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Weapon Drops a “Possibility” for Later Modern Warfare 3 DLC

by Bill Hess on January 25, 2012


Earlier today Activision revealed the calendar of content drops that’ll come to Modern Warfare 3’s season of DLC going on monthly throughout the year. The calendar showed a steady mixture of new maps, new game modes, and new missions, but left fans asking if weapons would be a part of the content in the future.

In a recent interview, Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward says that weapon drops are “possible” as future content, as the developer has the technology to do it. Just because they can do it, it doesn’t mean that they will do it. Bowling couldn’t confirm whether or not they would do so or not.

Working out gun balance at a later date might not be a can of worms that Infinity Ward wants to open in the latter stages of Modern Warfare 3’s development. Though it would be nice to see some weapons from previous games that didn’t make the cut this time around.

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  • Heavenswarrior121

    Wheres ” that girl” he swears he knows what hes talkin about smh hopefully they do!!THEY NEED TO BRING BACK THE ALL MIGHYY TAR 21!!

  • That Guy

    theyre not going to add new weapons. im willing to bet on that. dont cry to me when there arent any. anythings possible when it comes to dlc. they could make a new single player campaign if they wanted to. but they wont.they dont care about quality they just want your money. if you want new maps AND new guns, go play battlefield 3.

    • Brevs

      They will not add guns because it would make things unfair to other players if it is not free. That would mean some have it and some don’t. They have already announced new campaign missions.

    • That Guy

      b2k added guns and it wasnt free…

    • That Guy

      and show me where they announced new campaign missions the only dlcs that do that are market as full games.


    Every modern shooter should feature the AUG A3 at launch. It is the best weapon. No disputes.

  • Brandser

    I want to see the weapons: TAR – 21, Steyr AUG, M40A3, M1014, MP5 (Navy Version), F2000, M93 Raffica, AKs74u, G3A3, Vector, FAMAS.

    Weapon Attachments: Improved ACOG scope, Dual-Mags, Improved Holographic (No increasae zoom), Shotgun range and power returned to MW2 level (But still primaries)




  • Heavenswarrior121

    Only why they switched the shotguns to primes is because ALOT i mean ALOT of people complained how its over powerd,i miss is though because now when i get killed by a shotgun i think there garbage o.O idky though it pisses me off but the tar 21 needs to return the aug,some more snipers to

  • njb

    best arsenal of weapons i have seen in any game is mgs4.

    bf has a nice range but it could be better, COD just has the same weapons and a few different ones thrown in.

    this articles headline is misleading, i thought they was adding a mode that is like old skl shooters. quake or unreal tornament style were u find weapons throught the map.
    @ airfreak, doesnt matter what gun u use, if u cant use any gun properly then whats the point.

    I will always use a gun in games that ppl find hard or awkward to use, i love single or burst fire weapons. its a better satisfaction knowing my 2 or 3 rounds all hit you instead of using a whole clip to kill 1 person.

    bf3, i like the an94, 2 round burst is just disgusting. ive even started to use bolt action rifles with no scopes and still do as well as ppl in cqc with automatic weapons.

    • That Guy

      that, my friend, is called balance. the only variable is skill.

  • njb

    @ That Guy

    Pretty much spot on.

  • Noel

    First of all, Back To Karkand (BF3) was completely free AND brought new weps + maps, and secondly, CoD will not do this because they do not want to actually spend time on their game. Whats up with all the map packs being remakes anyways?


      ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BTK was only free to about a third of the people who downloaded it. BTK is ALL remakes (including the guns). And the only mw3 packs announced so far are new content. So not at all really.

  • Brevs

    @thatguy 1. I never said it was.
    2. That is my point, if it is paid for, Some people get the guns and then some don’t, it would “unbalance” the game for a lack of better words. It would piss people off.

  • njb

    but back to karkand was quality. old but fun maps remade using frostbite 2. new weapons and vehicles are cool.

    COD map packs cost more than most retail games after 2 months of its release date. £15 a pack is maddness.

    I must admit activision have done well by getting so many ppl hooked and getting at least £100 a game from them. but its gettin stale and its not good for the industry.

  • HondaStreetRacer99

    They need to bring back the TAR21, Intervention, Scar-H, and they AK-74u

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