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Skyrim on the PS Vita is a reality for this developer

by Bill Hess on July 16, 2012

If you’re a PS Vita owner you’ve likely been waiting patiently for Sony to utilize the Remote Play functionality in a more meaningful way. It’s one of the best features of the handheld, but not many games use it. This weekend, one developer got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to work on the PS Vita by using the Skyrim SDK and PS Vita Remote Desktop functionality and Mobile development Kit.

It’s far from perfect, but they do have the game running between 26-33 frames per second, for a fairly high quality handheld Skyrim experience. Though the developer did say that a control scheme needs to be implemented for it to work fully.

It’s unknown if this will ever be released for public consumption, and with Bethesda hard at work on upcoming Skyrim expansions, it may never get an official release. Though the developer did bring Kinect funtionality to Skyrim a few months back, so anything’s possible.

Skyrim on PS Vita

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    Ehhh why not just play this on your tv…


    That’s awesome. Skyrim is definitely one of those games the cross play would be perfect for.

  • bigjershby

    i think i THINK the point is the vita can run skyrim just as good if not better then the ps3 lol

  • That Guy

    Ill take my 3 monitors with true 1080p each.

  • Br@D


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