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A super-slim PS3 model may be revealed at Gamescom

by Ethan Powers on July 5, 2012

According to documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Sony could very well be set to release a new PS3 model that would feature an even slimmer design than the console’s first revision.

The documents were originally spotted by Japanese website Pocket News and coincide with Eurogamer’s reports that Sony is gearing up for a new PS3 model reveal at Gamescom 2012. This new model, labeled the “4000 series”, denotes an update to the current 3000 series which current PS3 systems are being produced under.

Should Sony in fact reveal a new, slimmer PS3 model at Gamescom, it would not mark the first time that the company has done so. Sony announced the PS3 Slim at the German gaming trade show in August 2009. The redesigned version was built to be smaller, lighter, and more power-efficient than its predecessor. The Cell microprocessor unit was also redesigned, allowing for the Slim to run cooler and quieter than previous models.

A new model release may also suggest that the PS3 is in its last lifespan year. Toward the end of the PS2’s lifespan, Sony unveiled a system revision that was also smaller, lighter, and quieter than original models. The release of the slimmer PS2 marked the end of the console’s cycle, and opened the doors for the big unveiling of the PS3 two years later. Could a second PS3 hardware redesign imply a PS4 announcement at E3 2013?

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  • Allen

    If they would put out another redesign they seriously need to put PS2 backwards cap in it. Sure peeps would be pissed that have a current PS3, but I’d be more than willing to save my data; sell my current and switch to a new slimmer version.

    Also the PS2 slim wasn’t the end of it’s lif cycle, it’s still selling and supported today.

    • Jumper

      He probably meant it was at the end of its cycle in terms of being the newest Playstation console

    • Cool dude

      Its either a price cut + super slim or backwards comp + super slim.

  • bigjershby

    im so sick of firmware!!!! i could use a new ps3 cuz mines a 40g fat but man ps3 was so much better when it first cameout when no1 had 1 they keep taking stuff out off it i cant even get a movie to play on my ps3 off a thumbdrive as of this last firmware update cuz its bootleg think goodness i have a 360 damnit!!!


    Maybe they will take out blue ray to save costs

    • abc

      maybe you should just quit trolling and just die

  • bigjershby

    forreal i i have a lcd hd monitor but i still dont like watching movies on my pc alot of time i just stream movies on my ps3 off the web but still having to use my xbox for my thumbdrive is gay i cant edit on my 360 r delete anything on my 360 so i have to do it on my pc witch dosent sound bad but for some reason my pc wipes external storage devices very slowly on top of the 360’s interface is so retarded u have to go through 4 pages of crap just to get to ur usb device on the 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i say this from the bottom of my heart i hope u die soon hipster r get a life 1 cuz ur to the point ur predictable to me and ur a troll choke on a donkey dong for all i care

    • Cool dude

      Then blame your USB port on your PC idiot.

  • bigjershby

    i blame sony once again u show ur inability to understand simple txt

    • Cryptic Txt

      Honestly, your grammar is so bad that I think most people find it hard to figure out what you are saying.

  • james braselton

    hi there yeah on a web site i found out the new slimer ps3 has 3 storage options a 16 gb ssd 250 gb hdd and a 320 gb hdd

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