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There’s still no word on Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3

by William Schwartz on August 17, 2012

PS3 fans are understandably getting anxious when it comes to the first expansion pack for The Elder Scrolls V on the console. Having already arrived on the Xbox 360 and PC, Bethesda announced a short time ago that quality concerns were delaying the release of the vampire themed content.

As these fans are getting restless, they’ve taken to Bethesda’s various social networks, bombarding the developer with queries as to when the content will be available on the PS3. The good news is, they’ve not given us any reason to completely give up hope on the content arriving on the console in the future. The bad part is, there’s still no word on when said content could arrive.

In response to one of the many questions asking for a concrete release date, Bethesda’s VP of Marketing Pete Hines said: “No, I have info, It hasn’t changed: It isn’t good enough to release for PS3. Saying that daily doesn’t really help.”

This is in response to the many tweets directed at the marketing VP about a release date. In his words: “I have zero to do with Dawnguard running well on PS3. I’m not a coder.”

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  • Brevs

    No suprise there. I feel bad for PS3 skyrim players. :(

  • Forest

    I traded in my buggy version of this game on PS3 for a less buggy version on PC, but at least i have mods now.


    sorry allen

  • The Macaroni Rascal

    Its just disappointing that Bethesda would seemingly neglect a large portion of their fan base like this. I know they talk a big talk about product quality and all that, but it still feels like we’ve been pushed to the side and swept under the rug just for our choice in console.

  • Mrs Zonie

    Maybe Microsoft has something to do with it – this delay forces some anxious Skyrim fans to go to Xbox

    • john

      Wrong. This delay doesn’t “force” anyone to do anything. If you wanna migrate over to the sh*tbox like a disloyal sellout, then you’re only reinforcing this retarded practice by Methesda and other future developers. “Switching over” is precisely what those jackoffs at Microsoft want you to do, numbnuts. You’d simply be playing into their hands …

      • Falcon

        Well, guess what. A lot of gamers don’t have loyalty to a machine or corporation. Loyalty is a virtue from one human being to another.

        I chose a Playstation 3 because it has the better exclusives, usually better graphics, blu-ray, lower system failure rate, elegant GUI aesthetics, a more mature online community, etc.

        If the next generation comes along and my research shows the Xbox being a better choice, I’ll switch in a split second.

        And I’m sure some people are trading in their PS3s to get Dawnguard, even though switching to a crappy system for one DLC seems ill-advised.

  • Derek

    I get that it can take time to get something like this right, especially in a game world as large as Skyrim, but this wait is starting to be too much. If Hines can’t give us at least an estimated release date, then maybe one of their coders should come out and give us one. Ps3 gamers deserve at least that.

  • Adam

    Whatever, been waiting so long I dont care about it anymore. Im happy playing Skyrim without any dlc.

  • Adam

    Whatever, been waiting so long I dont care about it anymore. Im happy playing Skyrim without any dlc.
    Publish you piece of shit.

  • The Green Rings of Life

    Yes this hapened to me. I decided to give up on PS3 and do all my console gaming on the Xbox 360 from now on. If it was just Skyrim I guess I could see, but its every game, Microsoft gets all the good exclusive content while PlayStation gets crap.

  • JM

    Dammit man don’t lose faith in PS3 thats what Microsoft wants they want to demoralise PS3 by getting all of the exclusives so that way you buy there crapy X-Box 360

  • no surprise

    Awww reliving the days of waiting for any news of the FO3 DLC

  • DearDante

    The wait has been to long with no update or even a hint. Lots of People I know have given up. I just sold my skyrim and picked up some other games with the cash. I have both systems and wouldn’t pick one over the other. I love both. But when it comes to being a dick head Microsoft sure knows how to hit the nail on the head.

  • the face

    its kind of unfair that xbox uses 30 day exclusive contracts to try and win over other users of other consoles…

  • Cool dude

    So your saying that by creating exclusive games no matter what console you have. The company suddenly becomes a jack off?

  • oogaboogabooga

    Microsoft needs to stick a fork up their butt and eat sh*t cause they’re dickheads

  • Deven

    I lost interest in waiting on Dawnguard when I found out that Bethesda has time to work on Fallout 4 and New Dlc for Skyrim, but can’t fix the fact that I don’t have Dawnguard on the Ps3.

  • poopnose

    yes thats about right. that and that they are doing it just to take ppl away from ps3 thats the only reason

  • njb

    Simple fact is why is it so.difficult for it to ru. On ps3. The hardware is thr same. Everyone else can code for the ps3 and the exclusives we get r of such high quality. So i dont understand. Is it the security policy or is it bethusda. Oblivion worked perfectly, we got all the dlc on the 1 bluray and the game was optimised so we got a better draw distance and faster loading times than the 360 version.

  • Zermel

    I do recall they said it would be out this summer..Well summer ends in September so until the end of Summer people shouldn’t have any reason to be bitching.

  • Cool dude

    Oblivion released in the Ps3 months after the Xbox 360 version.

    Of course it would be better optimized.

  • DearDante

    Well after thinking about what to do I made the choice of getting dead islands and I have to say I’m lovin it. I think that could help the wait but now I don’t even want to play skyrim any more, don’t get me wrong it’s still a good game but what else can I do if I’m getting tired of it.

    • Falcon

      Skyrim isn’t meant to be a person’s sole source of escapism for the rest of their life — people seem to operate under the delusion that 500 hours isn’t a good enough run for a game, despite the fact that most games are 20 hours or less.

      But Dead Island sure is a crappy substitute.

  • mwinters2979

    Just wondering if any other PS3 players have had crash problems since patch 1.7. I can’t play Skyrim at all anymore for no more the 10 minutes without it crashing. I have had my system checked out, and no problem with any other games.

    • Falcon

      Uninstall the game data and the patch and then re-install them.

  • mwinters2979

    Forgot to add in that I am done with Skyrim, because of the Dawnguard delay, and the crash problem I am having since 1.7. I already traded it in to go towards Darksiders II. So no Dawnguard for me at all. Bethesda showed there true colors by screwing PS3 user. I’m not buying the excuse they gave about the game not being up to par for PS3.

  • Falcon

    Pete Hines’ communication skills are beginning to remind me of this classic scene from Firefly:

    Jayne: You don’t pay me to talk pretty. Just because Kaylee gets lubed up over some big-city dandy doesn’t mean-
    Mal: Walk away from this table. Right now.
    [Jayne loads his plate with food and leaves]
    Simon: What *do* you pay him for?
    Mal: What?
    Simon: I was just wondering what his job is – on the ship.
    Mal: …Public relations.

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