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Xbox 360 & PS3 Get Metal Gear Remakes

by Bill Hess on June 3, 2011

Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Sold 3, and Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker will all be bundled in an HD remake package for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360.  The collection will release in November 2011.  The PS3 version of the remake bundle will support Transfarring, which means users can transfer content from their PSP to the PS3 version of Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker.

Either way, Xbox 360 users will get a taste of one of the best franchises on the PlayStation 3 come this fall.

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  • Xbox 720

    Well xbox 1 was able to play MGS 2 substance but not 3 or peacewalker. Good to see HD remakes. I wonder if Halo HD remake will make it to ps3?

    • Hazza

      You my friend are an idiot.

  • Gman

    What about MGS Portable Ops? I find it strange not to include it because it’s between MGS3 and Peace Walker chronologically.

  • ragglefraggle1

    ive always wanted to play these & i cant stand SD graphics anymore

  • Roadshow

    I don’t think Xbox deserves Metal Gear, 2 was one of my favorite, MGS4 is probably the best, then 2, then the original in my book. I just never liked snake eater but never played the handheld. ,

    • MadSkeetElite

      So you’re trying to tell us that you think that Kojima and all of them don’t deserve to get new fans for the game, and earn more money to support their games? Hm.. That’s nice of you.

    • Allen

      Xbox scams
      Xbox is ruining the gaming industry both by holding it back and now publishers are doing things like online passes, following xbox’s pay to play lead, trying to squeeze the used game market dry.

      So yes, Xbox does not deserve Metal Gear, you want the best games of this generation, go support a real game system, PS3.

      MGS4, Twisted Metal, Uncharted, Infamous, The fight lights out, modnation, MAG, Killzone, Gran Turismo, Yakuza, Motorstorm, The last guardian, MLB the show, SOCOM, Time Crisis, warhawk, Little big planet, rachet & clank, Resistance, heavy rain & God of War

      Those aren’t all of the exclusives, just the ground breaking ones.

      Xbox made the consumer suffer just to be out first (RROD)
      Xbox shut orig xbox servers down, forcing their customers to upgrade
      M$ made halo 2 for PC, vista only, scam to force their cust. to upgrade
      M$ made 360 expensive to add wifi and upgrade HDD (both proprietary and limited)
      pay for battery packs

      in fact you can’t even do anything on xbox except play single player games and watch DVD’s unless you pay them $60/year ($300 every 5 years) for the “right” to do so. YOU CAN’T EVEN GO TO FACEBOOK OR YOUTUBE IF YOU DON’T PAY M$

      And that’s for a $299 console! LMAO

      So no, xbox doesn’t deserve Metal Gear. Mass Effect and Gears can come to PS3, but we deserve it.

      Xbots should sell 360 and switch, you know you were PS2 gamers before, you left for the “first” next gen console and “halo” nothing else.

      Halo is good, but the first is best and I still plat that on PC and for free.

      Other 360 supposed exclusives I play on PC include: Mass Effect 1, Gears of War, Battlestations & Left 4 Dead.

      That leaves 360 with nothing, I took an old 6 year old PC and dropped a $40 graphics card in it LOL and I didn’t have to support xbox’s crappy hardware or pay for their stupid live service to play their games.

      LMAO @ Xbots expense.

    • Duke


      Don’t you get tired of repeating that crap over and over again. I know what your saying, we all do. PS3 has the best exclusives, is the best console/media device on the market.

      Now to the real topic. Lets hope the HD isn’t dumbed down because of 360’s disc limitations. I’m picturing their being like 6 discs for 360. Also this is a complete mockery to all lifelong MGS fans, sure there were other MGS games on other consoles that aren’t Sony owned, but thats where the core fans are found, pretty sure I’ve seen a lot of Xbots call MGS a terrible franchise, lets see what they think now. Also where is MGS1 done in HD? or a remake?

      MGS4 – Best
      MGS1 – Second Best
      MGS2,3, PW(5) – Tied 3rd Best

      I as 3/4 of people who buy it will be getting it on PS3.

    • Allen

      @ Duke

      I know dude, and I hate my self for not having the dicipline to just ignore Anti Fanboy but then again, this is Attack of the Fanboy.

      I truely beleive that the 360 is only where it is today because people, especially women and parents don’t know it’s such a rip off.

      This generations consoles is even harder than past gens because there are so many models of the same console and no where is it written out plain and simple for anyone.

      Everyone I’ve schooled had no idea that xbox was the only console that was such a rip off and didn’t offer things competitors offered for free.

  • Grecs

    Yes!! Now I’ll be able to pass all mgs games for the millionth time! In hd

  • mizery

    cant wait for this, wish they would include mgs from ps1 that is def tied with mgs4 as my 2 faves, but yes i cant blieve they r porting it to xbox, it is a sony franchise and all my friends on xbox say it sux(thats what halo does to u) mgs is not run n gun

  • MozartFX

    Metal Gear 2 is the greatest video game ever made….ever. MG3 or SnakeEater, I found annoying with the camouflage system and long wait times if you were spotted. Sneaking up on a guard was next to impossible but climbing up that long ladder with the song playing was an awesome cinematic moment. MG4….never played it. Can’t afford 350 bucks to play one game.

    • Allen

      Dude, MGS4 is epic, there is too much to describe but I can say that my favorite part is the remake of the old MGS1 maps but it’s a lot more than that. You would have to play it to understand.

      also the camo in MGS4 is better than any other MGS game. Glad at least that one is remaining a PS3 exclusive.

  • Allen

    Oh but I do agree, I loved MGS2, hated snake eater for same reasons and it just didn’t seem as good of quality as 2.

    MGS4, MGS2 and MGS1 are the best.

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