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Vehicle List for GTA V found in Max Payne 3 code

by William Schwartz on May 16, 2012

A hidden file in Max Payne 3 may have given us our first hints at what vehicles to expect in Grand Theft Auto V.  Discovered on the GTA Forums, the source code for Max Payne 3 apparently has a file in that lists a variety of cars, bikes, helicopters, planes, boats, and trains.  It’s hard to discern the lists validity at this point and whether this is a complete, or partial list of the vehicles in GTA V.

There’s still no word on when we should expect Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V.  Industry analysts are still split on the timing of the release, and Rockstar has been silent on when to expect the game.  Some believe that the developer is readying the open world title for a late 2012 release.  While others believe that 2013 is the earliest that we should expect the game.

There seems to be a common consensus that Rockstar will reveal more details about the game in late May, or early June near E3.

Here’s what was discovered:

GTA V Car List

  • apc
  • bobsleigh
  • benson
  • biff
  • bobcat
  • boxville
  • buccaneer
  • burrito
  • brzbus
  • casco
  • cadge
  • car_brzhatchplc
  • car_brzsedanplc
  • car_brzhatchjnk
  • car_brzsedanjnk
  • carga
  • cavalcade
  • cognoscenti
  • cs2000
  • chavos
  • dukes
  • dune
  • feroci
  • forklift
  • futo
  • furzen
  • fxt
  • gant
  • hauler
  • minivan
  • infernus
  • patriot
  • phantom
  • prairie
  • police
  • rancher
  • rhino
  • schafter
  • seinove
  • skimobile
  • taxi
  • vanpony
  • willard
  • winky
  • trash
  • railmu
  • flatty
  • snowplough

GTA V Bikes List:

  • enduro
  • jz125
  • z75
  • faggio2
  • spike

GTA V Helicopter List:

  • autogiro
  • bchopper
  • annihilator
  • bentham
  • maverick
  • hind
  • napalm
  • scamp
  • heli_vcpf
  • heli_tfe

GTA V Planes List:

  • cuban800

GTA V Boats List:

  • squalo
  • bassboy
  • chika
  • fisher
  • fishboat_a
  • fishboat_b
  • fishboat_c
  • fishboat_d,
  • marquis
  • reefer
  • tropic
  • gunboat
  • sabs_boat
  • small_gb2
  • dinghy
  • p_mi_botfsh
  • whaler
  • woody
  • woody2
  • sporto
  • tinny
  • tug
  • contbo
  • smug
  • edsboat

GTA V Trains List

  • cablecar
  • chairlift
  • subway_lo
  • subway_hi
  • train_carg
  • trainf_carg
  • trainr_carg
  • train_int
  • lighty


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  • ThatDudefromPluto


  • talkman12

    so i need to know… wheres the hydra?!?

  • peetree


  • Pretty Obscure

    Not sure why that would be in Max Payne, doesn’t really make sense unlesz it was an intentional leak or something. Anyhow, there’s no way that’s the full list if not because many GTA staple vehicles are left out, because there are at the very least 2 planes in the gane as shown in the trailer, the personal jet and the crop duster, this only shows one. There’s no doubt those are GTA vehicles, but they aren’t all of them. Hope there’s at least a few more bikes, too.

  • Tom

    Despite the trailer, there will NOT be planes in GTA V. Sorry, but due to political correctness, GTA V will NOT have any planes. The release date is set for October 22, 2013. How do I know this? Well, I am a developer at Rockstar.

  • Pretty Obscure

    Go away Tom. Planes have been confirmed.

  • ayoslquatsz

    GTA V in oct 2012. totally possible it’s an accidental leak – some dev might have put this file in there and QA for MP3 didn’t catch it, esp. since QA these days is outsourced to some eastern european country.

  • Jesus Norris

    Yeah Tom…DUHHHH!!!!

  • Joe Runge

    I’m pretty sure this is just a list of the textures. If you read the train section you see there is a few different subway textures: upper, lower and interior to name a few. I would also make the assumption that these are strictly the new textures for the upcoming game, that’s why you may not see a lot of the past vehicles such as almost all of the bikes.

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