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Titanfall developer confirms intentions for games on the PS4

by Al McCarthy on October 30, 2013


An EA executive recently announced that would not be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One — but that doesn’t mean that Respawn Entertainment isn’t planning on developing for the PS4.  According to Vince Zampella of Respawn, only the first Titanfall game will be exclusive to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

Zampella said via Twitter that the studio is very much interested in making a game for the PS4, but they haven’t started development on anything just yet.  Since it’s being assumed that Titanfall will be a game series that spans many games, this could open the door to the second game in the series to arrive on the PS4 in a situation similar to what was seen with EA, Microsoft, and the Mass Effect series.

Then again, this could be something entirely different, but Zampella didn’t indicate that Respawn had any plans for other games outside of Titanfall.  In response to fan questions, Zampella said “No plans for anything past one yet, but I like the way you think.”

Titanfall is slated to release in early 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Mark Danger Hopps

    I think Respawn are relising they backed the wrong horse. considering how much higher the ps4’s install base is expected to be it makes no financial sense for companies not owned by M$ to make exclusive games for the xbox one unless M$ throw obscene amounts of money at the studio.

    Either way I’m not to bothered about another FPS on the market, I can take them or leave them especially MP only FPS games. I have never owned one and don’t really intend to.

    • Duke

      Respawn knew what they were doing when they made the original deal to have Titanfall come to Xbox platforms and PC first. Microsoft pitched something more appealing to Respawn back when they decided to go to next gen. From stuff I’ve read on the internet, it was originally pitched to be made for all current gen consoles (also explains why it runs the same engine as Portal 2, since it ran so well with the PS3’s cell architecture).

      When Titanfall does come out, the install base for next gen consoles will be eerily similar. For current gen, it’s no secret that shooters are more popular on Xbox 360 and PC.

      Respawn made a business decision, they went with the console known for it’s love for First Person Shooters, they want the dedicated servers and the only way that they would of made a mistake is if Titanfall does not sell well, which we all know Respawn are going to profit from it.

      The only real shame in this deal, is that the talented guys at Respawn are once again being controlled by a large publisher in EA. I mean if the founder of the studio and the lead man on their big game didn’t even have input in the business dealings, what amount of control do they have with EA? Luckily EA are only publishing Titanfall and don’t own the IP or the studio, so if the guys at Respawn want more control and decisions, well they can gladly take their business to one of the other major publishers.

      All in all, I’m not overly disappointed that Titanfall isn’t coming to the PS4, I’ll still have Killzone, Destiny and Battlefield. Plus once games like The Order 1886, inFAMOUS Second Son and Watch Dogs are out, I’ll be far too busy to even notice.

    • Billy

      Did Zipper back the right horse? Ultimately I don’t think it matters which system they back as long as they make a good game. There’s a large enough base with 360 and PC to ensure this is a profitable decision.

      • Mark Danger Hopps

        oh they will profit and profit well from titanfall, i’m talking about future games, the next game they release if it be titan fall 2 or a new IP will not be released on the past gen systems and next gen systems PS4 is expected to have a much higher installed user base.

        This is what i mean by backing the wrong horse, financially it makes sense to multiplat and if you are going to go exclusive and are a 3rd party studio then you need to go with the system with significantly more users, or have a truck load of cash thrown at you.

        • Billy

          Good point, at the moment MS money, servers, and 360 user base make this a solid decision now. Best to keep things open for future options like what Epic and Insomnic did.

    • Roach

      I don’t know if Respawn thinks they made a mistake. From interviews they’ve given, it sounds like Microsoft really helped push the game to be what it is, most notably providing free Azure/cloud servers to use for their game. With Respawn, I bet the cost of losing money due to a lower install base is nothing compared to the cost of having to create and host your own server network to get the game running for the PS4. I see it like this:
      1. Microsoft gives Respawn a chance on a completely new IP by providing cloud servers free of charge, thus reducing cost. No cloud servers = no game.
      2. This in turn gives Microsoft a killer exclusive to sell their console.
      3. Based on public reception, Titanfall should be a commercial success, meaning that Respawn will make lots of money.
      4. That money in turn allows Respawn to either rent or host their own cloud server network for the PS4 for Titanfall 2 or whatever.

  • XBOXsucks

    I’m just glad Sony has their studios. Just imagine what new ip killzone & infamous studios are making in addition to the new games already launched and I do mean the NEW ips. Then of course NAUGHTY DOG.

    Can’t say I’m hung up on some old looking game.

  • jaskdavis

    Im getting an X1 first and I don’t even think I will be playing Titanfall lol Too busy with BF4, Ryse (If it’s good) and I might pick up Forza 5 since I have not played a Racing Game since Dirt 3…

  • Justin Rebar

    Dont want your garbage on the PS4, if you dont want to support it from the get go. Take your greedy ass and stay with Micro$oft.

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