell him he can not play with it is really wow. Imagine if you were paying for life insurance and something happened and the insurance company said lol no u get 0??

    • George Abreu

      Very true.

  • jimmy greenwood

    i hope they dont give them a penny n they should charge hackers on terrorism charges see how clever the little nerds think they are then when there being waterboarded in guantanimo bay haha

  • mitch

    this is fucked i would like to find these people does anyone knnow when it will be back up

    • Blake_Alpha

      I agree. This is absolutely fucked. It’s beyond a joke (wasn’t one in the first place) makes me want to drop kick a midget. And jump out a barred window.

      • mitch

        haha like i got a new game for Christmas and i just wanna play it ive been waiting all day

        • Blake_Alpha

          Same here, bud. I got destiny, and the crew. Both of which require online connection. But I’ve been waiting for psn to go up all day with no luck, either.

          • jimmy greenwood

            same here just wana play cod and dragon age. n it makes me laugh how hackers think its so cool to ruin kids christmas think it must be the memories of getting bummed by there uncles n cnt stand anyone enjoying it

          • mitch

            yeh haha it christmas for god sakes people do have lives unlike them and wana play games that they got and i got the crew and destiny like you have and they both need online

          • Blake_Alpha

            That’s exactly right. Just because they played naked twister with uncle toucheskids, does not mean they have the right to ruin other kids celebrations

  • jimmy greenwood

    no news on how long it will be til back on and i could just drop kick a midget to preferably a korean one

    • Blake_Alpha

      I prefer taiwanese, that way after I drop kick that midget, he can make me comfortable shoes whilst he’s on the ground. That way, I’ll have a comfortable jump through the barred window

  • George Abreu

    This mother……. lizard squad you can suck my ……. Pieces of s…. Messing with everyones christmas or holidays.

  • George Abreu

    I want to play war thunder to get some free aircrafts through challenges but this ignorants idiots had to hack everything. Did they hack Nintendo? Who knows possibly nintendo fan boys whoever they are the are just but holes.

  • Mr SWAG

    I just got gta and I can’t transfer my character because of this

  • Mr SWAG

    I am able to sign in but when try to play cod I can’t play online and the ps store says that it’s under maintenance

  • magnus

    I have ps4 and i eget pusses og bakside i vant login this error comes

    • magnus

      Dry for that all I want to say is fck lizzards

  • bobs

    What do they even get out of this

  • stevo

    Lizard squad just don’t have a life they have to ruin everything for everyone else just to make themselves happy

  • King of the Internet

    Serve you a lesson, suckers! You were tame when they chained you with their PSNs and xbox live’s, made you “verify” games that you bought with your own money – now see the consequences.
    Long live Lizard Squad!

  • Russell Westbrook’s Expression

    Damn, if my Psn don’t come back on I’m shooting up a public place

  • Shut up

    OMFG Sam, you’re obviously like 13 and think you “know more”, but you don’t know squat. Shut up.

  • Ryan

    Does anyone have even a clue when PSN or Xbox live will be back up?
    That and someone needs to find this little script kiddies and kill them, world would be a better place and it’s not like anyone would miss these assholes in the first place


      Xbox is back online. PSN is going to take 2 to 365 days to get the 80% of the fried servers back online.

  • Daniel

    Dear Lizard Squad,

    Fucking hop off of our dicks, stop crying like little assholes just because u cant put eye contacts on and put your bullshit self on us!! t(-.- )t

  • jb jan

    I still cant sign into my psn

  • Joseph Morales Feliciano

    First off, whom ever this is saying servers are back up for PSN’rs anywhere is not knowing what they are talking about!!!!! There is no service unless u have offline games! But the servers mainly for login traffic were attacked which is why many got bumped off/logged out! It’s a virus that could literally fry a systems servers! And if that was the case then replacing such is not easy!
    Yesterday, a few were able to get into the store but the system servers kept bumping us back out to the virus! I say…look to the long wait! And as for the writer to this article…u are doing a poor ass job on updates for everyone!!

    • N-Shifter

      The hell are you talking about, a virus? This has nothing to do with a virus, stop spreading nonsense.

  • Fuckyoulizardsquat

    Fcking lizardsquad i just want to play cod, but i fcking can’t omfg i’m so fucking irritated. I only got my ps 4 for a week and this fucking happens spn is down. Great lizardsquad thanks :)

  • magnus

    Fck This I want to play graphics and did a with friends

  • Sony

    I am working in Sony and will be done in at least 2 days

    • Blake_Alpha

      Well, shit :/


      Fuck that. You get the working before then. That means have your fucking firewalls up all the fucking time instead of 8 am to 9 pm.

  • wotM8

    Lizard – Loser. Loser Squad #confirmed #rekt #wotm8

  • kai

    Beware guys they have talen my stuff

    • Ryan

      taken what stuff?

      • kai

        Money details


    This six in pa fix it please

  • jaylin

    When I try to sign in on PlayStation 3 it says error code 80710092 , is this because they are trying to fix it? Anyone know how much longer it will be?

    • Blake_Alpha

      Hasn’t been any confirmed news on ETA of system online, yet. Hope it’s not much longer. I not long got back from my deployment overseas for holidays and my little sister and brother can’t play their games I bought them. And I can’t relax and play mine, either.

  • ThisGuy

    I’m just done with the ps4 I’m going to Xbox one it seems ps4 doesn’t know how to do anything right. Bye ps4!!! Hello Xbox one!!! :)


      It’s not the system. It is the fucking company that does nothing. The system is alright. It is the company that will do nothing because they got threats from little 15 year old geeks that just DDosed the shit out of Sony. At least Xbox Live servers are better than Sony because Sony said it will be two days before they get the servers working right. FUCK THAT SHIT!

  • Furstration

    *Sigh* Sony stills didn’t fixed the servers, and the funny thing is, THEY’RE NOT KEEPING US UPDATED. The last update was yesterday, Christmas Day, come on Sony, I know you guys are trying hard, but you can’t beat some douche bags that lives in their mom’s attic, that has nothing else to do. GOD DAMN your a billion dollar company.

  • David M Hollobaugh


  • Bob

    Why not just arrest the lizard squad ?


      Because the people don’t want to work ‘too much’.

  • Bob

    Sony have confirmed that it will be done in atleast 2 days sorry folks


      FUCK SONY, then I’m going to be with Sony anymore. Xbox, here I come.

  • TheZombieKillr10

    omg im geting pissed off like i have been waiting since a long time and i will ( gets too violent )…

  • Ryan

    lizard squad has officially stated the attacks have stopped after they fried 40%-80% of PSN servers

    • Blake_Alpha


      • Ryan

        i know this blows let me know if any of you are able to log in to psn

        • Blake_Alpha

          Will do, bud. You do the same. Please.

          Add me when it goes up Blake_Nova94


            That will take weeks, days, months, years, hours, minutes, or seconds. Sony will do it on their time and they don’t care about us unless we have money.

          • Blake_Alpha

            An unfortunate truth :/

  • Kevin Hensley

    Can’t Sony do something about lizzard squad I mean this it pitiful

  • ♫StevieWonder♫ᵂᴴᴼ ᶜᵃʳᵉˢ♚LEGEND

    wtf I cant sign into ps3 AGAIN!!

  • L

    North Korea MIGHT have something to do with it because they got pissed off at the movie “Interveiw” (the commercial shows the CIA asking two guys to assassinate North Korea’s president) and Xbox One is selling it in their online store they probably want a submission to taking down the movie.


      They do because Xbox Live and PSN have a movie that is against the North Korea’s dictator. Lizard Squad was trying to delete all records of the movie but they can’t delete it from the internet because it stays on the internet.

  • Chris Woods

    Fuck lizard squad. More like fagit squad

  • Audryy

    I just wanna watch Netflix uugghh

  • Richard Ward Jr.

    I could understand this if they were anti DNS servers or something positive for the gaming community, I would even support what the did on Christmas to make the point. I say this after spending 1000.00 for 4 COD advanced warfare bundles a gifts for my Kids.
    Then hearing the real reason appears to be for self amusement at the expense of others, adding it can benefit the security of members as a side note, Clearly shows the intentions of this group. When they get caught, I sure the Billions in profit they mention will be used to secure them a cozy cell where they’ll be getting there backdoor Hacked for years to come.
    As for Sony and Microsoft, this doesn’t leave you in the clear of not providing services and security for members. Allowing public servers for Games bought would clearly resolve this issue, but then you would have control of the public and get 50.00 + per family member. Honestly there is no Better if the 2 EVILS here.
    I hope both companies compensate all of us , Whom have been denied services for Monetary payments!!!!!

    We the Public need a place and forum to find out what can be done legally about this issue.

  • Jojo

    I was able to log into psn for my ps4 around 2 in the morning pacific time


    Can’t Log in, fucking Lizard Squad fried nearly 80% of PSN servers with their DDoS.

  • jeff

    What dumb cunts, why not ruin everything else for everyone, I bet those fuck wits have nothing better to do in life..

  • Anonymous

    Its Declared, Anonymous is at war with Lizard Squad.

    We are Legion- We do not forgive- We do not forget- We’re Anonymous.

    Lizard Squad, Expect us.

    • Blake_Alpha

      Bout time. Was wondering when you guys would push back. I attend anonymous rallies regularly, and was wondering why it took so long for anonymous to show up against Lizard squad :)

  • Lexi???


  • Lexi???

    There stupid

  • TheAxelRose

    I am so tired of this. I just want to play destiny and buy some stuff from xür before the weekend ends. I’ve been saving so much coins for this since I finally got the dlc and now I’m going insane.

  • TheAxelRose

    These hackers better just cut out the shit before I get really pissed cuz this is ruining the holiday for me

  • Austin

    This is terrible… I bought games online and dlc packs for black ops 2 and ghost, gtaV and they are all gone.. and i call to talk to someone and was told they couldn’t do anything at this point and put me on hold for 2 hours the took my number and still haven’t given me a call.. my Playstation 3 keeps freezing up and it’s brand new with brand new games….. this is very wrong…

  • Jcopp

    It sucks that you buy this system and can’t use it

  • Danielle

    These conversations are ridiculous Sony and Microsoft should anticipate these types of attacks if it’s so easily done. As and end user and investor, the system being down more than a few hours for “fixes” occasionally is the only acceptable answer. I’m disgusted and they need to get it together as this is Their business.meaning they plan for increase in traffic.and/or the idiots. A lot of people buy these systems at Christmas time. What a shame for the consumer when it’s not even operable. Shame on this whole conversation. None of you are too smart or you’d be getting paid to we.dont care who’s smarter. SONY FIX THE PROBLEM ASAP OR IM WITH THE KID WITH A BUNCH OF COMPLAINTS!

  • kb_cannom_killa

    Yea it sucks not only is it down but they are taking away the playstation plus for 2 days i havent been able to play wounder if they gonna give me those days back

  • Jacket

    We’ll there doing maintenance


    still undergoing maintenance

  • Damian

    Sony and Microsoft should hired elite groups too take them out completely not just regular people they hired to patch it


    playstation is back online MOTHAFUCKAS

  • AJ

    It works now :D

  • charlie_T5

    Sony and Microsoft are billionaire companies and they can’t stop a group of nine 20year old

  • Ethan

    I just wanna play assassin’s creed unity coop??

  • Aaron Hymes

    UGG I cant make vids for my youtubers WHAT AM I GOING TO DO, IM GOING CRAZY!!!

  • mikey

    Fucker’s got arrested and are already out such bs

  • Jack

    Lizard group is doing this because they are corrupt fucks who just wanna be a asshole


    PSN is full of it my son just wanted to play his new skylanders game on ps3 and couldn’t because Sony’s too cheap to maintain their networks and yeah wow he couldnt play yesterday either good thing his system and game aren’t open yet if Sony doesnt offer anything for ruining Christmas by being too cheap then were gonna take it back and get him a Wii just sucks because he was so excited to be able to have his own and play with me ooo well I’m sure the 140k users is now under 100k so I’d say everyone start a strike asking for beter more secure servers and at least one free game or 2 week ps plus because I get my son every other year and this year was by far the most bs Xmas ever don’t blame lizardsquad if 15-18 year olds can hack their networks then they obviously don’t care and avoid any expenses that would have prevented it they new in Nov of the attack and did shit but line their pockets and even laid off some employees that may have prevented it

  • Ryan

    Why does a huge multi billion dollar company have such a hard time keeping hackers from corrupting their system. Get some better protection Sony. This is bull.

  • Blake_Alpha


  • darknessfawn

    There bad people

  • Ty

    Well Microsoft are u Too easy on lizard squad bunches of nerdasss with glasses? Tell cops. To take them down .

  • Dwnl

    when these douche bags hit the prison scene Bubba will DDOS their assholes until they cant take it anymore,and then some.