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Sony Should Hit PS3 Sales Targets for Fiscal Year

by William Schwartz on December 15, 2011

Sony Should Hit PS3 Sales Targets for Fiscal Year

Sony set their sights high for this most recent fiscal year, and set out to sell 15 million PlayStation 3 consoles.  Andrew House of Sony recently told Reuters that the company is tracking ahead of pace to reach that sales goal for the year.  House described PlayStation 3 sales as “slightly ahead of target” meaning that by March 2012, the company should get there.

Sony has kept quiet in recent months during NPD data releases, but its been no secret that the console is extremely popular in Japan and Europe.  The company also said to have had an exceptional Black Friday here in the U.S., and tied in with the price cut of earlier this year, you can see why they are tracking ahead of schedule despite continued worldwide economic stresses.

Reuters also notes that SCE made its first profit in five years in last fiscal year, and attributes falling production costs as a major boost for the division.

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  • Frank

    Good for you sony

  • Allen

    I can’t say PS3 has been that good for Sony but I really do think it’s going to put them in a great position for PS4 to be a much higher success.

    Blu Ray was not easy to sell – it was really expensive at first (along with the disks) and everyone just got done switching from VHS to DVD.

    Also plaguing PS3 was the architecture for developing a game.

    But after a long loss Sony is in a great position. Blu Ray is in a great position, developers now know how to write well for PS3 – using the consoles power, PSN has done nothing but get better and better and now – PS4 can feel free to come out with all these things already taken care of. Including the high price of blu ray.

    My prediction is PS4 releasing 2013 @ $399 introductory price for a 500gb version. It would be a good deal for consumers if Sony could just keep the same controllers for PS4 too – make PS3/PS4 interchangable and they will for sure bring back full backwards compatability.

    Sony shouldn’t have any of the same problems with the launch of PS4.

    • Dovahkiin

      I think Sony should wait longer to release their next console.
      the PS3 is good enough for now and doesn’t have that much room for improvement with the current tech.

    • Allen

      Yeah but if PS4 waits a year like they did with PS3 then everyone that wants to play Call of Duty or Battlefield online will get a 720, then their friends will get a 720 because they want to play with eachtoher. That’s the snow ball that Xbox 360 won by default this gen.

      It’s not just about features & graphics anymore, It’s largly about online play

    • Allen

      Bla ha ha! I do remember those! Barely, it never caught on though.

      DVD caught on – even my Grandma got one a few years after release.

    • Dovahkiin

      I don’t like how more games are coming out without offline multiplayer.
      I don’t usually buy shooters unless they have good offline multiplayer, or a really good campaign that isn’t too short.
      That’s why I love Gears 3. You don’t have to play online to have fun.
      This is also why I prefer Single player games.
      I have an xbox 360 and I don’t mind having to pay to play; because I don’t have to play online to enjoy
      it’s exclusives: Halo and Gears

  • Heard it here first

    Always love to know my favorite game company is doing well. Also, with more consoles sold, more online players. Win!

  • Cool dude

    Im glad Sony and Ps3 are doing well… I just hate its trolls though.


    • Allen

      You hate me? LOL

    • Cool dude

      Depends.. right now were cool

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