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Sony working on PS4 since 2010 according to recent findings

by Bill Hess on July 2, 2012

Sony has been hush on the prospects for the PS4, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been silently working on a console. A recent resume finding for Sony’s ex-director of research and development lists his contributions to the next generation began as early as 2010.

Attila Vass worked at Sony between 1998 and 2012, and in his resume, he details that his work began on the PS4 in August of 2010. Vass’ resume doesn’t list the PS4 as a project he’s worked on, instead Vass calls it the “Next Generation PlayStation”, videogamer reports.

Just this morning Sony announced that they had purchased Gaikai to expand their gaming services into the cloud. Without announcing anything themselves at this point, cloud-based and streaming features could be a big part of the next generation strategy for Sony considering that they dropped $380 million on the company.

While Sony may have started work on the PS4 in 2010, there’s still no telling when the company will announce its next generation console. The general consensus seems to be an E3 2013 announcement followed by a Fall 2013 release, but absolutely nothing has been confirmed at this point.

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  • Frank

    Honestly, I’m a whole lot cooler with streaming than downloading. Let’s just hope the console doesn’t release at $500 +

    • Allen

      It won’t. I still say release day for both 720 & PS4 will be $399 for the intro version. All I can say is that if Sony keeps up with PS+ they better put a couple of TB HDD’s because I just got done downloading about 30GB of games this month alone for free & I didn’t even download everything.

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