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New Sim City arriving in February 2013

by William Schwartz on June 1, 2012

Amidst EA’s lineup details for E3, the company has revealed that their new Sim City title will be arriving in February 2013. According to the press release:

“Powered by the GlassBox simulation engine, SimCity is taking back its crown as the king of city-building games. Players will have the power to build the city of their dreams, connect with their friends and face real-world challenges together as SimCity comes to retail and Origin in February 2013.”

Maxis’ Sim City reboot will arrive on PC only next year, here are some E3 screenshots for the city building simulation.

Sim City Screenshots

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  • Pucksprite

    Well these screenshots are a little disappointing. The lighting looks so flat and dull, and the flora looks so bland and nondescript. What happened to the magic promised with Direct X11 atmospheric lighting? I do enjoy the optimistic, cartoonish style of the Maxis Sim brand, but I was hoping for a little more of a breakthrough in graphics given the long dormancy of the franchise. These screenshots might have been more exciting in 2007, but in 2013 they look a little passé.

    I think Cities XL looks better in the graphics department. I hope Maxis will catch up and fix this before final release.

    • Pucksprite

      I mean the building details look alright. I just wish they would make the lighting a little punchier. It doesn’t look like real sunlight that I’ve seen in some of the other concept art, more like fake computer light, and the lights on the buildings don’t really seem to glow and reflect off objects.

  • Sisquo

    What do you mean by “taking back its crown as the king of city-building games”?

    When did Sim City loose the crown? :-)

  • Pucksprite

    I also hope the buildings in the game are created by procedural generation, so they look more realistically random.

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