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Skyrim Dawnguard is a massive expansion

by Bill Hess on June 15, 2012

They say good things come to those who wait, and Skyrim fans that have been waiting  for the game’s first expansion are about to be paid off for their patience.  Early indications from Bethesda suggested that the downloadable content for Skyrim would be big, but the company has recently gotten more specific about just how massive their first expansion, Dawnguard, would be.

The Lead Artisit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has recently set the record straight on what to expect from the first DLC for Skyrim due out later this month.   “It’ll take between 10 and 20 hours to beat,” said Matt Carofano of BGS.    As far as DLC goes, that’s pretty massive.  “It’s about as long as a faction line, so about as long as the Mages College or Companions Guild quests.”

As you may already know, this first Skyrim expansion focuses on vampires, with two seperate storylines that focus on the Dawnguard (vampire hunters) and the vampires themselves.
“It’ll take between 10 and 20 hours to beat,” said Matt Carofano of BGS.

For comparison’s sake, Carofano said that “Dawnguard will be significantly bigger than any Fallout DLC,”  and compared to previous Elder Scrolls DLC, “It’s not quite as big as Shivering Isles, but there’s still alot of content there.”

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is currently in beta on the Xbox 360.  Bethesda selected only a handful of players to participate in the beta, to make sure the content is functioning properly ahead of its June 26th release on the Xbox 360.  Skyrim Dawnguard will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for a month before heading to the PC and PS3 adventurers.

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  • Falcon

    Um, yeah. As big as the faction quests? The Mages College and Companion questlines were jarringly short. Like, 2 hours at the most.

    The Thieves’ Guild and Dark Brotherhood were much longer, but those aren’t the ones specifically and intentionally mentioned here.

    Better be way bigger than those faction quests, otherwise “20 hours” is a dirty, filthy lie.

    • Allen

      Actually I’m going back through right now and ranking a new charactor, I totally agree. Mages was beat in no time, I remember it being a long mission but in realitiy it’s like 3 short one’s, especially with fast travel.

    • Ignorance LVL: Allen


  • Noro

    Falcon, if you finished the College and Companions quest line in two hours you have waaay too much time in your hands

    • sno0ks

      I’m pretty sure all he needed was 2 hours…

      The College and Companion questlines were insultingly short.

    • Booby Broon

      Since when is finishing something in only 2 hours equivalent to having to much time?
      Learn when to use the ‘to-much-time’ card bud.

  • wolfboy

    Yeah, I beat Companions in, maybe, an hour and a half.
    Mages is a bit more challenging if you do it early on, which is what happens to me, but it only takes me three hours at most.
    Dawnguard better be VERY long. I am paying a third of the price of Skyrim itself for it! I mean, just the promise of the Vampire Lord form itself makes up for it… but still!

  • Roar

    I am sure you guys did the full game in under 30 hours right?

  • shinja

    Yeah i beat the companions quest in like 2 hours maybe and mages took less time than that as long as you don’t dawdle and jump around. all factions and story line take 20 hours maybe probably less. i think mine says 40 and im just fooling around. bethesda even stated the main story was only 2 and half hours long in main skyrim. so i hope its 10-20 hours.

  • Frank

    You guys are obviously new to te Elder Scrolls franchise. If you’ve played anyone before, you’d know that DLC is something they don’t slack on. Whether it be Tribunal, Blood Moon, or the Shivering Isles, their dlc is always long as hell and interesting.

    • Allen

      I think the Horse Armor is just giving Elder Scrolls a bad rep.

  • CrimsonZero

    I tried to take my time when doing the companions and the college of winterhold like exploring the castle and talking to everyone i could. it took about 5 hours to complete the college and about 6 hours to complete the companions. Like i said i tried to take my time but it still felt very short especially if you compare the college of winter hold to the mages guild in oblivion. There is a huge diffrence in the time it took and the amount of quests at least for the main story plus i felt more satsifaction to work my way up to the rank of arch-mage in oblivion, in skyrim you just kinda become the arch-mage.

  • Taiseir

    I Really don’t care about how many hours it takes to beat. All I care about is how awesome the content is; so if it’s anything as awesome as previous DLC’s I will not be dissapointed.

  • Urglefloggah

    I’m not bothered how quickly you can finish it, just so long as there’s plenty of land to roam around, exploing, finding loot and killing stuff. The quests are almost a side issue, extra pleasure if you like, for people like me that like to go their own way in the game.

  • Frank

    Lol horse armor. Can’t believe it’s been 6 years!

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