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Saints Row 4 Due in 2013

by Bill Hess on June 21, 2012

Saints Row: The Third fans had expected a new portion of downloadable content to arrive in the coming months titled “Enter the Dominatrix”.  Today, Volition announced that they would not be bringing that new piece of content to fans.  However, they did say that this content would be included in a brand new full-fledged sequel, tentatively titled Saints Row 4.

You’re gonna have to wait a little while for this sequel to arrive.  Saints Row 4 isn’t due until 2013.   The newly appointed President of THQ explained that the company has high hopes in continuing the Saints Row franchise, saying that this sequel would be a “full-priced, full-length, high-quality, connected experience.”

Enter the Dominatrix would have been the first stand-alone downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third following the season pass content that released on the heels of the 2011 launch.

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  • Ben Murphy

    look i want Saints Row 4 to be perfect . what i want to see is an open world game i mean id love if you’d put in more myths i just love myths anyway i want more seriousness and please cut out the silliness i want this sequel to be more gta like what i would love to see is a proper city like stilwater .just put stilwater with more detail like proper hobos/hookers and realistic people i just didn’t like the lack of what saints row 3 had gaven us . also i want more and better weapons i dont want the whole focus on being captured by an alien . i want a better story . sky diving. hill climbing. gym . bars where u can actually drink and cause fights. i dont want sr4 to be cheating. volition must find a better way of getting muscular . i want girl cops to be in sr4 because it will make the game more realistic . my favourite character from saints rows series is my own character . i want saints row 4 to be mostly like gta . make better character / car / gang / penth house customization to be braught to a whole new lev

  • Ben Murphy

    PART 2 . make better fighting skills .GTA steering .gripping .driving id love to see Animals . Farms. i want to enter most buildings in sr4 . Subways . enterable trains. choppers.more choices.better choices.better game play. keep the actions from sr3 . better DLC. its been long and u still have hospitals to change ur hair. what about a barber ?. i dont want warp to shore shit if u want ur game more realistic REMOVE IT .these are the characters i want in the game . Dex.Troy.Tobias.Johnny.Wheel Woman.Angel.Matt millar.Jimmy (DLC) . Legal Lee.Wong and his Assistant.Pierce.Oleg.Kinzie. Jane (News Woman).Tera Patrick.Jaime (Dane vogels Assistant). i want more but i cant think of them . i want a better scope of gang / penth house /character /vehicle customization . lets hope u put in a MASSIVE forest where u can go hunting .finds (and actually make them 100 % real . also build a bigger . better and more serious still water cuz on sr2 when u crouch u make some kind of creepy puppy face.

  • Ben Murphy

    100 % real myths are to be included . a better military army . no zombie shit . it has to end. make people’s appearance look more real make them wear all kinds of clothes instead of copying each other . hand guns. machine guns .sniper rifles . hand grenades . . weathers i want to see in sr4 . rain .light rain.heavy rain. breeze . snow. sunny . very sunny .day time . evening .morning.wet.dry.storms.

  • Ben Murphy

    hurricanes . tornados including the choppers. ufo.pee wee. septic truck AND THE activities . have a riot where u can have all gangs after u and the military and cops .FBI.SWATS . riot shields . run faster . beaches where sand is blowing on them. better vehicle’s and the old ones too.better clothes and the old ones too. this is what i want in the game . wrestling .skiing.gym.joining the Army. have better sea .better swimming. running. jumping and more voices i would love the old ones too. change height . fatness . muscular . scrawny . medium. i really hope Volition and THQ put this stuff in ur game THANKS im saints rows biggest Fan.

  • Ben Murphy

    make the game have climb able mountains and Bank Robbery also if this game is the final game put a lot of effort in to this game because i dont want to complete around 40 missions . we need more . a lot more . also make the game feel alive and make stillwater bigger like at least the size of Ireland ok. every one would love my ideas so im telling u put all of my ideas in ur game it’ll be great i have 2 more ideas . u can be the size of mereo and killbane and a brute also make the option to have a big muscular body and make the women chase u and have moving clothes chains hair ect. play more. and how about meeting my characters parents . oh and blow up the city cuz i heard rumours go around about THQ and Volitition confiming that u can blow up the city

  • Matthew

    hi i would want saints row 4 to be perfect as shiny gold i want every thing that ben said . make it serious and not stupid .

  • Allen

    Maybe they can bring back online play

  • Michael

    Have all the music from the 3 previous instalments and put in more and have more weapons and military equipment have food on streets like hotdogs alike mafia2 and have up to 40 players in multiplayer and more clothes especially customisable options like growth and put the growth like kill bane up to 10 ft tall and 2 in height that would will be cool 2 and surfing ;)

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