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Super Smash Bros. Leaks Veterans & New Fighters

by Anthony DeCicco on August 19, 2014

Super Smash Bros

There have been many characters announced so far for Super Smash Bros. but it seems someone has gotten a hold of the game and taken a few images of the final roster.


The final roster, if this turns out to be legit as it was leaked via 4Chan, reveals a slew of returning veterans and a few new faces. The images shown, reveal that the yet unconfirmed final list shows returning veterans Wario, Mr. Game & Watch, Ganondorf, Falco, Jigglypuff, R.O.B., Ness, and Dr. Mario. On top of that they are joined by newcomers, Bowser Junior, Shulk, the protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles and the dog companion from Duck Hunt. An interesting group of characters to say the least.


Again, this is just a rumor now since this has not been confirmed. It looks like there are going to be a wide array of fighters either way. We have reached out to Nintendo for comment and hope to hear back. In the meantime, we can only hope that this one turns out to be true.

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  • TheSneakyLizard

    Please be fake.

    • ⊥HEBE∀$⊥[Λהĩɱ£ɢΛהɢ]

      All i need is bowser jr n dr mario loving this list (;

  • Steve N. Gamer

    I want to say its fake. See how Lucina is away from the other three Fire Emblem fighters and Dark Pit is away from Pit and Palutena? However, these character boxes look pretty legit and we are approaching the Japanese release. Stuff like this usually occurs a week or two before a game’s release.

    • DogmaBlade

      That might be because theyre clones. Theyre together with Dr. Mario and all away from their series.

    • simon

      It could be this isnt the entire roster, they aren’t always in order until you have the full thing

  • Bob Bui


  • Bryce

    And just how reliable is 4chan when it comes to stuff like this?

  • Ryan O

    has to be fake. No Mii Fighters and Mr. Game and Watch’s hand goes over Wario’s box slightly

    • KaiDaGai

      It seems like the images just kinda blended and at a closer look they seem separated. Also customization seems to be off so that explains the lack of mii fighters.

      • get Shrekt

        games launched, and now you guys look like idiots :D

  • gtasp
    • best-comment-ever

      actuallly, the leaker said Ice Climbers are DLC (along with Wolf, Lucas, Snake, and Chorus Men)

    • simon

      Anyway, even if they weren’t DLC, wouldn’t it be possible that due to the Ice Climbers causing technical difficulties they would have cut them?

    • Guest

      Well, for the Wii U the Ice Climbers were removed b/c it would be too much to load a 8-man brawl using only Ice Climbers (even though it’d be fun), and the 3DS, I don’t give two monkey craps.

  • Bala

    I’m mixed. Of course it’s fake. There has never been a real Smash Bros 4 leak, and I’ll be damned if this is the first one. When i see a leak like this, I usually say “You can tellit’s fake because Ridley (or Mewtwo) is playable”. But damn! This one has even more terrible requests. First, there will never be 7 Mario representatives in this game, and Dr. Mario alone Ruined this leak for me. Second, Yoshi, who is classified as a Yoshi series character, is inbetween 2 sets of Mario series characters, and Dr. Mario isn’t up there. The other 2 clones aren’t by their copies either, which they all should be. Duck Hunt Dog will also never be playable. This fake leaker also left out Ice Climbers and a Rhythm Heaven rep, which are practically confirmed because of enemies in smash run. There are also 5 characters on the 2nd bottom character select screen. Plus, this surfaced on 4chan. Never trust anything from that site. If the fake leaker ever sees this, I want him or her to know that they are a talented artist, those “official” artworks look spot on, but you really, REALLY need to take a lesson in graphc design, because the format of this roster is trash.

    • Bryce

      Not saying I don’t agree with you but…

      “Duck Hunt Dog will also never be playable.”
      Pretty sure people have also thought that about characters like R.O.B, Game&Watch, and Wii Fit Trainer. When it comes to Smash Bros, there’s no telling what kind of crazy ideas for characters we’ll get XD

    • ⊥HEBE∀$⊥[Λהĩɱ£ɢΛהɢ]

      this ifake this the best fake ive seen

    • Julian

      You are extremely mental. There has been true SSB4 leaks. Characters aren’t “practically” in because of Smash Run characters. The 3 on the bottom are clones. If you’re gonna go against it, don’t be an idiot and look mental. Im not saying this rumor is true or fake, but at least have good reasoning behind your statements.

    • Wassup

      Actually, it’s real. Duck Hunt just got confirmed. So is Dr. Mario

    • Billy

      Now you really look like an idiot xD no offense :p

  • Pot Roast

    Fake. Wario’s art style is from Brawl (cannot believe that was missed)

    • Matt

      Yeah, also it doesn’t have the bottom notification center of battery life and time.

  • Jarbloko

    looks awful

  • Lucy
    • Scott

      There’s a lot of characters and a rather pathetic screen resolution. I wouldn’t be surprised if the names disappear once you’ve unlocked enough.

      • Lucy

        Also, why is there more than 4 characters in that 2nd pic? XD What screen is that supposed to be?

  • Anthony

    For me? The fact that Villager, the Wii Fit Trainer, and the dog from Duck Hunt (if this is real) are playable characters makes me want to puke. Seriously. I like Animal Crossing, but I don’t wanna see a villager in a frickin’ fighting game. It doesn’t work for me. It’s a ridiculous concept. And the Wii Fit Trainer is just as ridiculous! Who thought that was a good idea when there are so many other characters who would have made more sense? I’m sorry, but Wolf, Snake, and the Ice Climbers should have been on there instead of those three pointless characters that I will never use.

    • magnus

      i remember when i was 5 and i played duck hunt, that dog i really want to kick its ass, so if this is true thanks sakurai for making my childhood desire came true

    • alfie

      it’s called series representation. get over it.

  • Tom Catterson

    They better put in king k rool…. dixie, demise, chibo robo, I care less for ridley due to his size.

  • Hydroloxx

    Its look legit. Lucina, Dr. Mario, and Dark Pit are all clones so that would explain why these 3 are seprate from the others in their games.

  • Fake fake fake

    Looks totally fake. Guys, Look at this as compared to the E3 demo’s character select screen….It’s fake.

  • Hydroloxx

    They could have changed the layout. Also I zoomed in to see and Game & Watch’s hand doesnt go into Wario’s icon.

    • Matt

      Yeah, but unless there are multiple pages, I’d imagine the character select screen to look something like this. It’s fake, great photoshop skills though.

  • Lewis J Neal

    Ice climbers were are they ???

  • Sasori

    There is no way thats real

  • Sasori

    Where’s mewtwo

    • J_Joestar

      It would be depressing to see Dr. Mario return, but not Mewtwo

  • Lisa

    Unless Sakurai confirms it, it’s just a rumor.

  • James-Pepe Ogden

    I actually wouldn’t mind a roster like this, though I couldn’t imagine Dark Pit getting his own character slot or Dr Mario returning as an actual character. But in a few weeks we’ll know the final roster and regardless of who’s in or out this game will be awesome :D

  • goodmorning123

    FAKER!!! wheres mewtwo?!?!?

  • RLWilliams3d

    While I question whether this is real or not, I’ll admit, I would want to play as the Duck Hunt dog, if only to see if he laughs at the screen as a taunt.

  • SS99

    Um… Why is Dark Pit his own slot too????

  • Brandon

    -Dark pit looks a lot like regular pit, just edited to black and mirrored

    -Mii Fighters aren’t there
    — Like in Brawl all characters are categorized by what franchise they’re from, in this picture, its wrong
    -Lucina is far away from Marth and Ike
    -Same as Dr Mario from Mario,Luigi,Peach and Bowser.
    -the other thing is that Rosalina isn’t next to them, instead its Yoshi.
    -Yoshi is counted as its own series in Smash so it wouldnt make sense if he was in between them.
    -Same thing with Bowser Jr. he’s not next to them
    –Why is Mr Game & Watch’s hand overlapping Wario’s?
    After looking at this, I’m pretty sure its fake

    • Billy

      Well you were wrong, it’s real. fail

  • Jordan

    Why would what’s her face who looks like Marth be seperate from all the other Fire Emblem characters even Robin… It’s a fake

    • Shawn Bronald


      • Tuna fish1234548

        Toon Link is a clone of Link and he is with Zelda characters and not other clones

      • Tuna fish1234548

        And falco is a clone of fox

  • Shyguy_master

    I think its real people are saying its fake because lucina is not with the fire emblem group because every franchise has its own group (ex mario characters grouped together like mario luigi peach bowser bowser jr and rosalina) but think of it this way if you notice that dr. Mario and dark pit are group of their own “the clone franchise” i like to call it and thats the reason why you see lucina there because shes a clone per say to marth where dr mario is to mario and dark pit is to pit if it wasnt that way then they wouldve been next to their groups franchise

    • Brandon

      if that were the case, then toon link would be with them too, but he’s not

      • Shyguy_master

        Well your thinking a little too much there these are characters that just have platatte <– sure its not spelled right but anyways swaps but in that case zero suit samus and shiek and falco will all be there since your say that toon link is a clone and

      • Shawn Bronald

        Sakurai already stated that Toon Link is very different than Link in this version, thus he’s not really a clone. The others, while somewhat different, are still very close to their originals…. thus, a clone.

  • Ben Hopkins

    Interesting no Ice Climbers I heard they wouldn’t be in this game due to 3DS limitations. I should point out Dark Pit has his own character slot (between Lucina & Dr.Mario) if this is the final roster I’m happy with it. I would have like Sceptile, Mewtwo & Bomberman in the game as well but I remain hopeful more characters will be in the game through DLC.

  • Matthew White

    It could either be real or fake. We will see.

    • Shawn Bronald

      Schrodinger’s Leak, eh?

      • Matthew White

        I’m not sure what you mean.

  • MrFishTaco

    If this is a real leak i will be a little disappointed that Dark Pit and Dr.Mario are characters, it would be better if they were alternate costumes.

  • Guest

    I made this but i will also like to point out that the green color scheme between ness and sonic used for the fourth player character slot is off a little bit and the same for the duck hunt dog and samus for third player but yellow seems to always look lighter under camera but green dose too so there is no reason for it to be getting darker from where ness’s Lv. spot is

  • Guest

    I made this but i will also like to point out that the green color
    scheme between ness and sonic used for the fourth player character slot
    is off a little bit and the same for the duck hunt dog and samus for
    third player but yellow seems to always look lighter under camera but
    green dose too so there is no reason for it to be getting darker from
    where ness’s Lv. spot is…

  • frog

    sadly it probably isn’t fake. these leaks came out before shulk was announced, but if you look at his pic in the roster it’s the same as the official pic on

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