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Report out of Taiwan Puts PS4 Released in 2012

by William Schwartz on July 4, 2011

If these rumors out of Taiwan are true, Sony is planning to start manufacturing the PlayStation 4 in 2011, with a 2012 launch window for the new console.  This is according to Tawian based manufacturing partners that are rumored to begin production on the device, Foxconn and Pegatron Tech.    The rumor which surfaced at Digi Times, claims that the 2012 release date will see at least 20 million PlayStation 4 consoles hit the market, but the real kicker is the tech coming bundled with the console.

The console is rumored to feature a body movement based control scheme similar to Microsoft’s Kinect.  How this will play into the PlayStation 4’s strategy if it turns out to be true was not divulged in the rumor.

There’s been plenty of talk about the next generation successors to the PlayStation 3 as of late, but Sony executive,  Jack Tretton,  said recently that the company sees no need for the PlayStation 3 to go anywhere, any time soon. Tretton told Forbes magazine that “I wouldn’t look for any discussion of a next generation PlayStation for quite some time”.  So take these rumors with the healthy grain of salt.   Though maybe, just maybe Sony wants to have a bullet in the chamber just in-case they need to match a 2012 surprise launch by the Xbox 360.

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  • Dan

    Read this on IGN. Most likely fake.

  • dude

    We all know Sony is building the next PlayStation. I doubt it’ll be released next year. I beleive they will announce it at the 2012 E3 and unveil it. I really don’t see new consoles coming to market until earliest 2013. Just a guess…

  • Cory

    2013 would be more reasonable. They can’t release a new one just when the ps3 is starting to do good.

  • Xbox PSN

    PS Vita and PS4 in the same year. No way. It makes no sense at all.

  • sheba

    omg if they copy microsoft i lose al my respect for sony….

  • Elcido6

    Posturing. Purely faint tactics that would possibly have Microsoft over think their next move and force their hand and have them rush their hardware to market, just like they did with the 360, which lead to a product with a 60 percent fail rate.

    Though I could be wrong, I don’t see this happening, Sony has the upper hand going forward this generation. And the fact is Microsoft’s console brand has only just begun barely making a profit for the first time in it’s existence, I don’t think either company can afford a new console at this time.

  • John Kirby

    I while back I predicted holiday 2012 for both the PS3 and 360, it just made sense given the release time of the Wii 2. Halo 4 for 360 threw me off, but then it could also be released for the next gen xbox at the same time…

  • Xbox PSN

    Elcido6, I think they both have the money to put a new console out. Keep in mind that Microsoft is one of the wealthiest companies in the world with Windows and Bill Gates. I don’t think Sony is doing too bad either.

  • Jon May

    Ya not going to happen, wish it would but theres no way. they just started making good money on the ps3.

  • LOL!

    build in Eyetoy nice! but i would like to see an early design next year but releasing PS4 next year meh maybe 2014.

  • Elcido6

    @Xbox PSN

    Microsoft has sunk between 1 and 2 billion dollars in losses every year into it’s console division since it’s existence, save for the last couple years when they’ve made a few hundred million in profits, Sony has squandered all of the money made it off the PS1 and PS2 into the PS3, while Nintendo makes a profit every year since it started making consoles (they used to make playing cards). They make more in any given year than both Sony and Microsoft have made off Playstation and Xbox in their lifetimes combined. How much longer CAN they afford to this?


    • robroy

      its Microsoft…100’s of millions is not that big of a deal to them…and don’t forget every Sony laptop sold Microsoft gets money from them…. Microsoft gets money from Facebook and Skype now even send don’t forget that ol’ deal they made with apple 15 yrs back…so thanks for buying that iPod Microsoft say’s.

  • DTBF

    Way too early. They haven’t topped out the PS3 yet, so it makes no sense to release a new console. Plus I don’t think Sony will release it with the Vita, even though Sony is arrogant ($600 price tag ring a bell) I don’t think they would do sonething that stupid, especially after the PSN fiasco.

    • Roadshow

      Dude you are an idiot.

      $600 price tag did suck, it’s not called being arrogant, it’s called being ambitious.

      At $600 the PS3 was a steal. Too much money for most people though and Sony has learned from that mistake. Hello Vita with all that awesome technology and all for only $299.

      Hell that’s cheaper than an ipod Touch yes the PS Vita has touch screen, dual cameras, touch pad on back, dual analog sticks, wifi or 3G (I’d go with wifi) and can play PS3 games.


      Sony put so much into the PS3, and now at $299 is a hell of a steal still. Come on 360 was $399 on release and only went down $100. The PS3 has come down $300!

      Yeah, so you tell me which one has more value right now? The one that has no features, the only one pay to play, pay for battery charger, no new technology at all and has only come down $100 since release?

      or the one that has come down $300, has nothing but new technology, free online play, best games, best motion control and true exclusives.

      I’ll take the one with all the new technology that’s come down $300 since release.

  • Black_Napalm

    i call bull shit.

  • Stevie


  • Grecs

    Ofcourse they are building or developing or anything it it’s just a matter of when they decide to release it

  • NJB


    Cant believe you actually think the Kinect is original and that Sony and Nintendo copied it.

    i remember when MS said the Wii was a gimmick and that MS will never go down the same route. Funny a few years l8r and MS are doing exactly what they said they would never do. Hypercrits.

  • ragglefraggle1

    you mean body control’s similar to the kinect, wich was similar to the eyetoy.

  • Allen

    I don’t think sony is going to do any body control at all, that’s just total bs.

    First off you don’t spend money on marketing making fun of Kinect “phew, phew, bam, bam I got u” and “yay buttons” Buttons are pretty important apparently.

    Looking at how Killzone, Mag, SOCOM, Heavy Rain, LBP 2 & Time Crisis implement Move I’d say that PS Move has proven to be hardcore, the most accurate (1:1, no lag, no mis-reading commands) and very family oriented. All I did is get the demo for eye pet and start the party and my wife went and picked it up right away.

    Anyways here we are what, 7 or 8 months after Kinect released and still have the lag problem, mis reading commands (both of which are supposedly able to be fixed with a patch or software upgrade) and yet we also still have no hardcore games.

    Most of what M$ is looking to do with Kinect is just simple little stuff like head tracking for Forza. I just think all of that is too stupid.

    Kinect is good for the dance game, that’s about it. Even then I say it lagged and mis-read commands. But hey, I’m comparing to Move so of course Kinect would be behind.

    Hell even the Nintendo Wii mote is more accurate than Kinect and that’s without the motion plus.

    • robroy

      i think kinect is at a 1:1 ratio on pc…just gonna take time with drivers and such on the 360 and getting it right…like in forza head tracking…

  • DTBF

    I’ll take a fcking console for $300 and a handheld for preferably $100-200. Sorry but handhelds for me are useless unless they are modded for the old school games and even then the fun fades fast. Considering I have a 55in and a 32in hdtv a handheld holds no interest to me, especially one so horribly overpriced. 2 cameras, really two? Why do you need 2 cameras? 2nd thumbstick is badass for sure. Touch screen, clearly unnecessary. Forcing AT&T service at $50 a month means that those of you who bitch about Live can’t bitch anymore considering your getting fcked harder.

  • DTBF

    $600 price tag along with the attitude of you need this and your dumb if you think differently is being either arrogant or an arrogant asshole. I got my PS3 when it was $600 and again at $300. So yeah go ahead and say I’m an xbot.


    LMAO DTBF is a real idiot.

    Dude, PS Vita has Wifi (preferred) and 3G. Wifi is great and everywhere I go has it so that’s the choice for me.

    $250 for all that tech, hell even the Nintendo DS is $250, it doesn’t have anything like PS Vita.

    Why in the world do you need 2 cameras? What are you stupid?

    One facing rear so you can take pictures, one facing forward so you can do face to face chat. Just like on ipod touch.

    touch screen useless? Excuse me but I enjoy those stupid little games on ipod like angry birds and cut the rope. Not to mention that the hard core games coming to PS vita will utilize the touch screen.

    So once again, you sound like a complete idiot and I am enjoying every second of it!

  • Nava

    I want to get the ps4 because is going to be than the Ps3

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