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Skyrim Dawnguard on PS3 still missing while problems persist on all platforms

by Bill Hess on August 24, 2012

The Dawnguard expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim launched quite some time ago on the Xbox 360 and more recently on the PC. The PlayStation 3 is the only console that has yet to see a release of the first Skyrim expansion, something that the developer chalked up to technical issues with the content. Bethesda game studios has yet to issue an official timeline as for when to expect the content, but when it arrives hopefully any issues with the expansion have been resolved.

Bethesda hasn’t elaborated on the types of problems they are seeing with the Dawnguard expansion, but the Bethsoft forums are bustling with activity on all platforms that has players of the Skyrim Dawnguard expansion seeing numerous issues. This could be insight into what problems Bethesda is seeing on the PS3.

On the Xbox 360 players are experiencing numerous problems with the content, these range from issue with loading times, random crashes and freezes of the game, and other problems since Dawnguard released on the console. Some players on the console are even asking if there is any way to revert to previous patches to help fix the problems.

Problems on the PC version of Skyrim Dawnguard seem to be much less prevalent and more user specific due to the varying setups of a PC gamer. As for the PS3, there have been mixed responses to the latest 1.7 update on the console. Some Skyrim players on the PS3 have had little to no problems with the latest patch, while others are experiencing game breaking bugs that have actually made the game worse for them, despite adding mounted combat as a new gameplay feature.

With PS3 fans still dealing with console freeze, infinite load screens, severe lag, texture pop-in, and other major issues, it’s understandable that Skyrim Dawnguard on the PS3 hasn’t arrived just yet. What’s not quite as understandable is the fact that these issues have persisted for the better part of a year.

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  • Gaming Loner

    Any updates on patch 1.7 europe? (ps3) plz reply i just want some info.

    • jesus


    • sam

      believe me you don’t want it…the mounted combat isn’t that great and the patch ,it’s self, ruins alot of your gameplay.

    • Bethesda Representative

      Hahaha we screwed you pathetic PS3 users. We lied about Dawnguard’s performance on PS3 and we will NEVER release Dawnguard on Playstation 3. We will continue our loyalty with Microsoft and will forever screw you Playstation 3 losers over. Why?….because we can. Please shut up, stop complaining, and stop sending us hate mail on our webpage. We honestly could care less about your opinions on how we operate business. The Playstation 3’s limited ram is an upmost disgrace and we refuse to dawdle any further on this situation. When we want your opinion, we’ll ask for it. Thank you.


      Bethesda Representative

      • PS3 DOVAH DUDE

        you know wut happens to trolls when im around? i shishkabob em and take the troll fat . you the troll

        • Bethesda Representative

          Get a load of this!!!!!

          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…\………. _.·´


          Bethesda Representative


    There’s no problems with the PS3 version of Skyrim now. It’s all been great for a long time. Glad to hear they are fixing the bugs on Dawnguard before they roll em out on PS3 but so far I’ve moved on from Skyrim again. I was really dissapointed when it didn’t roll out on time but now I’m emersed in several other games so take your time Bethesda, I may not even buy your DLC anymore.

  • the face

    Ps3 patch for European players is still in certification apparently

  • m foster

    Shoot I live innorth east usa and still no 1.7 patch for me just the 1.6 patch

    • Joey

      @m foster 1.6 for PS3 is 1.7 if it didnt work go into ur games and uninstall 1.6 and install it again. once again. 1.6 IS 1.7 for PS3

  • chris

    OK ill be first to admit that the game is not 100% stable on the PS3. But its not 100% stable even on the most elite PCs. The truth is I just want to fucking play dawnguard. Bethesda is constantly beating around the bush. Give us some sort of a damn release date. This is ridiculous. I spent like 4 weeks prior to the original “release date” preparing and now its been two fucking months since then and there’s not even a fuckin’ estimation? Give me a break Bethesda. Your lucky you make great games because if you didn’t I would never buy another one again. Gods give me strength!

    • noah

      trust me i have too and so have millions it really sucks

  • detlev


  • noah

    ps3 should have dawnguard by now we were supposed to have it by june then they forget ps3 and are working on xbox and pc bugs give ps3 a chance this is a load of crap im mean come on ps3 is always left out last forgotten and yet we have the most players without bugs does anyone else notice this! bethseda is just riDICulous whos with me?

    • yaknow

      At least Ubisoft tends to make PS3 their primary station. They’re really friendly to use with AC, and at E3 most of the game plays they had were on PS3. I’m not saying support them no matter what, but I do think Ubisoft is one of the friendliest companies along with Square-Enix, that make games for both counsels.

  • Bethesdafucktards

    well they did say a while back that the release date was september the 9th for ps3 and we denied it, so tbh the way its going i can see that very well happening. #bethesda_are_cunts

    • Senator476ad

      That wasn’t Bethesda dude, that was some moron that stated it without a source. Had Bethesda announced that, it would be all over the net

  • yaknow

    As impatient as I am now for waiting for 2 months now. I would rather have the DLC and deal with the bugs until they patch it up, but I do kinda like how the poobox is used for a proving ground to find out the problumes, so bethie can hopefully nerf it against bugs when they have to bump the up graphics and quality for PS3.
    I would much rather have it now, but if the poobox has big bugs to fix (no surprise there) then I don’t mind waiting.
    I just wish we could get more news on it, that would calm me down, and assure the now very disgruntled PS fans that they care, and are doing everything in their power

  • Somedude

    i honestly have never had any game breaking bugs on any iteration of skyrim. Once when the game FIRST came out Vilkas got stuck in a perpetual greeting dialogue loop but that was easily fixed by reverting to a previous save. the newest patch is imo pretty cool, horses seemed sort of pointless before unless you were using them to get over steep terrain, now at least they have more than one function.

  • NJDude

    What kills me is that all these issues should have been fixed before the DLC was released on any console. I haven’t had a ton of issues with the latest patch, I did have to uninstall then install the game & patch from my system to clear up the water freeze issue. Since then I haven’t had any issues at all.
    Like a lot of people I had the option to buy Skyrim on PS3 or crapBox, I chose the PS3 cause well frankly it’s a much better console, better graphic’s & sound = better system in my book. At this point I’d kinda rather see dawnguard held back till Hearthfire is released & then since carpBox gets first crack at that DLC also, the PS3 users could get Dawnguard & then 30 days later (fingers crossed) Hearthefire would be ready for download & we’d get two expansions in a 30 day span. If that’s not the plan, then just release the friggin thing & maybe thru good customer dialog Bethesda could figure out all the bugs and fix them more quickly.

  • darran

    what the problem whit this game Dawnguard for ps3

  • John

    There are only 2 possibilities:

    1) Microsoft is buying out the best game of 2011, as a way to push foreign hardware and software companies like sony out the window.

    2) Bethesda is actually making something special (possibly exclusive) for Ps3, and they are being good about making sure it doesn’t leak.

    my money is on the first one though. Microsoft pretty much pulled this move when they were just in the computer software business. There were really no computer software engines at the time that were able to function to a business’s standards until Microsoft came around. most people pushed mac out the window, and in return were left with shit that forced you to purchase software upgrades in order to make they’re computers run more smoothly. The realization is that Microsoft is monopolizing the market…again. If people don’t pull they’re cards out of that company now, some time down the road, they will be left with a shitty system, that demands you pay twice as much for frivolous things that should in actually be free.

    • John

      By the way. I realize now that I kept using “they’re” in stead of their. I just don’t double check what I write.

  • Jeb Bush

    Bethesda if you want to earn my respect again, then you should give Dawnguard for free to the PS3 owners, but I know that won’t happen.

    • Cool dude

      Derp.. whats the point in that then…

    • Magus

      That is not going to happen, they’re a business, they are not going to make any profit that way, might as well not release it at all if they’re going to give it away for free.

  • liam crookes

    offical anouncment on the bethesda website the patch 1.7 europe for dawnguard is to be released on monday the 28/08/12

  • Angry Bethesda Fan

    Bethesda shouldn’t be working on xbox 360 and PC bugs, as well as FALLOUT 4!!! They should be working on PS3 and Dawnguard. and why is it the Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine worked fine on Oblivion, but Dawnguard is screwing up Skyrim? Talos save me.

  • The Future of Sega

    Get rid of your PS3. Purchase a 360 with a copy of Skyrim… you’ll live a happier life. :-)

  • casper13rocks

    the new patch sucks it a bitch to talk 2 every1 now and collecting some things or pulling chain stuff round for sevral minuets at a time trying to get a lock on it

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