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Xbox 360 continues to be the console of choice in October

by William Schwartz on November 9, 2012

Microsoft has a stranglehold on the North American home video games market that has now stretched for a whopping 22 months.  Ahead of incoming NPD data, the Washington based maker of the Xbox 360 console sold another 270,000 consoles in October, a number that they managed to sell in September as well.  At this level, it puts Microsoft ahead of both Nintendo and Sony in the US, yet again.

The company also explains that they hold a 56 percent share of the current-generation console market, with the Xbox 360 owning more than 40 percent for 20 consecutive months.  In their sales data, Microsoft also showed their retail spend data, which pointed to the Xbox 360 beating both Nintendo and Sony combined.  Consumers spent $315 million on Xbox 360 hardware, software, and accessories.

November will likely be another big month for the Xbox 360.  The biggest of big exclusives for the console arrived with the launch of Halo 4 on November 6th.  The shooter from 343 Industries is published by Microsoft exclusively for play on the Xbox 360 and has already said to have sold millions of copies after receiving great reviews from most critics.

Though November will see consumers having an additional choices to make when it comes to game consoles.  Nintendo’s Wii U is set to arrive on November 16th, but many believe that the first runs of the console will be hard to come, and in high demand.

Say Something

    once again allen we are all sorry you cant afford an xbox 360

  • njb

    USA is missing from the headline.

    • Rick

      First sentence “North America”

  • Lol@allen

    Allen, won’t care cause it’s only the US market. And he’ll go on hits usual paragraph essay response. Can’t wait until the xbox 3 and ps4

  • Krispykleen

    That’s because the 360 is the best system, duh.

  • FlopStation 3

    I think we can officially call this generation a wrap for Microsoft. Nintendo did good with sales for the Wii, but Microsoft is by far the most successful console this gen. They did a great job of stealing marketshare from PlayStation. Sony got too greedy because of the PS2 success, it’s a shame because it used to be such a good platform.

  • Lol@allen

    Ps3 is still a great platform. They have great exclusives, that I and many people enjoy

  • Underworld

    The 360 is not the most successful console this gen. It is barely in front of the ps3 and yet had a year head start. And if it didn’t have such a high failure rate at the start, which force alot of people to buy a second console, it would have sold less.

    I have both a ps3 and a 360, but I prefer ps3. It has by far the best and most exclusives between the two!

    Just my opinion.

    • Dodger

      So no one would have switched to a Wii or PS3 after a RROD? No one would have bought a PS3 instead of an Xbox because RROD?

      I bet Xbox would have an even larger market share if RROD never occured.

      • Underworld

        Some may have, but I think most would not have switched. I bought another 360 because most of my games were on 360 at the time. Would of been a waste to switch.

        And I have heard of many people who have bought more than one 360 because of RROD.

      • Underworld

        Game Informer survey:

        Only 3.8 percent did not buy a 360 replacement console after failure.

    • Rick

      Microsoft tripled its market share, Sony lost half of theirs. Sorry, being close in worldwide numbers is a failure.

    • Brevs

      Is it impossible for people to think that people indeed buy all 3 consoles when they came out? Obviously the PS3 and the Xbox are close. They were sold to the same people.

    • Frank

      Exactly. I’ve got both, but PS3 has by far more/better exclusives. IMO. 2013 already has three AAA exclusives in The Last of Us, God of War, and Beyond Two Souls. I wouldn’t be surprised if Halo 4 is the 360s swan song and and they announce/release the next Xbox in 2013.

  • Lol@allen

    Anyone who bought a second console cause of RROD is a moron they fixed them for free for 3 years and hell mine RROD after the warranty and ms fixed it for free still. So saying RROD adde to sales is not 100% true since ms spent 1 billions bucks to extend the warranty

    • Allen

      I disagree, RROD was a problem for a long time and affected a huge amount of people. Also 360 didn’t release with a 3 year warranty. I know a few of my friends bought 2 or more 360’s in the first couple years. 1 of them sent the 360 in so much they finally told him to screw off. I don’t care if you beleive me or not.

      @ lol@allen

      You are correct – NA sales only – I can’t wait for next gen either.

      • bozmanbeyond

        A113n I’m floored that was a very civil reply not the usual rant. I gave you a thumbs up for being a nice guy.

    • Frank

      Nah, I got the E-74 and had to buy a new one because it wasn’t covered until 2009.

  • Underworld

    My first 360 Got RROD. Got it sent away to microsoft to be fixed. A few months later it stuffed up again, so sent it back again. Then after awhile it stuffed up yet again. Bought a new one after that.

    • Underworld

      Lol, who thumbs me down because I say my 360 stuffed up three times?

  • Lol@allen

    Mine RROD less then year after i got it…had a launch model…so ms was fixing them for free before the warranty went into affect. But yes bring on the next wave of console wii u (gay name) will start it.

  • Aka Zzz

    I’m not surprised they’re still dominating the market. Playstation likely lost a lot of potential customers with that huge security breach and that will likely carry over to the next generation. Playstation is seen as boring and out of touch whereas Xbox is the God of consoles.

  • njb

    How many ppl actually play their console online? more ppl are online with their ps3’s than 360’s and wii’s.

    i bet you that more 360’s have been sold but thats because of various factors.

    yh MS were smart this gen. they know how to advertise and sell you a product but that doesnt mean the product is good. Im actually physically ill when i see anything kinect related, they force it down your neck. all MS care about is money so they market the kinect even though its terrible and doesnt do what they claim it can, the adverts r so misleading. The Kinect is a neat idea but i think it came a few years too early. the tech is too young.

    MS forgot bout their core crowd. you got 3 exclusives this year. and they are close to being milked. Im glad Halo 4 is actually good and not just some cash cow.

    its like the Bit wars. F-U-C-K that. Pick your poison and enjoy your experience whatever platform your on.

    • Aka Zzz

      No one cares about the number of exclusives except fanboys. I couldn’t give a sh*t if Microsoft decided to release every single future ‘exclusive’ on the PS3, it just means more people get to enjoy it. Games released on both systems almost always look better on the 360, too.

      • Underworld

        Okay, no one cares about exclusives. You keep telling yourself that. It’s one of the main things that attracts people to a certain console.

    • Frank

      Agree 100%. I bought an Xbox in 2006 when it had tons of exclusives. Gears, Saints Row, Dead Rising, etc. ’07 was even better when Halo, Mass Effect, and Bioshock released. 360 hasn’t seen such a number of high quality exclusives since then. I hope moving forward they don’t forget what made then successful in the first place.

  • bigjershby

    i missed two and a half men and big bang thory last night and just got done watching them both on my ps3 and didnt spend a penny when xbox can do that call me now i got to go watch hunger games a blu ray rip gust finshed streaming on my ps3 and u guessed it 100% free :^)

  • bigjershby

    just live streamed dukes season opener on my ps3 cuz i dont have espn U cost alot of money to do that on the 360 just saying lol

  • narcoleptic

    There’s more PlayStation fanboys here then xbox fanboys.

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