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Is GTA V getting new strip club DLC?

by Al McCarthy on July 15, 2014


Grand Theft Auto Online may be getting a handful of new strip clubs added to the game, if a recent discovery and speculation from YouTuber MrBossFTW holds true.

Apparently, a handful of files have been discovered that reveals new interiors layouts for upcoming buildings that players will be able to use. The YouTuber has linked the interior layouts that were discovered, with existing buildings in Los Santos.

The first is of “Hornbills”, a strip club in Los Santos that can not currently be entered, but looks similar to the interior map that was discovered.

The second, might not be a strip club at all, and maybe just a dance club like those found in The Ballad of Gay Tony. The YouTuber postulates that “Bahama Mamas”, another building that cannot currently be accessed in GTA V, could be a prime location for this sort of building.

New GTA V Strip Clubs

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  • Cpsteel

    I’m with you Boss man. The current strip club is pretty useless. If R* could introduce something else that you can do, besides get drunk & throw handfuls of cash at chicks in bikinis, that might be cool. Maybe a dancing mini game where you can compete for other players? Or random barfights? Maybe a juke box? I think it would be cool if R* incorporated some of these places into the missions. I don’t know that I’d pay too much extra though for an essentially empty building with nothing to do. There needs to be something to pull you in off of the mean streets of Los Santos.

    • clinton notestine

      it would be kinda funny to have the crew do a full monty recreation

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