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Skyrim Update 1.7 arrives in Europe

by Bill Hess on August 27, 2012

Finally, PlayStation 3 Skyrim players outside of North America have gotten their hands on patch 1.7 for the RPG. This new patch on the PlayStation 3 brings big changes to the way Skyrim is played. Added to the mix is the ability to use Mounted Combat, as well as various bug fixes for the game. The patch will be offered to players for download when playing Skyrim on the PS3 while connected to the PlayStation Network.

While this latest patch is some consolation for PS3 fans, many are still waiting for Skyrim Dawnguard on the platform, the first expansion since the game’s 2011 release. Having already been released on the Xbox 360 and PC, Skyrim Dawnguard is a vampire themed expansion that tasks players with cleansing a vampire uprise in Tamriel. Earlier, Bethesda announced that the major cause for delay on the PlayStation 3 platform was due to “quality concerns”.

There have been no further updates on the timeline for an arrival of the first expansion on other platforms. Meanwhile, new findings are pointing to another new expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A recent trademark filing point to Skyrim “Hearthfire” as another expansion that is set to arrive at an undetermined date in the future, possibly as soon as Halloween.

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  • Falcon

    Pete Hines communication skills are beginning to remind me of this scene from Firefly:

    Jayne: You don’t pay me to talk pretty. Just because Kaylee gets lubed up over some big-city dandy doesn’t mean…
    Mal: Walk away from this table. Right now.
    [Jayne loads his plate with food and leaves]
    Simon: What *do* you pay him for?
    Mal: What?
    Simon: I was just wondering what his job is – on the ship.
    Mal: Public relations.

  • The Future of Sega

    It’s quite sad that a company spends 9 months FIXING a game after it’s been released when they should have fixed it before releasing it! One thing is for sure… if I ever bought a car… as broken as Skyrim is… and it took 9 months to fix when I purchased it as “brand new”… I would be suing the living shit out of the manufacturer.

    It’s deplorable that Bethesda is so bias and prejudice against PS3. They are willing to accept a singular form of paycheck… Microsoft. Now grant it I’m not a PS3 fanboy or a 360 fanboy but I feel the agony of PS3 gamers.

    But there’s an old saying “karma is a bitch.” Come next gen the odds will be tip in Sony’s favor with he PS4. While Xbox 720 enjoys it’s 20 million or less userbase PS4 will be having a party with 100 million users plus.

    An they’ll remember eeeeveerything you did to them Bethesda, EA, and all enemies of PS3! They’ll say “Aaah aaah it was just business! Please buy our games on next gen since you guys are so popular now??”

    And PS4 fanboys will say… “Go fuck yourself… loser.” LMAO!

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