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Take Two skeptical for games like GTA V on the Wii U

by Bill Hess on June 17, 2012

GTA V might not arrive on the Wii U, according to recent concerns expressed by the game’s publisher. Take Two Interactive’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick expressed his concerns on bringing “mature titles” to the new platform. While Zelnick assured that the company is still committed to bringing its catalog of family oriented and sports titles to Nintendo’s next console, the company’s “core” games like Grand Theft Auto are less assured.

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Zelnick said he’s skeptical of bringing those games to the Wii U, “We haven’t announced anything,” and the publication doesn’t think that’s going to change anytime soon. “For a company like ours, it’s a great opportunity. New console launches separate the winniners from the losers, and we fully expect to be one of the winners.”

Rockstar hasn’t even announced a release window for Grand Theft Auto V. After a showing last year of a brief trailer, both Take Two and Rockstar haven’t said much about the mysterious project, but it looks like the Wii U will be notably absent on the list of platforms that the game will be available on.

These sentiments from the CEO surely haven’t stopped people from thinking about the possibilities that the Wii U tablet could provide the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Considering the use of the PDA in GTA IV, some gamers have already started preparing their mock-ups for the next batch of GTA V rumors.

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  • JaeBo46

    fuck the wii u

    • JohnHunter

      yea, couldn’t agree more, ps3 all the way

  • gta vfan

    Nintendo fans only want gta v on pii u just so that their system can be considered “cool” Judging by nintendos e3 the wii u will be the wii all over again…I’ll stick with ps3 and then ps4 next

  • Kevin

    Who gives a shit about the Wii u? Im sticking with the xbox 360.


      Yeah xbox all the way

  • Nessie

    Super Nintendo was the only system that was really fun from nintendo. The NES was great but lacked what Super offered. After that I did not care for Nintendo anymore. Now it’s only Sony and Microsoft for me.

  • RickyBubblesJulian

    Man I need to drop the Cosby kids off at the pool. Wii U seems to me like a play it once yay fun now I’m bored. I’ll stick with my dirty ole ps3, she’s got lotsa kick left in her. Cory Trevor, smokes, now

  • Jagged

    Eh it’s a crying shame when people talk this way about a video game system, gamers my ass. WiiU will be awesome, my gosh its not even out yet -.-. Just like me saying the PS4 ( insert swear) is gonna be awful. Also they didnt say it wouldnt just not sure.

  • corwinsr

    Zelnick is an ass. He’s being dickish about the WiiU as if he’s an eight year old. skeptical about mature titles?! seriously?

    Apparently he hasn’t done any homework on the WiiU. Its launching with Aliens: Colonial Marines, Killer Freaks From Outer Space and ZombieU – all of which are more mature in content than any GTA.

    Zelnick is nothing more than another loser Nintendo hater that can’t see past his own ego what’s happening in the rest of the gaming world. Fine, he’ll take the hit as other more adult companies climb on board. The WiiU is launching with more M titles than the PS3 did for #$%&*! sake!

    What an idiot.

    • just a guy

      Wow you nintendo fanboys really think your system is going to be so cool just because its getting m rated games at launch -_- I always thought nintendo fans hated violant games but when they come on your system, oh no they’re cool! Yeah and 90% of the m rated games coming to wii u are already on ps3 and xbox before the wii u launches…Yeah and zombi u is the only exclusive you named there. You’re just pissed because even the president of take two thinks the wii u is a casual system

    • the masked middle finger

      You’re not launching with Colonial Marines, it’s not out until 2013, wii u is out this year.

      Also, think the Wii U might just be like the Wii. It comes out with graphics a little bit better than ps2/xbox, but then the 360 and ps3 arrive and blow it out of the water. With the 720 and ps4 rumoured, I wouldn’t rule out it happening again.

  • someone

    i like turtles

  • Ofaliss

    I want in on this…


  • SuperTrainStationH


    Grand Theft Auto should only be on mature systems.

    That’s why they created the critically acclaimed Chinatown Wars exclusively for Nintendo DS.

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