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Rockstar takes aim at GTA Online Cheaters

by Al McCarthy on January 16, 2014


Rockstar is taking aim at GTA Online Cheaters by removing the counterfeit GTA$ from the game and penalizing those who have exploited the online economy. A message sent over from Rockstar claims that they will be taking action against players who engaged in using cheats and exploits, giving those players in-game penalties at their discretion.

For those that came into cash but did not exploit the game, their cash will be taken away as well, but will face no in-game disciplinary action.

Rockstar is asking for players to band together and inform them when they see activity in the online game, by using the in-game reporting functionality.

These penalities and fixes should be in place as part of yesterday’s maintenance period for the GTA V.

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  • Matthew.H

    All I can say about this is it’s about time they sorted it out. The amount of times I’ve seen people with levels 500+ and people going around in tanks blowing other players up for the hell of it. I had some idiot blow up my personal car three times. Unfortunately it must have been a glitched lobby as I didn’t get paid out on the insurance.:( I’m just glad that I didn’t kill any bounties considering the amount of players being given millions of in-game money.

    • RamFan

      It wasn’t a glitch. The jerk blowing you up repeatedly put all his money in cash in a second character, so his account appears to be empty. No money to pay with means you get stuck with the bill. If Rockstar were actually serious about ‘taking aim at cheaters’ they’d fix the cheats that hurt their player base instead of going after the money!

  • thtkidlee

    Glad I played the right way, worked hard to get my apartment . Players out there join my crew Hella Cru.Help buiild the fam. On Xbox I am @thtkidlee

  • Art of the game

    Rockstar is mad becouse they are losing money becouse they screwed up! I sure as hell am not going too pay more money in a game that was already nearly $100 there crooks and ppl found a way too make the game more enjoyable! I think now with the new update I think Rockstar might have just made the biggest mistake for there own sake! Just wait I’m sure these hackers can end the online altogether! Good luck on your next game Rockstar

  • Kobe Barajas

    wow i lost all my money and i didnt do any glitches or cheats… now i have 18,000 T_T

  • that ome guy

    Its not freaking, I didn’t hack I used REAL LIFE MONEY to get MONEY IN GTA 5 you know buy 300,000 dollars from the game with Microsoft points yet they took that away

    • Art of the game

      Rockstar will pay in the end

    • asshole

      You are an idiot who is so stupid he has to buy money to play the game.

  • Cheaters_SUCK

    @art of the game : you have to cheat? you cant play the game how its ment to be played? thats pretty sad really. think it’s time you moved out your parents basement and got a job, grew up and moved on…

  • Yusuf


  • xUNIQUETricKzZx .

    Who cares the hackers will find more and more then what will rockstar do

  • dylan

    can any give me money my name is coolguy1234432

  • dylan

    can help me levle up tht would help me alot thank u

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