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Wii U sales fail to top Wii in first week

by Bill Hess on December 7, 2012

It was awfully close to doing so, but the Wii U failed to surpass the first week sales of its predecessor.  Nintendo’s first high definition offering sold 425,000 consoles in its first week, missing the mark by 50,000 consoles.  Back in 2006, the Wii sold 475,000 consoles on its first week at retail.

These numbers come directly from the NPD group who said that these numbers are good for Nintendo, and the video games industry as a whole.

“The much anticipated launch of the new Wii U console brought in more dollars than the Wii launch in November 2006, up 21 percent from that launch month. This is an example of how consumers are willing to come out and spend when they see the value of the product.”

The Wii U has gotten a mixed reception from consumers and critics alike.  Multiple firmware revisions have already been passed to the console, prompting long wait times on that initial start-up of the new device.  Others are criticizing the software lineup for the new system, and its system specifications.  For more on the Wii U,  you can check out our review.

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  • djmagnumb

    The last two Nintendo platforms have been good starter consoles for KIDS!!! or to put in nursing homes so the elderly can bowl or some sh*t. Other than that it’s boring,and the games don’t draw you in…IMO. Oh and Nintendo is also good for letting us know nex gen PS and Xbox aren’t far behind baby!!

  • Underworld

    Haven’t bought a nintendo console since n64. I was quite excited about the wii u at first, but the more I see of it, the less impressed I am. Have to see if it gets any better in the future.


    Considering population growth this is a total fail.

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