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If you’re old, you probably don’t work for Sony

by Ethan Powers on April 2, 2012

There are a multitude of ways to get fired from the corporate environment. You might slip one day and call your boss a “money-grubbing bastard” or get caught staring aimlessly at your computer screen that clearly has some NSFW material on it. You may even get busted for that scam allowing you to slowly steal company profits for over a decade, in which case you wouldn’t have to worry about finding another job, mainly because you’d likely be incarcerated. Over at Sony however, these reasons for getting canned are all-too complex. If you work for Sony and have a 60th birthday coming up, you might be sent packing on those very grounds alone.

According to an article in the Japanese magazine, Sentaku, Sony has apparently been employing an “underhanded” corporate restructuring strategy for years, particularly within the area of manufacturing and development, as the company reportedly wants to focus primarily on software and network business.

As a result of Sony outsourcing manufacturing production to China, the company has laid out a massive firing process that includes heavily strengthening its early retirement program. In other words, old-timers and even younger workers thought to be under-performing get the boot. The article stated that Sony’s personnel department is separating such employees by different categories which include “candidate for retraining,” “candidate for administrative leave,” “candidate for an occupational change,” and “candidate for simple desk work.” These categories file possible cuts into different categories, but if you find yourself in one, it essentially means you’ll have to commence resume building ASAP.

The article additionally states that a Sony personnel department source has said that the company is even using company-employed doctors to target those for early retirement by using mental health conditions to help force workers into a permanent leave of absence or recommend that they retire early in an effort to not worsen their condition. Yeah, “underhanded” is an understatement.

It was announced that Sony President and CEO Howard Stringer would step down from his position and would be replaced Kaz Hirai, effective as of yesterday, April 1st. Hirai has been actively involved in the PlayStation division of Sony and is often credited with saving the PS3 console from certain “bust” status following its less than impressive launch back in 2006. Since then, the Sony has seen the PS3 make leaps and bounds in terms of market share and profitability, indeed making it a successful financial endeavor.

Sony now hopes that Hirai will have similar success with the company as a whole. How will he go about doing it? According to the Sentaku article, it’ll be by giving his best Donald Trump, “You’re Fired” impersonation.

Source: Yahoo! Japan via Kotaku


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    im sorry Allen, we will be shutting down. we haven’t made any profit in years. we used the same techniques as microsoft but the difference is our userbase is blood sucking leeches. microsoft sells expensive propriatery hardware (so do we), microsoft introduced subscription service we can’t because all the blood suckers will leave, we just recently shut down two first party developers with another one rumoured while microsoft gained 5. microsoft sold their console at an average price, the blood suckers forced us the lower ours from $1,000 in countries such as australia. microsoft supports hd dvd because that was the global standard at the time. we put blu-ray because we love out customers, lol jks we put it because we own it and make the money back in blue-ray movies sold haha fooled see we also try to make profits but our userbase is too cheap to fork out <$4 of our their monthly salary to support us. the only reason we are still afloat is because of our movie production but our userbase probably pirates the movies because $30+ for a blu-ray for 2 hours entertainment is more than $4 a month but we understand. Allen stay strong, don't ever go to a microsoft gaming console. if the worst happens get a wii, because you know free online.

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