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Skyrim developer wants PC mods on console

by Bill Hess on June 13, 2012

The Elder Scrolls franchise has always had a great modding community.  This has been amplified further with their latest release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, due to a more streamlined set of features between Bethesda Game Studios and Valve.

Unfortunately, there are alot of Elder Scrolls fans that have never played the game on PC, which is the only place to experience a wide ranging list of enhancements and tweaks to the Bethesda’s RPGs.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Todd Howard of the studio explains how he would like to see mods on consoles.

“If I ran the video game world, all consoles would be exactly the same way as PCs,” Todd Howard explained.

Bethesda has been busy doing a bit of Skyrim modding of their own since the game’s November ’11 launch.  Since then, the studio has added numerous tweaks to the gameplay through various updates to the game on consoles.  Horse Combat, Kill-Cams, Kinect Voice Functionality and other features have been added to the game on the fly.

Later this summer, the studio will ship its first expansion pack for the game with ‘Dawnguard’, but who knows, maybe next generation Todd Howard and co.  will get their wish.


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  • That guy

    leave mods on pc… most modders are passionate pc players so i feel if they did this the modders would go out of their way to keep consoles from getting their content.

    • The Future of Sega

      Ignore this simpleton. If you want to make money Bethesda we demand mods over pathetic PC users. And rest assured we will thoroughly deal with you PC noobs who try to hinder the process. The PC is an isolated unpopular platform that only loners of society play. Why choose a bunch of dorks on PC over the hundreds of MILLIONS console game owners?!?

      Makes no sense to me…Oh and by the way…pwned.

    • Argonian Man

      I do think that consles should get mods but you seem to not realize that mods are made by PC players and without them we wouldn’t be able to get mods anyway.

    • Celkath

      @The Future of Sega,

      Like the above post states, you do realize that calling the PC genre “an isolated unpopular platform that only loners of society play.” only either proves that you are a troll, or that you have no knowledge of code/hardware in reference to electronics at all.(All console code is written on Personal Computers, thus calling the people who write the software that lets you sit on your ass noobs is rather below you)

      Get a life. <3

  • Your Pool Guy

    And I want hair like his.

  • M’aiq The Stander

    Both sides have valid arguments, however i’m gonna be the dick who brings up a third side to this argument, making it a…um Trigument?

    Any-who, I think console users deserve to receive mods, but not to make them as they would be restricted in what they could create and the Console-Generated Mods would be a horrible repeat of LittleBigPlanet (in which you would find 1 unique level within a 1000 repetitive levels).

    Also i believe that the amount of/which Mods should be restricted as to avoid said Consoles erupting in a violent explosion of plastic and wires maiming the by-standers face in the process. But seriously, what i really mean is that their must be a way for mods to be conveniently ported over to consoles, without undergoing the fore-mentioned face-maiming.

    As well as ALL OF THAT, each Mod must be safe for our consoles and our Ability to play Skyrim; a mod that adds an entire continent may result in a slight dose of Never-play-me-again(….yness?).

    On-a-slightly-unrelated-but-in-a-way-related topic, “Have you seen any mud-crabs recently? Nasty Creatures”

  • njb

    The best MODS are that are at least 5 years old. Some for current games are good but most r just pants.

  • Luke

    mods for consoles would be ok, but as a player who has both console and pc skyrim, I think that mods would do more harm than good on consoles. On a pc players have the ability to “fix” bad or corrupt mods with the conole commands or by modding the bad mods. Console players don’t have these options and one bad mod on your system could ruin the whole experience. Bethesda should just keep making quality, “mega” DLC like dawnguard, and try to improe upon the concepts from the good mods that are out there in the DLC.

  • caik

    PC is for work, Apple deskop is for work, and very $$$ for just games. Linux is better for work too, like inside Pixar. Games = Consoles and free time. Low prices please!

  • Han

    and Zenimax/Bethesda are a bunch of liars, with id software Tim Willits and Peter Hines, they are full of bullshit.

  • andrewwmEK9

    you can add mods on the ps3 version if its jailbroken an u put the software on it

  • angry man

    most people like me can not a foord a good computer mine is a laptop that can not even take discs I find it unfair that only coputers get all the mods and cool content but consoles don’t it is not my fault that my parents got me a xbox in stead of a computer or that my laptop cant take discs so it is only fair that consoles should have mods to

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