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Sony abandons The Last Guardian

by William Schwartz on August 9, 2012

On August 6th it was discovered that Sony is abandoning The Last Guardian trademark. The game which has seen an embattled development process appears to be no more, despite statements from Sony to the contrary.

This trademark issue is just the last of the signals that have pointed to problems with Team ICO and The Last Guardian. The game has missed numerous public showcases, despite being planned for 2012. The lead developer on the game became a freelancer in midst of the development process, but reassured fans that development on the game would continue. Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has also commented on numerous occasions that Sony is not giving up on the game.

Sony is making any comments on the situation, claiming that this is just rumor or speculation at this point. Of course this could just mean an accidental lapse for the trademark, or that Sony may be applying for a separate trademark for the game altogether.

According to the United States Patent Office:

“Although federal registration for this particular filing is inactive, the mark may still enjoy common law rights, or may have been applied for again in a separate application. Further research may be warranted to determine where this mark is truly abandoned in commerce.”

Update: Sony has confirmed The Last Guardian is still in development

According to a statement from Sony’s Ron Eagle: “We can confirm that The Last Guardian is still in development, and [Sony] will be publishing the title.”

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  • rick

    Well I guess it’s not just ps3 players abandoning their exclusives…


    This is really sad. This game looks so awesome.

    Once again thank you to the dumb ass xbots for ruining gaming.

    Sony – Gives every feature in the world and has since launch. Best quality, best hardware, best experience, best performace, blu ray, browser, quality controllers, quality motion controlls.

    Gamers pissed on Sony for doing good things.

    Instead idiots went to 360 – IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

    You try to tell me that you supporting the ONLY GAMING PLATFORM PAY TO PLAY, who just so happens to have forced upgrades and RROD and obvious lack of quality features like a browser and wifi since launch and BAM. Sony loses money, pay to play is all you see, online passes, lost ip’s IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. you fking little bastards. Any serious xbot fanboy I will fking break your nose. You supposedly love gaming but you’ve done nothing but make gaming into a corporate profit. It’s not about the gamer anymore. It’s about taking the money out of your wallet.

    FK YOU

  • Argonian Man

    I play xbox and I enjoy it very much. I have played for to years and nevr gotten an RROD. No one I know has gotten one in the last three years. You are telling me you are going to come to my house and break my nose because of my preference of game console, you must have a problem.

  • Facelord

    You’re a fucking idiot. Sony and Playstation gamers love their exclusives, there’s no abandoning involved. Also they’ve confirmed that they haven’t cancelled the game, they’re still working on it.

    Replace “Sony” with “Microsoft” and your comment may have validity.

  • Cool dude

    Derp… a company loves your pocket.

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